Caffebene at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Caffebene Sunway Pyramid 3
I Just LOVE My Green Tea Bingsu

My alertness about Caffebene only came through the social media platform and I was on a great alert about this café since then. Only two outlets been set up for the moment, one at Sunway Pyramid and the other at Solaris. I got to confess that I had an absolutely fabulous time exploring their gorgeous menu and I bet you will agree with me. Green Tea Bingsu was my favourite!

Caffebene Sunway Pyramid 11
Caffebene at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Caffebene first outlet in Malaysia is located at LOT OB5.G.2 Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and I was there to try them out. Caffebene serves coffee made from the world’s best seasonally harvested fresh coffee beans to ensure one will enjoy a truly exceptional cup of coffee. Not only coffee Caffebene also offer fabulous spread of desserts such as authentic Belgian waffles, Italian gelato and natural fruit smoothies. I got to say their menu is quiet extensive and many to pick from but I do have a few of my favourites.

Caffebene Sunway Pyramid 4

Mr Kim Sun-Kwon is the founder and CEO of Caffebene Korea and was founded in April 2008. Caffebene was Korea’s No 1 Coffeehouse within 3 years and currently have more than 1,000 outlets in Korea. Their first oversea Caffebene shop was located in Manhattan New York while Caffebene mushroomed all over in China, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia and now Malaysia.

Caffebene Sunway Pyramid 9

Benefactor Benefit Beneficial Beneficiary Beneficent Benevolent Benediction Benign

The brand name of Caffebene is composed of the Italian word “Caffe” with the suffix of ‘bene’, which means good.

As for coffee, Caffebene mastered a pre-roasting/post blending method to roasteach type of beans separately in order to maintain its original rich flavour and premium quality.

Caffebene Sunway Pyramid

Being a first few bloggers to have been invited to taste at Cafeebene, I knew I was on a fantastic treat. The first that landed smoothly on our coffee table was their Affogato, a combination of gelato and a shot of Caffebene’s coffee. It looks really good from sight. A huge double scoop of gelato filled the mug while the shot of coffee waiting to be play with. The coffee do smell really nice. My itchy fingers went drooling over the petite coffee glass. Without any hesitation the ritual of coffee pouring begins. Both blended so nice and so well and the immerging of an abstract piece of art just played well with my visual. Love it and eat it. It was a exciting play of pleasure experience, having to soaked a spoon of gelato coffee mix over my tongue caught me right away. I liked it, I praised it, I am hooked! The bitter fragrant black gold liquid merged so well with the sweetness coffee gelato came bursting in my mouth. Wanting for another spoon came automatically. It was so likeable and lickable.

Caffebene Sunway Pyramid 10
Green Tea Bingsu

Oh stop, I have to get out and confessed that I found my favourite dessert, The Green Tea Bingsu. Although they had a very huge size Bingsu but I prefer the smaller one which was quiet a standard one.

The Bingsu cup was filled with flavoured scrapped ice, mine was green tea then topped with awesome crunchy mixed nuts. I saw mine filed with cashewnut, almond, peanut . . . . The topped with a green tea gelato and cream. At RM10.80, I think it is a fabulous priced as the content was filled with great quality of nuts and gelato! I kept most of the Bingsu to myself, did not want to share it as it was so interestingly good.

Caffebene Sunway Pyramid 8
Frappeno Chocolate Chip

The waiter came serving us a Frappeno with chocolate chips and it taste really refreshing and not very overly sweeten. It was at the right taste and sweetness. I had a few sips on this but my eyes was eyeing at the pancakes. Hehehehehe . . . .

Caffebene Sunway Pyramid 5
Mochi Waffle

First came was Caffebene’s Mochi Waffles that seat right infront of me trying its best to seduce me. Got to confess it was seduced right within seconds. Bless my Lord! It looked nakedless sexy, knifing into the brittle crust of the pancake just excites me right away. The caramelised coated the pancake so well while the smell win over me right away. Sliver of almond was scattered generously on top of the pancake giving it a nice nutty crunch while the warm red bean mocha topped over it. It was just terrific! I just love the experience, its new to me.

Caffebene Sunway Pyramid 1
Tiramisu Waffle

The waffle base was perfectly glazed with awesome caramelisation and crystal crisp in texture. I was told the waffle batter came in a dough form and rather liquid. Now I am getting my second waffle, well the size of each waffle was not too big and easily can be eaten by one person. So I had too and this time I got it topped with Tiramisu gelato. Wow, I can feel the chill slippery soft cream running through my throat. It gave me such a wanting sensation while my teeth went into action biting through the crisp lusty batter. A got to admit it was just a perfect piece of satisfaction than can charm into anyone’s heart.

Caffebene Sunway Pyramid 2
Misugaru Latte

Having a warm drink is a must for myself and I got a cup of Misugaru Latte coming right my way. This milk drink belted around itself with five type of grains nutrient: barley, black sesame, brown rice, black soybean and black rice. This drink truly suited me well as I like the bold aroma in grains especially on my drink like tea and here I got to experience similar taste aroma and best part is having it infused in my milk drink. Caffebene too had sweet potato infused into their milk drink.

Caffebene Sunway Pyramid 6
Cream Cheese Affogato

I did not let the chance go without trying out their cream cheese gelato with their coffee, yet a second round of Affogato, The gelato was huge and fun to see and to eat. I truly had a good time indulging it. Please keep away from, I am in a trans away from everything enjoying my pure luscious.

I will definitely be back for more new discovery and a few more repeats. Eating here just excites me right away. I will be back for more Caffebene!

‘The World of Cravings’ running from 1 – 30 April 2014 at Caffebene Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

WOW2014_POSTER Hi-res

Patrons are also rewarded when they shop in the mall. 10 lucky shoppers stand a chance to win a total worth of RM20,000 in Sunway Pals points when they spend RM30 (RM20 for HSBC Cardholders) in 1 receipt, attach the receipt and drop it in any contest box located around the mall.

Besides that, when shoppers spend RM250 (RM200 for HSBC Cardholders) in 1 receipt at any F&B shops, they are rewarded with RM20 worth of Sunway Pals points, exclusive for its members only. For those who are not members yet, they can register for free.

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    Tai Kor, your first picture really keng! Now you making me wanted to brave the jam to Cafebene @ Sunway Pyramid for the Green Tea Bingsu *scream*
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