The New Kim Ma Palace of The Golden Horses MINES

Kim Ma Palace of The golden Horses Chef Roy Wong
Kim Ma’s Masterchef Roy Wong

I adore his creation and his foresight towards his modern Chinese cuisine. His creation always amazed me and yet at anytime he can just pull out surprises especially when I was dining at his chef’s table. Executive Chinese Chef Roy Wong is definitely one of the BEST Chinese chef in town that accommodate with a fabulous modern twist and still preserve the taste and flavour. He definitely belts with the great fabulous cooking technic that makes his creation unique. The New Kim Ma came with a whole remake over that caught my awesome liking attention and having the present of Chef Roy Wong’s creation, I am sure one will experience the ultimate dining experience from sight, smell and taste. Definitely a bomb of goodness waiting to be discovered.

Kim Ma Palace of The golden Horses
Kim Ma Palace of The Golden Horses MINES – The Entrance

My first impression was just amazing, I had a great feeling especially when I was at the front of the entrance. Beautifully Chinese calligraphy horses stood bold huge and truly make a great first impression of the new Kim Ma The tiers of giant centre piece lighting too cleverly infused into the scene making it a grand entrance. On the left of the entrance is the waiting lounge with a chic bar to serve pre-drinks while the right is the dining area.

Kim Ma Palace of The golden Horses 1
The New Kim Ma Interior – The Dining Area

It was a great change over, for sure one will notice the spacious of Kim Ma’s dining area. I noticed it was a fabulous looked concept that one can just be sunk into it’s gorgeous elegant interior. Black lacquer dining tables, charming tablewares, leathery velvet sofa, huge square white grey marble flooring and golden paint played the role in creating beauty to the restaurant. Strong mirror frames, table lamps and Chinese calligraphy flushed into the interior. I got to confessed the dining room had a great modern look and yet flushed with great elegance.

Kim Ma Palace of The golden Horses 3
The New Kim Ma Interior – The Sofa

Kim Ma Palace of The golden Horses 4
The New Kim Ma Interior – The Dining Table

Kim Ma Palace of The golden Horses 5
The New Kim Ma Interior – The Private Room

Kim Ma Palace of the golden horses 2
The Canapes – Smoked Duck Roll & Prawn Wanton

Today’s guests were seated at the waiting lounge sipping their cocktails while biting into their canapés – sliced smoked duck roll and prawn paste wanton. I love this opening, it just like living through a fantastic gig definitely a fantastic work of a band of chefs. Now let’s zoom into the smoked duck wrapped, it had a great nicely tucked in biting, I like the present of the sliced smoked duck over the crepe wrap while cleverly infused with crisp beancurd sheets and dry shrimps. Great bold flavour and fabulous biting. The prawn wanton was robustly good and the present of cilantro paste topping completes it great lusting.

Kim Ma Palace of The golden Horses 6
With Resident Magician Zlwen Chew

As we were seated, resident Magician Zlwen Chew came to the dining room to entertain us with his fascinating magic act . . . bending a 20sen coin was just striking amazing, even forks were not spared. As to start of the lunch, Chef Roy Wong and resident Magician Zlwen Chew gave a touch of magician act by having the appearance of the dim sum right infront of our eyes. It was awesome and our hunger just grew hugely as the aroma flows through the dining room.

Kim Ma Palace of The golden Horses 7
Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Truffle

It stood infront of me in a great line of three, so bold and so strong, Chef Roy’s steamed Prawn Dumpling with Truffle. The filling had a great crunch biting texture of prawn and black mushroom and great sea freshness flavour. As to deepen the flavour of the dumpling with a great twist, sliced truffle was put into play and shrimp roe was elegantly assigned to beautify the dumpling. By now I am sure you know my verdict of this dumpling, it was just perfect.

