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Southern Rock Seafood’s GM Logeswaren & Owner Josh Green

Southern Rock Seafood was founded in 2008, Southern Rock supplies KL’s top restaurants and hotels with fresh fish and seafood from around the world. Since oysters have become an important part of their business Southern Rock Seafood has carry a range of in season oysters. Where possible Southern Rock Seafood sources direct from oyster farmers to ensure freshness and security of provenance.

An Oyster Haven at Soutern Rock Oyster

Eating raw oysters is a uniquely invigorating experience. No other food conjures up a taste sensation as strongly as an oyster: the essence of the sea in edible form. However, there are large differences among oysters with regard to taste, body and nose; the environmental conditions have a significant impact on flavours. Tastes can range from some salty to floral, some have fruity notes, mineral flavour or even hints of spice. Even oysters from the same estuary can vary in flavour depending upon exactly where they are grown.

‘Rocks’ and ‘Flats’ are two types of oysters main types of Oyster available in Europe and Asia. The most common is the Pacific (or rock) oyster Crassotrea Gigas available all year round, though weaker in summer months and the native, Belon (or flat) oyster Ostrea Edulis is available from September to April.

A Succulent Piece of Fresh Oyster

Why do oysters taste different?
Oysters feed by filtering water through their system – a single oyster can filter up to 10 litres of water per hour. The flavour of oysters is a function of the minerals, salinity, and the type of algae they eat in the water. Like wine, oysters gain much of their flavour from their terroir – or maybe their merroir even?!

Salt is often the primary flavour of oysters and this is because oysters take on the salinity of their environment, which can range from almost fresh to completely saline. A fully saline oyster will have a very briny taste while oysters with very low salinity, can taste flat, almost buttery.

Why do you need a guide?
Different oysters suit different occasions and different people. If you haven’t yet been wowed by oysters, you may well have been eating the wrong ones. Maybe you dislike the brininess you get with Tasmanian oysters and love sweet Coramandel specials. Maybe you like bold, tangy Native oysters with zinc finishes. Or maybe that’s not you at all. Maybe you did not know oysters could taste so different. This guide aims to demonstrate the huge range of flavours that oyster’s exhibit. Rather than order a dozen or half-dozen of ‘house’ oysters why not try a mixture of varieties and taste for yourself.

How to taste an Oyster
Oyster tasting is a lot like wine tasting. First breath in the aroma from the freshly shucked oyster. Then we recommend that you chew your oyster a little bit, and aerate (take a little air in) to allow the flavours to cross the palate and develop fully. Consider and describe the Nose, Body, Finish and Texture. Finally score on the form provided Flavour, Saltiness, Sweetness, Umami*

* Umami (the Japanese word meaning “the essence of deliciousness”) is a fifth category of taste, separate from the familiar quartet of sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. Umami is perhaps best described as savoury. It’s what makes chicken broth & soy sauce taste ‘meaty’. Free amino acids, especially glutamate, are responsible for umami. When an oyster is called brothy, that’s umami. A thin oyster can still have plenty of umami

DID you know?
The most concentrated natural source of zinc, which is essential to maintaining a strong immune system, supports wound healing, and maintains the senses of taste and smell.

A good source of protein, high in tyrosine, an amino acid used by the brain to help regulate mood and adapt to stress.

A known aphrodisiac because it is rich in amino acids that trigger increased levels of sex hormones and high zinc content of oyster aids in the production of testosterone.

Helps maintain collagen and elastin fibers that give skin its firmness and help prevent sagging and wrinkles.

Oysters are also rich in iron, calcium and vitamin A and low in fat, calories and cholesterol

“As I ate the oysters with their strong taste of the sea and their faint metallic taste that the cold white wine washed away, leaving only the sea taste and the succulent texture, and as I drank their cold liquid from each shell and washed it down with the crisp taste of the wine, I lost the empty feeling and began to be happy and to make plans.” Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

Grevelingen No. 2

HOLLAND Belon Native, Grevelingen
Two sizes grown in the mineral rich Grevelingen Meer

Nose: Echoes of sea spray
Body: An intricate mix of walnut and driftwood with pear
Finish: Medium sweetness followed by a steel finish which departs quickly with no aftertaste
Texture: Plump and silky
Flavour 7, Saltiness 7, Sweetness 4, Umami 5

Gallagher Specials

IRELAND Gallagher Specials, Donegal
Grown for over 4 years by the Gallagher family in the wild and beautiful Tragheanna Bay Co. Donegal fresh peaty water stream flowing into the north side of the estuary giving their distinctive flavour. They come in 2 sizes approx 110g and 150g and are truly deserving of their Special appellation.

Nose: A very light freshwater nose
Body: Fills the mouth with refreshing cucumber lettuce flavours
Finish: A sweet finish resembling watermelon
Texture: Crisp and juicy
Flavour 8, Saltiness 3, Sweetness 7, Umami 7

Umami No. 3

Umami, Oosterschelde
Also from Oosterschelde these oysters are are fed a special Algae diet which gives them attitude!

