Burger King Launches NINJA Promotion with Black Charcoal Bun Burgers

Burger King Ninja 1

Last week was awesome as I got to taste the latest Burger King Ninja Burger and Jumbo Frank. I got to confessed that I felt like having a fabulous orgy of burgers and hotdogs. What makes me felt so in love with this burger was of its black charcoal sesame bun and coating of their signature teriyaki sauce. I found it to be brilliant. As for the Jumbo Frank, the chicken sausage came in such a fabulous size that can easily seduce me. Yes it was sure tasty!

Burger King Ninja 2
Ninja Burger with Charcoal Bun Sandwich with delicious beef /chicken flame-grilled Whopper or tendergrill patty

Burger King Malaysia is gearing up to prove that “black is the new black”! Starting 3 March, customers will be able to enjoy a brand new burger experience with the launch of its exciting “Ninja!” campaign, with burgers served in black burger buns and a hot dog entry!

Burger King Ninja 3
Burger King Ninja Jumbo Frank

The new Ninja! Burgers will be sandwiched by 4-inch charcoal buns sprinkled with crisp sesame seeds. Between the buns lie mouth-watering layers of tastes and textures of gorgeously grilled beef or chicken patties topped with a signature teriyaki sauce and heaped with fresh lettuce and succulent grilled onions.

Customers will be able to choose from four scrumptious choices – Regular patties in chicken or beef, and those with a serious hunger can opt for Deluxe, which uses the one and only flame-grilled Whopper® patty or popular TenderGrill® patty. The Ninja! Burger Meals come with a refreshing Grape Star drink and medium Fries.

Burger King Ninja 4
Burger King’s Director of Marketing Mr Keith Loh

Alongside the Ninja! Burgers, Burger King will also introduce the new Burger King Ninja! Hot Dog. Nestled between two pieces of smoked chicken slices, the jumbo chicken sausage is drizzled with tasty teriyaki sauce, and loaded with crispy lettuce and juicy grilled onions, tucked in a warm, soft bun.

Burger King Ninja 5

The best part yet, the new Ninja! offerings from Burger King start from RM5.95 only. Speaking at the launch, Keith Loh, Marketing Director of Burger King said the Ninja! campaign was one of many more exciting campaigns to come this year.

“At Burger King we aim to excite our customers every chance we get. The charcoal burger buns are all the rave now and gives us a chance to present our popular and much-loved chargrilled patties in the most delightful and experiential way,” he said.

Burger King Ninja 6
A Ninja & Ninja Burger

Those looking to indulge in the exciting Burger King Ninja! Burgers and the new Hot Dogs should head over to the nearest Burger King outlet fast, as they will only be available for a limited time until end April or whilst stocks last. But be forewarned – you might just get hooked to the super exciting new Ninja! meals.

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