Red Snapper Fish and Pickled Mustard Soup

Fish Soup

Pickled mustard soup had been playing in my head for ages and this time I got the chance to make one. My parents usually used roasted pork bones as the protein for this type of soup but I preferred a more refreshing sweet in taste, therefore I used red snapper instead. Here I had the fish portioned, cleaned and deep fried to give the broth a better bolder taste and a better biting fish texture.


Here, the Philips pressure cooker had been out into play, simple, clean and easy, no need to watch over the fire. It took me about an hour cooking time. It was a worth attempt.

! whole Red Snapper Fish (portioned to you liking)
1 whole pickled mustard
3-4 tomatoes
15gm Wolfberries
20gm Chinese Dates
1/2 teaspoon Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Salt
200ml Oil (for frying the fish)
700ml Water

Fish Soup 1

1. Portion out the fish, wash and clean.
2. Heat up the oil in the frying pot.
3. Pad dry the fish and deep fired them till golden brown.
4. Wash the pickled mustard and cut the your preferred size.
5. Quarter the tomatoes.
6. Place all the ingredient in the pressure pot.
7. Pour in the water,
8. Place the pressure pot into the pressure cooker. Close the lid, move the top pressure button to the middle (close) and switch on the cooking button and cook for about 30-45mins. Once cooking complete release the pressure button by turning to the left. Once the pressure release after all the steam vanished then open the pressure cooker lid.

The finishing touch of the soup in really tasty but if you prefer more sourish soup, you can choose to add in a Chinese pickled lime into the soup before cooking.

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