Genji Japanese Restaurant Hilton Petaling Jaya

Genji Japanese Restaurant Hilton Petaling Jaya 15
Chef Richard Teoh

This round we were invited to taste the flavours influenced by Osaka and Tokyo at Genji Japanese Restaurant Hilton Petaling Jaya created by Chef Richard Teoh himself, definitely known for his style in prepping his gorgeous cuisine. For my first time, Chef Richard Teoh had his creation with a philosophy of back to basics. His new menu focuses on delivering authentic dished with a mix of traditional artistry and infused with robust flavours to tickle the taste buds of local Japanese food lovers like myself.

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Genji Japanese Restaurant

Chef Richard Teoh himself was at our dining table and explained to us his concept and creation for night. He explained that Osaka, the cuisine capital of old Japan, simplicity is its own beauty as a milder palette of flavours and light touch is used to bring out the core flavours of each dish prepared. While Tokyo, on contrast is the fast paced and vibrant young city with features bold, strong flavours in its food to enhance taste and bring a specific dish to life. Chef explained that with these two distinctive styles create an eclectic menu of contradiction. Mild and bold, rich and light, traditional and modern, all rooted in the origins of these two great cities.

Genji Japanese Restaurant Hilton Petaling Jaya
Chef’s Entrement

First that came tamely to our individual table space was Chef’s entrement of the day. That night we had a sizeable ‘Maki Tamago’ that truly triggered up my taste buds, how can one resist of not having Egg Roll filled with Unagi. Soft silky egg pancake wrapped over a sweet meaty Unagi. The middle stand robustly in an encasing ceramic holder was the marinated jellyfish ‘Chuka Kurage’ accompanied with mountain berry ” Yamamomo”. I loved the tenderness, crunchy texture and nicely marinated jellyfish. I was intrigued with the surprised present of the ruby red and eye catching mountain berry. The one that lined at the end of my platter was this refreshing crunchy ‘Morokyu’ sliced cucumber topped with fermented miso beans. The strong taste of the miso beans executed well in bringing out the taste as whole, a nice hint of saltiness with great juicy cucumber. It was a very great comfortable start.

Genji Japanese Restaurant Hilton Petaling Jaya 1
Tokyo Salad

I had my entrement cleaned rather quickly and within the split seconds my bowl of Tokyo Salad parked comfort right infront of me. It was definitely a smart dropped off. The deepen plate had itself filled with crisp fresh green and crunchy seaweed topped with slightly poached seafood, mine was a few nicely tucked prawns. The waitress came swiftly with a small ceramic sauce pot offering to drizzle over the salad with some delicious swanky homemade sesame infused wasabi dressing. Having to bite into the coated lettuce leaf, I knew it was just perfect. The whole combination truly worked out pretty good, refreshing and full of freshness with a short punch of heat from the wasabi.

Genji Japanese Restaurant Hilton Petaling Jaya 2
Sushi & Sashimi Combo

Dining in a Japanese restaurant and indulging either sushi or sashimi is definitely a must for me. I an a great preacher for raw food that comes in perfect tender slices such as salmon, tuna and mackerel and a coating of wasabi soy sauce mix. That night my preaching was truly well satisfied as the tray was filled with an ice boat of well crafted sashimi. Thick slices of Salmon belly, ‘Toro’ Tuna belly and sea bream truly captivated my heart. Chopsticking into a piece of it can be so exciting and having it to melt in my mouth was so orgasmic, just felt like floating in heaven.

Genji Japanese Restaurant Hilton Petaling Jaya 5

Genji Japanese Restaurant Hilton Petaling Jaya 6

Sushi was plentiful and was begging to be eaten, for me I felt like being in a sushi marathon. The rice was rectangularly molded, a nice finger size bite and top with a variation of topping such as tuna, salmon and also salmon roe, splendid. Myself too enjoyed the crisp biting texture of the soft shell crab roll accompanied with the soft tender texture of the plum Japanese rice. It was brilliant encounter, amazing bitings.

Genji Japanese Restaurant Hilton Petaling Jaya 8
Kaizen Mushi

I also tasted their Kaizen Mushi whereby a soup bowl that was filled lavishly with fresh prawns, salmon, scallops and mussels accompanied with assorted vegetables and mushrooms. The soup came dense and had a great umami taste. Chef too created a sauce to accompanied with this dish, ponzu, grated radish and a dash of Tabasco. It was a citrusly sauce and I liked it. Well for something light I prefer to laced it with sambal chilli paste instead of ponzu.

Genji Japanese Restaurant Hilton Petaling Jaya 10
Gindara Terriyaki

Our main did notyaki take too long to arrived, we had a combination of a cod and an oyster. It was very pretty through my naked eye. The cod was teriyaki done while the oyster was baked.

Genji Japanese Restaurant Hilton Petaling Jaya 11
Gindara Terriyaki

Gindara or Cod Terriyaki was beautiful pan seared and the condensed teriyaki sauce came burstingly with aroma and flavour. I got to confessed the cod had a great generous thickness and have a great moist biting texture. The teriyaki sauce too gave a great nice richness to the cod and make it such a great pairing. Now what make me love it more was the cleverly pairing of the cod with mashed radish, Nameko mushroom and spinach puree. It was a good dish to have and to enjoy.

Genji Japanese Restaurant Hilton Petaling Jaya 12
Kaki Chili Mayp

At the other end of my platter was the ‘Kaki Chili Mayo’ Baked Oyster Nayo with Bird Eye Chili and it had won my heart right on the sport. US plump oyster was put into play and was given a thick coating of mayo chili, then baked to the right aroma. The coating pairing with the oyster was truly a good marriage. It tasted so good and I was truly satisfied.

Genji Hilton Petaling Jaya
Azuki Banana Dorayaki

Coming to the dessert, I tried to negotiate for the pancake recipe which came helpless. I went on laughing. Chef’s dessert was kept within the Japanese frame and filled with simplicity. The black sesame ice cream was densely done and tasted really good yet the fresh banana wrapped with azuki bean and Japanese pancake was excellent, love it!

The eating experience at Genji was truly satisfying and I was let loose of wanting more. My return is definitely will not go un-notice.

Genji Japanese Restaurant
Hilton Petaling Jaya 2
Jalan Barat
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
+60 3-7955 9122

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