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I just love some home cooked food just like my mum and my aunt cookings, some basic and simple Chinese dishes which were truly delicious. Steamed pork with preserved vegetables, stewed potatoes with sliced pork and sweet and sour pork are few of my favourite oldies dishes. In a big city suburb like in Kuala Lumpur I found a place by the name Lammeeya that churn out such delicious delicacies and I had a fabulous dinner.

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The Original Lam Mee

Our first opening dish was their Original Lam Mee and it looked brilliantly. The thicken tasty brown broth acoompanied the thick yellow noodle was adoreable. The bowl itself was generously topped with slices of chicken and prawns, even my dnner mate raved about the bowl of Lam Mee.

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The Duck Egg Char Keow Teow

We gave the Duck Egg Char Keow Teow a try and it truly turned out to be really good. The flat rice noodle was soft and tender while the duck egg fragrant the dish splendidly. The sauces played well in creating a goo char keow teow. Here it brought out the taste and the aroma of this whole dish, just worked perfectly to my liking.

Lammeeya 1
Ginger & Wine Omelette

The omelette was just superb done to perfection and it tasted event better with the present of Chinese wine sauce and crisp fried ginger. We had the omelette with the house lard steam rice.

Lammeeya 4
Steam Pork with Dong Choy

Another dish that came went well with the lard steam rice was the Steam Pork with Dong Choy. The pork was coarsely minced to create a better biting texture while the present of the Dong Choy gave the dish a great backbone that make the dish taste even better. Having a spoon bite of this steam pork can just flushed out the memories of my mum’s home cooked food. I had a few extra helpings too at that moment, just brilliant.

Lammeeya 5
Sweet & Sour Pork

Lammeeya had their pork deep fried in light battered, laced them over with sweet & sour sauce and some chopped red and green pepper. It was just lovely, every bite was just filled with aroma and good taste. You will make you beg for another piece.

Lammeeya 6
Stew Pork with Potato

The next dish had a superb texture of light braised sliced potato just like my aunt used to make it. The dish was done with infused brown sauce and had a great satisfying taste while the present of the stew pork make it taste even better.

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Pork Leg with Vinegar

My all time favourite would be a tasty sourish cooked vinegar pork leg. I preferred mine with a bit of fats and not too lean. I got to say I had a great satisfaction from having to drilled into it but do not be put off if the colour of the dish is just black in colour, the taste is just brilliant. Having a rice as a side is a must.

Lammeeya 7
Fried Egg with Tofu

The Fried Egg with Tofu was perfectly done, gentle silky warm cooked tofu topped over with a fried egg was such a simple delicate. I just loved the egg yolk dripping out lacing the tofu. The present of soy sauce just simply enhance the taste of this dish to another level. Delicious.

Steam Egg Plant with Chilli and Fried Onion

Another simple and yet delicious dish was paraded infront of us, a tenderly steamed egg plant topped with chopped chilli and fried onion truly took the centre stage. The egg plant was done soft till tender and the taste and aroma were created with the present of chilli and fried onion.

Lammeeya 8
Lard Steam Rice

Lard steamed rice is a must have to paired with the dishes offered here at Lammeeya. The rice is fragrant and adds value to the dining. Love it.

Lammeeya 11
Coffee, Milk Tea & Dessert

After our dinner we more to Lammeeya’s coffee,milk tea and cakes , they were gorgeous and really end the dinner with a great sweet note.

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