Nose: Seaside
Body: Earthy with hint of avocado
Finish: Sweet finish with that Umami which leaves you wanting more
Texture: Creamy
Flavour 8, Saltiness 4, Sweetness 8, Umami 5

Irish Nugget



FRANCE Tsarkaya, Cancale, Brittany
Created over a century ago in homage to the Oyster loving Tsars of Russia and farmed in Cancale, France most famous Oyster producer

Nose: Iodine
Body: Hints of beef
Finish: Sweet, Almonds with a touch of acidity in the end like the tannin from a Grand Cru..
Texture: Crunchy and tender
Flavour 8, Saltiness 7, Sweetness 5, Umami 8

Fine De Claire No. 3

FRANCE Fine De Claire, Marennes Oleron
Finished in the famous shallow clay ponds, these oysters sometimes green gilled are less meaty but juicy and flavoursome

Nose: Strong salty smell of the sea
Body: Woody and herby reminiscent of green sap
Finish: Big earthy flavours of mushroom, leather and bronze
Texture: Juicy thin, less fleshy
Flavour 8, Saltiness 7, Sweetness 5, Umami 6

Irish Premium

Irish Premium, Donegal
Edward’s premium oysters are hard to beat, great texture with a lovely sweet finish.

Nose: A neutral nose but edging towards brackish
Body: Quite distinct parsley and cut grass
Finish: Short clean earthy copper finish
Texture: Full and plump
Flavour 6, Saltiness 4, Sweetness 5, Umami 5

Dutch Creuses No. 3

Creuses No.3, Oosterschelde Crassostrea Gigas
Grown in the pristine waters of the Oosterschelde estuary where many of Holland’s famous mussels are grown

Nose: Floral; akin to samphire

Body: Big fruity flavours of apples, pears and avocado
Finish: Initially sweet but culminates with tangy, but pleasant
Texture: Plump and silky
Flavour 8, Saltiness 4, Sweetness 8, Umami 5


UK West Mersea, Thames Estuary
Grown by Richard Hayward a 7th generation oysterman wgo with his wife heather also runs the island’s famous Company Shed.

Nose: A clean, fresh faint nose of rockpools
Body: Delicate cucumber & lettuce
Finish: Long on the palate, earthy potting soil followed by a lingering tart metallic tang
Texture: Silky, delicate, plump
Flavour 6, Saltiness 7, Sweetness 5, Umami 5

Fal River Natives, Cornwall
Harvested in the traditional fashion, rowing or under sail – no motorised vessels allowed. The Fal is fed by mineral rich fresh water flowing off the steep tin producing valleys, which nourishes plankton which in turn feed the oysters.

Nose: Iodine
Body: Juicy body; flavours of melon,
Finish: Lingering light tin and copper
Texture: Firm & silky
Flavour 4, Saltiness 4, Sweetness 3, Umami 5

Loch Ryan Natives, Scotland
Award winning oysters grown by Tristan Hugh-Jones

Nose: The smell of a sandy shore
Body: A nutty, woody oyster with lemon and cut grass undertones
Finish: A clean earthy zinc finish
Texture: Juicy and plump
Flavour 5, Saltiness 7, Sweetness 3, Umami 4

NEW ZEALAND North Island Coromandel Peninsula

Nose: Seaweed and rockpools
Body: Cucumber and lettuce with touch of lemon juice
Finish: Sharp metallic zing in the midst of soothing sweetness
Texture: Smooth and silky
Flavour 7, Saltiness 4, Sweetness 7, Umami 8

AUSTRALIA Tasmanian Prime, Pittwater Barilla Bay
Since 1946 on the southern tassie shores where Captain Cook first landed.

Nose: The smell of the open sea; iodine and ozone
Body: A very clear flavour of salted butter
Finish: A metallic finish, perhaps zinc, with potting soil and mushroom essence.
Texture: Firm and creamy
Flavour 8, Saltiness 7, Sweetness 3, Umami 7

Streaky Bay, Port Lincoln,

Nose: Very slight sea breeze and geranium
Body: Woody and nutty; avocado and pecan
Finish: Strong white sugar finish
Texture: Firm and creamy
Flavour 8, Saltiness 7, Sweetness 3, Umami 7

Double Oysters for Double Valentine’s Day Happiness

Treat yourself and your loved one to a range of the world’s finest oysters, the best love drugs on offer!
SHUCKED and Southern Rock Seafood Valentine’s dozen:
4 pieces Irish Premium
4 pieces Dutch Creuse
2 pieces Fines de Claire
2 pieces Gallagher Special

All for special price of RM88 while stocks last Order before COB Monday 10th to secure your Double Valentines Happiness
To Order Call 1800 88 3474 or 03 28589025

WHERE TO FIND OUR OYSTERS Ask for these lovely Oysters at the following bars and restaurants:
SHUCKED: BIG, Publika and Gardens
Marinis on 57
The Magnificient Fish & Chips Bar

Visit website at www.southernrockseafood.com

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