Sakae Sushi at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid 9
Sakae Sushi at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

My addiction got me to Sakae Sushi as I was shopping at Sunway Pyramid. This month Sakae Sushi is having their signature salmon theme and I got to taste them. Their salmon creations were good and being a salmon fan like myself, I was on a great thrill of enjoyment.

Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid
Fruity Salmon Maki

First came was Sakae Sushi Fruity Salmon Maki at RM13.90 (SAKAECard Meneber at only MR11.80). This sushi looked brilliant especially, it truly stand out having rolled up sliced salmon and mango topping over the maki. Fresh slices of strawberry and avocado were put into play to give the make a great refreshing taste. I loved the fruitiness encapsulated into this maki. It was really good.

Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid 2
Sakae Blossom

Next was chopsticking into a piece of Sakae Blossom. The Blossoms were tucked in well and the salmon was shaped into pretty flower. The salmon was given a grill to give it a like pinkish look. The maki itself was coated with delicious flying fish roe while the salmon was beautiful topped over and finished with mayonnaise and kani salad. Loved each of the biting and the texture of the salmon, smooth silky and slightly rugged coarse. Interesting textures.

Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid 1
Salmon Sashimi

Sakae Sushi uses premium salmon and it is imported from Norway and directly air-flown into Malaysia twice weekly specially for its freshness. Having to know this fact, Sakae’s Salmon Sashimi was waiting for us at the table waiting to be indulge. The cut was thick and the colour was very inviting. Having to mix my soy sauce with wasabi, my first piece just when in for a dive. It was really tasty and succulent. Each plate came with 5 pieces of thick sliced salmon at RM10.90. I find the salmon sashimi was just brilliant and I can easily have a temptation of 3 slices at ago.

Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid 3
Sakae Salad

We had a fabulous toasting with our salad. The feel of Chinese New Year seems to make its way back in my mind. The ingredients for their salad looked really eye appealing, having a splash of green, orange, yellow and brown makes it looked attractive. The salad itself consists of salmon sashimi, snow crabstick, Japanese omelette, sweet beancurd skin, seasoned seaweed, jelly fish, fried salmon skin, tamuki flakes, assorted vegetables and a unique tasty house dressing. This salad really to my suiting, love the variation of biting texture and the sauce truly brings out the flavour of the salad. Great!

Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid 5
Hotate Mentaiyaki

I truly prefers fresh white scallops than hotate as hotate has a slightly rough texture.
That night surprisingly my hotate mentaiyaki came brilliantly. The hotate was sizeable and it came tenderly soft and juicy. I never expected mine to be that great. The mentaiko and cheese played a great flavouring to the hotate and make it taste so delicious. I had two that night, great umami. The dish of 4 hotate cost RM22.90.

Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid 4
Tempura Moraiwase

Tempura is something that I always look forward too. Here at Sakae Sushi, we had a plate of Tempura Moraiwase, a mix of assortment vegetables and prawns. I like outcome of the crisp tempura, flaky it was and very crunchily done. You can hear every sound of the biting. The light soy sauce infused with meshed fresh daikon truly enhanced the the taste of the tempura. As for me I just love prawn tempura, every refreshing bite of the prawn truly finds it way in seducing me on wanting more. It was really delicious.

Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid 7
Salmon Natsu Itame

Now this Salmon Natsu Itame is a chef’s creation that looked interesting, done in a canape style. The formation of this one has a based of pizza bread topped over with grilled brinjal and filled with grilled salmon and butterfish while finished with fragrant wafu and teriyaki sauce. The Salmon Natsu Itame looked good and taste not bad but I still find it was slightly lack of Japanese feel.

Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid 6
Kaisen Kimchee Ramen

Looking over my bowl of Kaisen Kimchee Ramen truly captured my expectation especially the toppings that came with assorted seafood and vegetables. Hotate, prawn, squid, egg played the visual of the bowl of ramen and splashed with kimchee soup. The taste was good and the ramen was plenty.

Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid 8
Vanilla Ice Cream with Shiokoji Collagen

To finished off the night, we had a chilled sweet dessert It was an ice cream time. Each of us had a vanilla ice cream topped with Shiokoji Collagen. The Shiokoji Collagen had a crunchy biting and I am sure the ladies will like this one. The Sakae Signature for this April really taste good and every salmon dish was up for a great play in flavour, taste and texture. Catch this Salmon Sakae Signature this April.

On 17th April – Sakae Sushi – Buy 1, Get 1 Free California Temaki
– These exclusive deal is available for patrons who download the Sunway Pyramid Mobile App, available via Google Play and Apps Store at the ‘Tap, Eat, Save’ under the Promotions tab.


Patrons are also rewarded when they shop in the mall. 10 lucky shoppers stand a chance to win a total worth of RM20,000 in Sunway Pals points when they spend RM30 (RM20 for HSBC Cardholders) in 1 receipt, attach the receipt and drop it in any contest box located around the mall.

Besides that, when shoppers spend RM250 (RM200 for HSBC Cardholders) in 1 receipt at any F&B shops, they are rewarded with RM20 worth of Sunway Pals points, exclusive for its members only. For those who are not members yet, they can register for free.

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