A Langkawi Sunset Cruise with Tropical Charter

Sunset Cruise Langkawi 8
A Langkawi Sunset Cruise

After having to finish our private lunch at The Danna as you might have read about it on my previous blog post and got our luggage into our rooms, we were privately ferried by the Danna’s van to the Awana Porto Malai Terminal located at the Southern end of Pantai Tengah.

Sunset Cruise Langkawi
At The Awana Porto Malai Terminal, Southern end of Pantai Tengah

Just love the sight and scene at the Awana Porto Malai Terminal where most boats and the sea build up the gorgeous picture of the terminal. The crowd was getting larger as the minutes went by while waiting for the boarding. It looked awesome exciting, my first cruise.

Sunset Cruise Langkawi 1
Chef Sunny Yaw at The Awana Porto Malai Terminal Waiting for Boarding

Sunset Cruise Langkawi 2
Boarding The Connecting Boat

Sunset Cruise Langkawi 3
Heading to the Twin Deck Catamaran Sensation

The SEASATION – Langkawi’s twin deck catamaran stood right just not far from the terminal floating on the sea water. It is 55ft x 30ft and was built in Australia under survey for charter work. She is a strong steel hull cat safe and stable and fully licensed in Langkawi to carry up to 65 passengers.

I was informed that The SEASATION is The Langkawi Island Paradise Party Boat. The view from the Upper Deck is simply amazing! It was so exciting. We walked and explored the catamaran, from the sides, front, back and the upper deck. Sit in one of their deck chairs or even their bean bag sofas – either way it’s an unforgettable experience while sipping your drinks.

Sunset Cruise Langkawi 4
Approaching The Sensation

Sunset Cruise Langkawi 5
Boarding The Sensation

Sunset Cruise Langkawi 6
The Cruise Begins

Sunset Cruise Langkawi 7
Chef Sunny Yaw and Han Yong Ban Enjoying The Cruise

Having to relax and chilled out on The Catamaran can such an easy task. The breeze was good, having the sea wind playing on your face can be such an intrigue experience. I just loved it.

Sunset Cruise Langkawi 9
Relaxing and Enjoying The Cruise

Sunset Cruise Langkawi 11
The Serene of The Cruise

Sunset Cruise Langkawi 12
The Sea Jacuzzi

The “Sea Spa” which is also known as the salt water Jacuzzi which is situated at the back of Seasation is something not to be missed. Those folks that boarded the Catamaran truly having a great time on the “Sea Spa”. Shout of joy can be easily detected at loud. The next activity that caught everyone’s attention was jumping off the boat. Some smacked themselves on their tummy by a terrific landing on the sea surface. Aloud of laughter can be heard and strong enjoying of fun can easily be sensed.

Sunset Cruise Langkawi 13

Sunset Cruise Langkawi10
Our Friends from Poland Relaxing

Sunset Cruise Langkawi 14
An On Board BBQ

At the evening before heading back to the terminal we had our buffet dinner cooked on board. It was a fabulous excursion and an awesome cruise experience. Enjoyed.

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