Recipe Goguma Ladde Sweet Potato Ice Latte

Japanese Sweet Potato Latte 4

What got me into freaking making “Goguma Ladde” Sweet Potato Latte during my visit to Caffebene recently. I tasted their Sweet Potato Latte and it was really good, that got me wanting to make some fresh ones at my comfort home as I realised that day I got a few newly bought Japanese sweet potato.

Japanese Sweet Potato Latte

I steamed and baked my sweet potato as to give skin much a drier texture. I wasn’t going to give the skin away as they are full of nutrients. Once cooked I used some and blended it with milk, ice cubes and a dash of syrup.

400gm Japanese Sweet Potatoes
500ml Milk
Ice Cubes

Japanese Sweet Potato Latte 1

Japanese Sweet Potato Latte 2

Pressure steamed Japanese Sweet Potatoes for 15mins
Then baked it for 15mins
Cubed the Sweet Potatoes, place about 50gm into the blender
Add in 200ml milk, ice cubes and a tablespoon syrup
Blend and pour into the serving glass

Japanese Sweet Potato Latte 3

For mine I prefer less dilute but more of a cream like texture. The taste was grand and I find it exciting, something new in taste. Mine was done coarse and had a biting texture in it. Just love this exploration of some new in taste just a home comfort. Having a ice blender sure useful! Maybe pumpkin latte will be next . . .

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