Dim Sum Extravagant at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya

Chinese Chives & Prawn Crystal Dumpling

Hunting for a good dim sum during this Chinese New Year, no need to go far on the hot trail in finding one, at recent I have tasted a few fabulous onces likethe Ti Chen where Dim Sum Maestro Yau Kim Yew creates fantastic petite gourmet which is also halal. But if you are looking for a great rustic feel backdrop with cart-away dim sum, I would invite you to gourmet the Xin Cuisine Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur with Chef Loong. His creation is back to basic yet packed with wholesome creation. my favourite is his fish balls. Another place that is also very much sort out would be definitely the halal dim sum at Luk Yu Tae House at Starhill Gallery. I love the dim sum served here is wholesome.

Another exciting Dim Sum Restaurant that any dim sum intuition must taste would be at Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya. The dim sum here is much sort after and truly an exciting cuisine excursion. Even having a bite of it’s luxurious Chinese Chives & Prawn Crystal Dumpling can be so divine, so delicious.

Dim Sum Masterchef Lee Kor Yew

At Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya you will be served with Dim Sum specially created by superb experience Dim Sum Masterchef Lee Kor Yew starting form the day one of the Chinese New Year. He is creative, dare to be different and yet retain the charm of each dim sum he creates. This year I am lucky to be back to indulge his lovely extravagant dim sum creation that was breath taking.

Prawn Dumpling “Sui Gao” in Ginseng Soup

First came was a prawn dumpling “Sui Gao Tang” in ginseng soup which was smashing delicious. The prawn encased with pastry was very fresh and firm in texture, every biting came with a fabulous aroma of sesame oil and a strong after finishing of ginseng. It was just terrific.

Dried Oyster Bacon Roll

Now I got to admit that I had tasted a few bacon rolls from various different places and here at EE Chinese Cuisine it was gave a fabulous touch up and done rather slightly different. Chef cleverly inbedded his bacon rolls with brasied semi dried oyster that gave a different taste and aroma. It was pungently delighted, the roll had a great dried oyster touch of aroma and a nice gentle biting texture. Beautiful.

Steamed Pork & Prawn Paste with Crab Roe Sauce

The look of the the next dim sum, Steamed Pork & Prawn Paste with Crab Roe sauce was truly sexy and eye indulging. Each basket consisted of three oval balls consist of a mix of prawn and pork paste then coates with crab roe which was just brilliant, so divine to have. Lovely biting texture suiting to my preferance. Lovely.

Steamed Sliced Garoupa Fish with Green Chilli Sauce

Something different came to tease us and we truly liked those ticklishness within our mouth. Refreshing it was. The garoupa had a great firm biting texture while the green chilli played so well and make he whole eating such a hot and sweet experience. Interesting but must have it warm.

BBQ Pork Walnut Tart

The bbq pork walnut tart here came marching in line and looked so butch yet so flaky and soft. I loved the texture, every biting had a great tenderly soft texture. The bbq pork had a fabulous sweetness and lovely . . . one piece is truly not enough to fulfill one’s craving, must have at least two.

Scallop & Yam Golden Dumpling

Now this is a jewel amount the rest, I was told it was not really a new dim sum creation but this one do exsist else where. But I found it to be rather unique and interestingly charming. It was like a discovery. It was such a sensation treat. The yam dough was done silky soft filled within a plum scallop and a touch of bbq sauce. Just fantastic. Brilliant. Must have!

Mozzarella Prawn Roll

Looked gorgeous and clean cut this rolls of Mozzarella Prawn. Slight bigger than the ordinary spring roll encased with mozzarella and prawn and rolled over with crepe skin. The bitting texture is good, very crisp but the filling need to be boosted up slightly as I loved mine more hunky.

Flaky Light Crust Pastry with BBQ Pork

Another exciting crust pastry to try out. Very gentle and truly flaky crust. The filling was good and sizeable. Definitely will make one to crave more for it.

Wok Fried Cheong Fun with Wax Meat

The fried fresh row rice noodle “Cheong Fun” came bursting with flavour as it was topped with delicious work fried wax meat. The wax meat gave a truly balance of taste and aroma to the rice noodle while a soft warm texture rice noodle just played within my mouth. Lovely!

If you are looking for a good quality and delicious dim sum, just drop by EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya as I am truly satisfied.

Ee Chinese Cuisine
Eastin Hotel
13 Jalan 16/11,
46350 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
+60 3-7655 1111

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