Kim Ma Palace of the golden horses 8
Steamed Angle Luffs Dumplings with Superior Broth

It was a strange dumpling at sight I told myself as the see through pastry skin flushed out a layer of deep green melon. I was in for a surprised, it was may favourite piece of angle luff, soft and tenderly cooked within the dumpling accompanied with crunchy prawn. I truly love the taste and damn so likeable. I find it very cleverly infused yet filled with simplicity, yet different. Definitely well played and wholesomely crafted. Excellent!

Kim Ma Palace of the golden horses 9
Deep Fried Yam Puff with Assorted Fresh Mushroom

The deep fried yam puff was really nice and had been crafted slightly differently from the norm even most of it remained the same. Chef Roy had cleverly infused a piece of bread underneath the puff as to give it a more crispy texture. I agreed that it had a better texture and the mushroom filling played its role to achieve the perfecting of this puff. I was to eager to chopsticking the puff, I just hand held indulging it. Just brilliant!

Kim Ma Palace of the golden horses 10
Pan Fried BBQ Bun with Preserved Vegetable

A simple bun like this one at Kim Ma can easily be disguised as a unique bun by given a last finishing touch, pan fried. The casing was a fluffy with bun filled with nice tasty preserved vegetable that gave it a nice lovely taste. Love it!

Kim Ma Palace of the golden horses 11
Baked Chicken Pie with Walnut

Smells good. Great crusty texture. This is how I would describe Kim Ma’s baked chicken pie the Chinese way. The pastry was very fragrant and the walnut itself contributed a nutty taste. Very well executed and taste brilliantly.

Kim Ma Palace of the golden horses 12
Steamed Chicken Roll with Morel Mushrooms

I love the variation of texture bounded in this roll. I got to confessed that it was not appealing in looks but the taste was really inviting. Fibred textured of the chicken and the light crunch escaped from the morel had me on for a great tasting thrill. The sauce too a great contributor to this dim sum.

Kim Ma Palace of the golden horses 13
My 1st Set of Dim Sum Tasting Portion

Kim Ma Palace of the golden horses 14
My 2nd Set of Dim Sum Tasting Portion

Kim Ma Palace of the golden horses 15
Deep Fried Abalone with Grouper Fish Paste and Caviar served with Homemade Bean Curd

Everyone’s face turned jolly and filled with smile. They looked very satisfied. Yes everyone was in for a great indulgence of abalone. It was very sizeable indeed. The abalone itself came as a surprised as individually well wrapped over with garouper fish paste. It was amazingly delightfully delicious and I was keep speechless yet I managed to negotiate for another abalone from my next door neighbour. It was a sure blessing, it was my luck. On that lunch I have two abalone. They were perfect. Here a very sizeable square of homemade beancurd with infused oats was paired along to give a good texture contrast. A great manoeuver that executed so well.

Kim Ma Palace of the golden horses 16
Village Chicken Broth with Fish Maw, Dried Scallop and Prawn Dumpling

Having a nice warm soup truly can give me a great boast of energy and confidence, having to indulge a village chicken broth at Kim Ma really spells it all. It was really delicious and it kept me spooning for more. The bowl was also ingeniously infused with prawn dumpling coated with dried scallop and fish maw. It worked brilliant with me.

Kim Ma Palace of the golden horses 17
Congee with Cod Fish and Century Egg

The Congee was smoothly cooked and yet tasty. Here the congee was infused with cod fish and century egg.

Kim Ma Palace of the golden horses 18
Double-Boiled Whole Coconut with Almond and Snow Jelly

As for dessert we were left with a delicious double boiled whole coconut with almond and snow jelly. Here three types of almond was used ‘Nan”, “Bei” and American almonds. The outcome was a smooth sweet aromatic soup. A nice finishing touch.

Overall it was great to be back with great expectation delivered and left me myself wanting to be back to be spoit over and over again. Eat, Smell & Enjoy. The new Kim Ma is just brilliant. Good food with awesome atmosphere.

Kim Ma
Jalan Kuda Emas
The Mines Resort City
43300 Seri Kembangan
Sri Kembangan, Malaysia
Tel No: 03 8946 4888

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