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Kim Ma 9A
Steamed Egg with Shimeji Mushroom

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant had recently been given a gorgeous luxurious renovation and the food creation from its Chinese Executive Chef Roy Wong was beyond my wildest dream of a gourmet thrill. (my last write up on Kim Ma) We were excited on that day itself and being present at the restaurant was definitely a pleasureable dinner as one would be expecting and it was.

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant Palace of The Golden Horse MINES 8
Steamed Chicken Roll with Morel Mushroom

First teasing dish that came to the table was Chef Roy Wong’s steamed egg in the shell topped with shimeji mushroom. It was so tasty and so petite. The soft silky texture of the egg truly captured the likings of everyone. While having the present of shimeji with the brown sauce, the egg dish tasted so gorgeous, one egg is just definitely not enough. Having a pair is likely the best choice.

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant Palace of The Golden Horse MINES 6
Steamed Prawn Dumplings with Truffle

Then came a set of lip-teasing dim sum that got me craze about. The steamed chicken roll with morel mushroom was defintely given a classic touch as every bitings scored had a good tasting remarks coming from the guests. This dim sum have a good firm texture and biting into the morel seemed exciting.

My pair of eyes just can’t stay away from gazing at the steamed prawn dumpling with truffle and had me nearly salivating and frozen away. It might sounded carzy but it was true. Its funny how food can seduce its guests. The bright yellow of the dumpling skin truly eye catching and having to see a carefully sliced truffle topping it, was a blessing. It was hard to resist of not giving a big bite on this one.

A healthier dim sum list was printed on their menu and we got to taste their steamed anged luffa dumpling with superior broth. It was really nice and really had my taste bud on a massage mode. It was defintely different and refreshing with the present of angled luffa. The dumpling had a nice crispier texture too. The dim sum tasting was just brilliant. I just loves the amount of effort and thoughts that being put into creating them. Looks good, smell exciting and taste brilliant.

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant Palace of The Golden Horse MINES 7
Steamed Angled Luffa Dumplings with Superior Broth

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant Palace of The Golden Horse MINES 5
Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw, Black Chicken Nugget & Mushroom Roll

My chicken soup was truly exciting, something different then the usual. It consisted of a thick layer of silky soft beancurd alike texture sitting at the bottom of the chicken soup while topped with fish maw and black chicken nugget. It was a slightly complex soup making technique being implemented by Chef Roy himself. During our questioning session we were informed that two main ingredients, the mince chicken and chicken soup were put into play to create this awesome delicious soup.

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant Palace of The Golden Horse MINES 3
Chicken Ravioli with Charcoal Egg Floss and Stuffed Morel Mushroom with Prawn Paste in Porcini Sauce

The next dish came to greet us was a eye-catching chicken ravioli. The ravioli had a nice biting texture and it was al dente executed. The accompanied porcini sauce too gave a great tasting and pairing with the ravioli. The dish looked really elegant with the present of charcoal egg floss and added a great contrast of colour. Beautiful yet excitingly pleased with the present of stuffed morel mushroom with prawn paste. It was mind blowing dish with a twist of Chinese and Western influence. A refined fusion dish with a touch of class, brilliant and really delicious.

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant Palace of The Golden Horse MINES 4
Pan Fried Prawn with XO Sauce

His pan fried prawn with XO sauce was really adoreable and so pleasureable. it was tasty and looked gorgeous. The XO sauce played well in pairing with the prawn and boosted up the taste of this prawn dish. The meat had a good fresh crisp texture and totally lovely.

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant Palace of The Golden Horse MINES 10
Stir Fried Broccoli with Sweet Corn Yam Puff

The swwt corn yam puff was really nice and was kept simple and tasty. I liked the present of variation of taste and flavour from this dish. The brocolli was was crunchy and the sauce was brilliantly prepared.

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant Palace of The Golden Horse MINES 2
Claypot Braised Beancurd with Chicken and Salted Fish

We added an order and wanting to try our something more of a home cook food and a claypot braised beancurd with chicken and salted fish was requested. Wow it was really spetecular in taste, the soup was alluringly delicious. The chicken was tender and moist while the beancurd was really silky soft. The salted fish was truly the back bone of this dish in generating the aroma and taste of this claypot dish. Definitely a thumbs up for such a brilliant dish.

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant Palace of The Golden Horse MINES 1
Garlicky Cod with Mushroom Fried Rice

I looked amazwd when I saw my mushroom fried rice came in a tube and accompanied by a pan fried cod topped with garlicky sauce. The cod was brilliantly done and the sauce was intensed, paired well with the fried rice.

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant Palace of The Golden Horse MINES
Chilled Mango Puree with Ice Cream, Suet Lin Chi & Rice Crispy

The dessert was just brilliant to end the dinner. We had this delicious chilled mango puree topped with suet lin chi and rice crispy. It was truly an enjoyeable dessert and I just loved every spoon of the mango puree and the crispy rice gave a great texture to the dessert. Lovely!

Kim Ma definitely the place to dine with such pleasure of a modern Chinese cooking. Excellent.

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant
Palace Of The Golden Horses
Jalan Kuda Emas
43300 Seri Kembangan
Tel No : 03-8946 4888

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