Omakase at Ten Japanese Fine Dining

Ten Japanese Fine Dining 9
Executive Chef Masahiko Yomoda

At recent I was visited Ten Japanese Fine Dining located at The Marc Residence, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur. Upon arrival at Ten’s dining room, I was warmly greeted by Executive Chef Masahiko Yomoda.

Executive Chef Masahiko Yomoda was previously from the restaurant Galileo, Oriental Express Hotel, Australia and had been showcasing his talent there for more than 3years. As to his talent, he was awarded with one hat by The Good Food Guide Australia. Masahiko Yomoda is definitely a great experience chef as he had been working on French cuisine for more than 18years and his skill got him into places like L’OSIER, Tailevent Robuchon ad so on. His stay at Arbace too had earned him a one star Michelin Tokyo in 2008. Having to read his credential, I know I will be expecting a fabulous omakase (leave it to the chef)lunch here at Ten Japanese Fine Dining. Let’s see what Chef had installed for us.

TEN Japanese Fine Dining 1
Chawan Mushi

The first dish that came to table personally served by Chef Masahiko himself was his Chawan Mushi, a warm Japanese egg custard. It looked truly gorgeous and so eye appealing. Mine was dressed up with a purple flower and garnished with bits of greens. As for the egg custard it had a great intensive egg yolk colour and had a layer of gelatine glaze. I just love the texture of the egg custard Chawan Mushi, it was soft and silky smooth. I had a great surprised too as the egg custard Chawan Mushi was infused with unagi, prawn, chicken and ginko nut. It was a brilliant start.

TEN Japanese Fine Dining 2
Zuke Salad with Yuzu Rice Espuma

Grace fully making its way for the next appearance was chef’s Zuke Salad with Yuzu Rice Espuma. I just loved the huge glass bowl the used the content of the dish. Set upon in front of me was a line of 3 pieces of excellent sashimi roll: tuna, halibut & salmon. The trio was given a caring roll and lightly soaked in soy sauce and dress over with finely carved carrot, Japanese cucumber and edible flowers. At the sunken depth of the glass bowl was finely set with a rice milk emulsion infused with a drizzle of yuzu to give the dish a body and a light sourish touch in taste. To complete the dish chef had a drizzle of hazelnut oil over it. The 3 pieces of sashimi were just brilliant in texture and was filled with freshness and had a nice light saltiness in taste coming from the soy sauce.

Ten Japanese Fine Dining
Jew Fish Kadafi Japanese Ooba Sauce

Chef Masahiko Yomoda came with his dish and explained that we will be having his fish creation. The fish looked hidden and yet this dish came truly artistic at a glance. Bright colours were not being put into play, it came with rustic deep fried light brown kadafi pastry, deep green ooba sauce and platted in white. Here the sea bream fillet was coated with scallop mousse and then wrapped with kadafi pastry before being deep fried. The deep fried fish was topped with parmesan and lemon then eaten with the Japanese basil ooba sauce infused potato cubes. I loved the fish which was done at crisp and as for the sauce it was a bit mild in taste.

Ten Japanese Fine Dining 3
Roasted Dukkah Duck with Mandeira Sauce

My duck piece came with a coat of dukkah mix that comprise of white sesame, hazelnut and coriander and finely roasted. I can just detect the fragrant and aroma of spices and nuts used in this dish. The duck was tenderly done and I just love it’s biting texture. Sautéed mushroom, whole garlic, sous vide purple carrot, onion and garlic puree accompanied the duck deliciously. The present of mandeira sauce too gave to delicious punch to duck. Lovely.

Ten Japanese Fine Dining 4
Inaniwa Udon Ten Style

The next was the Inaniwa Udon was done in Ten style. The udon was cooked at an al-dente texture which suited to my liking. The dashi soup came brilliantly and topped with makame seaweed. It was fulfilling and it taste really good.

Ten Japanese Fine Dining 6
Kurogoma Blanc Manger Mango & Milk Ice Cream

To finish off our meal, Kurogoma Blanc Manger Mango & Milk Ice Cream greeted us with such an excitement. I saw the gorgeous milk, ice cream and mango puree paraded on the glass. As I was having a spoon of this dessert, I tasted the delicious black sesame pudding. the combination was excellent. Definitely a good dessert for the week. Licked my lips!

Ten Japanese Fine Dining 8

My eating experience at Ten Japanese Fine Dining was just terrific with great ambience and the food was just splendid. My Omasake lunch had a great French influence with the touch from Executive Chef Masahiko Yomoda. I also overheard Chef himself will be create a great fabulous Omasake promotion soon at Ten through via soon. whereby an offer that is difficult to resist of not having.

Ten Japanese Fine Dining
Address: A-G-1, The Marc Residence – Ground Floor, 3 Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur, 50450
Phone: 03-2161 5999
Open today · 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, 6:00 – 11:00 pm

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