Mother’s Day Celebration at The Emperor Dorset Grand Subang

Mother's Day Grand Dorset
Mother’s Day Celebration at Grand Dorset Subang

After the heavy rain, I braved myself for a food tasting at The Emperor Dorsett Grand Subang. What’s waited for me was their Mother’s Day 6-course menu and that got me truly excited.

Mother's Day Grand Dorset 1
Smoked Salmon with Apple Sauce

As we were about to take our seat our entrement arrived without any delay. Chef called it the Two of Happiness Ensemble and contained of two gorgeous and sizeable starter: a smoked salmon with apple sauce and also steamed crystal prawn dumpling with ebiko sauce.

The slices of homemade smoked salmon were wrapped into the shape of a blossom and looked nice especially on a Mother’s Day. The smoked salmon had a great thick biting texture and tasted absolutely delicious with the present of slight hinted sweet apple sauce. Definitely a great pairing to grace the meal.

Mother's Day Grand Dorset 2
Steamed Crystal Prawn Dumpling with Ebiko Sauce

Sitting next to the smoked salmon was the crystal prawn dumpling that came with ebiko sauce. I quiet like the texture of the dumpling skin, easy to bite and tender. The prawns used had a great crunchy bites and fresh in taste. I just loved it when I laced it with their chilli sambal. Nice indeed.

Mother's Day Grand Dorset 8
Double-Boiled Black Chicken with Dry Scallop, Cordycep Flower & Bamboo Pith

Meeting up with a bowl filled with double-boiled soup was really a blessing as I felt rather cool that night due to the heavy pouring rain. A very intense flavour of double-boiled black chicken soup was served and it was remarkably delicious. The aroma was stunning as one can smell the refreshing dry scallop, cordycep flower and the great biting texture of the bamboo pith. It was a great warner and really cheered up my tasting season. I had the whole bowl wiped clean and definitely put a smile on me.

Mother's Day Grand Dorset 4
Crispy Spring Chicken with Prawn Crackers

Next on the menu was the golden crispy spring chicken and accompanied with prawn crackers. The prawn crackers was surprising delicious, crisp cracking, tasty and very addictive. We were surprised amazed that we were reserved with another two full plates of this prawn crackers. The restaurant was very generous and very accommodating to our request. We were informed by chef that the crackers are specially homemade for the restaurant.

The spring chicken was deep fried till golden in colour and it sure smells terrific. I was informed that all this spring chicken is marinated well over night with ginger, spring onion and seasoning. The outcome of the spring chicken was just admirable, crisp on the outside and pretty well moist inside. I had mine stripped naked till only the bone left.

Mother's Day Grand Dorset 5
Braised Homemade Beancurd with Shimeji Mushroom and Asparagus

Homemade egg beancurd infused with cooked spinach was another delicious dish on the menu. the portion was huge, one will get two thick sliced of this beancurd. Once steamed the beancurd is then deep fried and served over stir fried Shimeji mushroom and asparagus in oyster sauce. It was a great combination and the beancurd was truly tasty. Very likeable.

Mother's Day Grand Dorset 6
Crabmeat Fried Rice with Pine Nuts

As for the carbo, we were served with crabmeat fried rice toasted with ine nuts. The fried rice had a great aroma of ‘Wok Hei’ and it was plentiful even it was individually served. The fried rice had a fabulous partnering of the tasty crabmeat done to my liking. Here I prefer my fried rice slight moist and not too dry.

Mother's Day Grand Dorset 7
Chilled Mango Cream with Pomelo, Sago, Strawberry and Waterchest Nut

When the time for dessert I was nearly full but the bright orange of the dessert drove me nuts and gave me a heart attack. It was hard to resist and they kept informing it was of the restaurant top dessert. I had a bowl to myself and it looked so beautiful. The colours were intense and the aroma of the mango just kept lingering around my nose. The mango cream was silky smooth and with the present of pomelo, sago, chopped strawberry, chopped mango and crushed waterchest nut truly kept me wanting more. Just delicious.

This Mother’s Day menu was specially the created by The Emperor’s Chinese Executive Chef Loh Juinn Voon and will be available on this Sunday for lunch at only RM70++ per person. For reservation contact +603 5033 7374

The Emperor
Dorsett Grand Subang
(Emperor Chinese Restaurant)
Jalan SS 12/1
47500 Subang Jaya

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