Celebrate Mother’s Day at The Gastro Project

Gastro Project 5
Grilled Scallops & Prawns

At recent the six of us went to try out the Mother’s Day menu created by The Gastro Project. I got to confess that the main that I tasted, the tenderloin that came with a foie gras was absolutely superb delicious and was done medium rare to my liking.

Gastro Project
Tenderloin Foie Gras

First came to the table was a plate of refreshing tasty grilled scallops and prawns. The scallops had great biting texture and had a great refreshing texture, so was the prawn. It was a good start. The Tenderloin was truly good and make me to crave it more over each forking. The rich sauce total balance the piece I had perfectly.

Gastro Project 4
Chocolate Mousse with Cranberry

As for the dessert, I got to spoon into the Chocolate Mousse with Cranberry. The chocolate mousse looked good on the martini glass, it tasted soft and silky smooth while the topped ice cream gave the dessert a good light chill.

The detail of the Mother’s Day Menu is listed below and is at RM120++/person:

Mother Day menu 2014
11th May 2014

Grilled prawn and pan-seared scallop in lime hollandaise sauce, garnished with red cherry tomato and basil
Pan-seared foie grass served with toasted bread and tomato chutney

Tomato fennel and chickpeas served with toasted bread cheese

Main course
Grilled spring chicken with creamed spinach in a tomato and fresh thyme sauce
Baked cod fish in miso sauce served with fried crispy mash and grilled asparagus
Tenderloin steak with foie grass and roasted chat potato and chocolate sauce

Chocolate mousse with fresh cranberry
Poached pear with crusted pistachio chocolate sauce and served with vanilla ice cream



Sliced buffalo cheese with tomato and balsamic reduction sauce
Cream ball crispy risotto with mustard mayo and sliced cucumber

Gnocchi with creamed pesto and sliced potato baked with cheese served with arugula salad
Spinach crepe with light tomato sauce baked with cheese

Chocolate mousse with fresh cranberry
Poached pear with crusted pistachio chocolate sauce and served with vanilla ice cream

Gastro Project 14

Gastro Project 13
AC Martini

After the taste of the Mother’s Day menu we had a few sips of their cocktails, Hmmm and the AC Martini. They were interesting but I prefer AC Martini as it taste better and jive well to my liking.

Gastro Project 11
Loaded Bacon Potato Skin

During our dinner that night we also tasted some of the dishes out from the Gastro Project Menu. First was a lighter bite of the Loaded Bacon Potato Skin served warm and looked very appealing. The potato skin came in a pair and quiet sizeable and filled with beef bacon and topped with melted mozzarella cheese. The taste was lovely and tasty but I prefer my potato skins much more burnt, crisp and crunchy.

Gastro Project 16
Lamb Kebab

The Lamb Kebab looked very inviting and came with 3 skewers. The minced lamb was well flavoured and kept moist inside. Pesto was infused into the minced to boost up the taste, they were likeable indeed.

Gastro Project 10
Fettuchine Grilled Chicken

A plate of ribbon pasta coated with herbed tomato sauce came dressed with grilled chicken was really appealing. I like the texture of the fettuccine, it was not over cooked and the sauce had a great sensation touch of spice. It truly added a good heat to my dinner. Very loveable.

Gastro Project 6
Spaghetti Crabmeat Aglio Olio

The Spaghetti is a popular pasta dish here at The Gastro Project and it is highly recommended. This pasta dish came with a scenic paint of green make of parsley, garlic and chilli flake. I love my pasta that sizzled me with slight pungent of heat. I just love the idea of having this pasta done and topped with generous portion of crab meat. A very tasty spaghetti.

Gastro Project 12
Moroccan Pizza

The Gastro Project pizza surely taste good, for instance the Moroccan Pizza came looked like a jewel to me. Flushed with ruby of pomegranate seeds, just amazed me. Home made of minced lamb meatballs were thrown onto the pizza to give it a delicious taste. Mint and pine nuts too played well to sculpture a delicious pizza. Awesome and light.

Gastro Project 1
TGP Pizza

The Gastro Project specially made green garlic pesto sauce played a great job and a good strategy in creating this TGP Pizza. The taste of this pizza was just superb and with the present of parmesan and slices of green chilli padi, it was truly heaven.

Gastro Project 15
Chicken Rendang Burger

It was my first time having to try out something new, TGP Chicken Rendang Burger. The cooked chicken patty was very well flavoured and the present of rending truly standout. A tasty burger I would paint it yet I prefer the patty to have some chunks to give it a better biting texture. Definitely I will be looking for this on my next visit.

Gastro Project 9
Buttered Prawn

This is my second time indulging this prawn dish and definitely make it ways to many liking. I was definitely one of them. Lovely it was especially the buttercream sauce. Yes it was fantastic as how it was describe on their menu. To accompany this dish was two light golden fried mantau buns to soak this priceless sauce up. The prawns were large and had a good biting texture.

Gastro Project 8
Pan Seared Barramundi

The pan seared barramundi was showcased on that night too. It was moistly done and I found the texture was nice and well seasoned too. Here a delicious creamy dill risotto and asparagus were served along with the fish. I just love being in high protein diet.

Gastro Project 7
Duck Confit

The Duck Confit came with a great style, looked glam. The duck had a good moist texture, soft and had a good balance of saltiness in taste. The Duck Confit was good but the skin was slightly soft as I prefer it crisp done.

Gastro Project 2
Pumpkin & Mango Puree

The Pumpkin and Mango Puree dessert was really nice. The combination of this two ingredients got me excited. The soft texture of the pumpkin was soft and silky while the mango puree burst with nice gentle sweetness and aroma. Both truly compliment each other well. A nicely down dessert with awesome simplicity.

GAstro Project 3
Sticky Toffee Pudding

Oh oh nice, this is spectacular piece of dessert, a sticky toffee pudding. The soft gentle taste of the pudding really caught my liking and the gentle layer of caramel sauce blend so well. The ice cream too came to play an exciting roll to balance it out aa a whole dessert. Fantastic!

My experience at The Gastro Project was really terrific and had so many of them as my favourite. I will definitely be back for more.

The Gastro Project
Jalan 17/56,
Seksyen 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya,
Phone: 03-7931 6465

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