Chan Siew Heng Kampar Claypot Chicken Rice

Chan Siew Heng 5
Chan Siew Heng’s Steamed Chicken Claypot Rice

Moving dual direction between Ipoh-Kuala Lumpur always had me make a detour to Kampar for a quick satisfying dinner. One of the places that I will stop over will be at Chan Siew Heng Claypot Chicken Rice located on the centre of second Kampar’s main road.

Chan Siew Heng 8
The Claypot Handler

The claypot cooking is done outside of the shop and easy spotted by any one passes by. Easily his kitchen can cook about 24 claypot rice at a go. Definitely intensive skill is needed here to make sure very claypot will be executed at the same quality.

Chan Siew Heng 7
The Shop Front

Prepping the marinated chicken is done well ahead at Chan Siew Heng. Boiling the rice in the claypot with soup is the way to cook a good delicious rice. The rice was fluffy and had a fabulous biting texture and grainy.

Chan Siew Heng 3
Marinated Chicken

Chan Siew Heng 4
Stacks of Claypot

Chan Siew Heng 2
Fried Salted Fish with Calimansi

One thing I observed at the shop here, there are two type of chicken claypot being served. One with dark sauce and another just plain chicken steamed separately. We ordered both to try. The chicken claypot rice that came with dark soy sauce had a very distinctive fragrant smell and you can really smell the caramelisation of the soy sauce and also the burnt rice. It really can seduce you on the spot.

Chan Siew Heng 1
Prepping a Claypot Rice

Chan Siew Heng 9
Claypot Rice Ready to Serve

Chan Siew Heng 10
Poached Choy Sum Vegetable

As for the steam chicken claypot rice it is truly distinctive in taste and aroma, a totally make over of a norm claypot chicken. I liked the lightness of the rice and the tenderness of the chicken and the sauce soaked up by the chicken. Cooking process was slightly different, marinated chicken is steamed on a small metal plate inside the claypot itself. I love this claypot and it is accompanied with fried salted fish and calamansi that make the whole rice tasted excitingly. How can one able to resist a delicious fluffy claypot rice.

We also ordered a small plate of poached ‘Choy Sam’ drenched with soy sauce.

Chan Siew Heng 11
Claypot Rice with Chicken and Chinese Sausage in Black Sauce

Chan Siew Heng 12
Claypot Rice with Steamed Chicken with Chinese Sausage and Salted Fish

Chan Siew Heng
Chan Siew Heng Kampar Claypot Chicken Rice

47, Jalan Idris,
31900 Kampar,
Business Hour, 1700 – 2200 (Closed on Monday)

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