PLAY Friday at The Roof One Utama

Play 2

Friday night after all the work at the office I decided to join my friends at the PLAY, The Roof One Utama. I am not a frequent clubber but when the name PLAY cropped up, I wanted to party.

Play 1

PLAY club is currently having special promotions from every Wednesday to Saturday, that Friday night is “Making Moves Friday” at PLAY club with DJ AIMS and MC Quickload. PLAY is a high energy dance club and definite the place to let go and party.

Play 4

That night the crowd got in fast and the place started to crowd while the music amplified well. I was enjoying the rhythm and I loved it. The place was nicely interior and definitely a place to be seen and enjoy oneself.

Play 3
My Party Friends on Friday

Friday night an awesome and to be with friends that night was overwhelming: with drinks. catching up with chats and dance. It was definitely a fabulous night at The PLAY.

Play 5

“Making Moves” with DJ Aims and Mc Quickload falls on every Friday.
But don’t forget to check out other promotions on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays!

For more information, visit PLAY at

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