Brussels Beer Cafe at Sunway Pyramid Mall

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid 13
Brussles Beer Cafe’s Chef Andy Low

That evening was a spot on for me as I was on board for a fantastic Brussels Beer Café food tasting located at the Sunway Pyramid Mall. I was told that their first out was opened in July 2008 at Jaya One and there are now eight outlets in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. I love the setting of the café, designed to reflect the authentic Brussels café which I found it to be comfort and cozy. It is definitely a place to relax and enjoy the company of friends with food and a great pint of beer. That night we had the tentativeness from Chef Andy Low about his cooking and explained to us each of the dishes served on the table.

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid
Belgian Classic Liege Salad

Salad was the first to serve and it was called Belgian Classic Liege Salad. The Salad was truly refreshing and having to see the chunks of grilled chicken can just charm anyone into having a bite. The plate contained a generous portion of mixed garden greens too and accompanied with boiled potatoes, French beans and juicy tomatoes. I particularly found the homemade dressing gave the salad a beautiful touch that makes me wanting another helpings.

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid 4
Hoegaarden Rosee

That night the pink Hoegaarden Rosee accompanied me at start of the dinner and I truly love the taste to my liking. it has a naturally sweet taste with a rich fruity aroma and subtle hints of spice and coriander. I found the Hoegaarden Rosee is smooth and easy to drink. Nice.

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid 1
Blind Finhes

Having a petite minced pork patty wrapped over with streaky bacon braised in Leffe Blonde onion sauce, I think it is a work of fantastic simple ingredients. The Blind Finhes was truly delicious and every biting makes me longing for another one. Truly recommending this one as it was very tasty.

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid 2
Belgian Croquette

The Belgian croquette consist of potato mixed with bacon and given a golden fry looked very seductive. The mashed was well season and crisp done on the outside. I laced it with their cream cheese dip which tasted really good.

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid 10
Leffe Brune

I had a taste of the Leffe Brune which was sharp and full bodied. It came in dark brown colour with a slightly sweet in flavour and can be ascribed to the use of darkly roasted malt, making evey sip just as exceptional as the last.

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid 3
Brussel’s Style Pork Knuckle

The main attraction for the night was Brussels Beer Cafe’s Style Pork Knuckle and it caught me with great delight, the full portion was huge and delightful to see. The whole pork knuckle was crispy roasted and the texture of meat was very moist, tender and soft. There were sautéed potatoes and mushrooms served with brown sauce. Truly fancy this dish, lovely.

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid 5
Moules Hoegaarden

We were truly lucky that night as we got to taste the Moules Hoegaarden, freshly imported mussels cooked with celery, coriander, lemon zest and Hoergaarden beer. It was a great simple combination of ingredients and turns out to be so delicious. The sauce itself was just bursting be flavours and I can just drink it by itself. The mussels was cooked tenderly and remarkable tasty. Another great tasty dish, mussel is a must here.

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid 6

Duvel was a bit bitter in taste yet had a refined flavour and a distinctive hop character. It has a unique brewing process which takes about 90 days, guarantees a puree character, delicate effervescence and a pleasant sweet taste of alcohol.

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid 7
Brussel’s Chicken

Next dish came to the table was the Brussel’s Chicken. It was a chicken roulade stuffed with mushrooms and onion served with sautéed asparagus, Belgian stoemp and rosemary reduction. The chicken itself was moistly done and the out had a thin tasty browned skin. I quiet liked how the chicken was presented as the total taste was very complete. I would not mind to have he whole plate to myself plus a full pint of Hoegaarden.

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid 9
Chimay Peres Trappist

Chimay Peres Trappist tasted strong that came with the aroma of fresh yeast pleasantly mingled with the light tang of the perfume roses It’s rather dry taste and had a spicy touch of caramel flavour to it.

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid 8
NUrnberger Ring Sausage

As for savoury we finished off with the NUrnberger Ring Sausage which jived very well with me. I was not sure with the rest that night but I truly like it, it was delightful. I loved the taste of the sausage and the bursting aroma as I was given it my first bite. The sausage weights about 250gm and I guessed it was the right size for me if I am having it all by myself. As a meaty person I know I will get well with this, definite will keep me silent at anytime. Hahahahaha ………..

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid  13
Belle-Vue Kriek

The Belle-Vue Kriek had a dry and creamy flavour cherry, nuts and wood. The sweet cherries dominate the flavour with accents of wine and almonds. I found it was a nice smooth drink, not bad.

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid 11
Chocolate Brownies

To complete our night we embarked for our sweet dessert. Brussel’s browies came warm and I thought it was a sure winner. It was homemade in their kitchen I was told. It was really nice especially having it with a scoop of ice cream. We loved this one, simple and yet tasted really good.

Brussels Beer Garden Sunway Pyramid 12

The last order came was the waffles. It was nicely plated and simple. The waffles tasted great with having the present of a scoop of ice cream and a piece of meringue. I truly love my happy endings at Brussels Beer Café and I truly recommend this place for its food and also my favourite Hoegaarden.

On 20th April – Brussels Beer Cafe – Buy 1 Main Course, get Free half pint Hoegaarden Rosee/Fruit Punch
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