A Private Lunch at The Danna Langkawi Resort

My Perfect Private Lunch at The Danna Langkawi

My travels had gave a pause at Langkawi recently and the property that I visited was The Danna Langkawi Resort situated at Telaga Harbour Park. Upon the near arrival from far tucked at the corner bend of the main road one can easily spots the luxurious structure of this Colonial-Mediterranean inspired 5-star luxury hotel and it was breath taking, At that moment I know I will love my weekend stay. Once we got ourselves checked in, we were pampered for a private arranged lunch. I got to admit it was an honoured to be one of the invited guests.

Indulgence at a Private Room with the Guests

The white private dining room was truly gorgeous, one can enjoy the beautiful crystal chandelier hanging right at the centre of the room and paired so well with fine colonial wood skirting and frames, elegant draping. We embarked for a tiffin lunch filled with delicious Malays dishes. Yes one of the guests was raving about the Seabass Assam Pedas and got to admit it was brilliant. Great setting, fabulous atmosphere had captured my stay at the moment and I am sure I will discover more.

Steamed Fragrant Jasmine Rice

The dishes were placed gorgeously on the centre of the dining table while we were served with nice fluffy warm steamed fragrant jasmine rice. I was sure hungry a that moment. I think I can have a whole mountain of it but I settle with two big spoon of it.

Deep Fried Spiced Chicken

While the Jasmine rice tucked nicely, my first picked was their deep fried spiced chicken. It came warm and tenderly moist. The biting texture was firm and that’s how I like my chicken to be. The marination was perfectly executed as fresh herbs like fresh ginger, lemongrass played the main cast for this dish . . . I spotted the present of cumin too. I had more than two pieces. I was hungry.

Grilled Tenderloin with Rendang Sauce

The tenderloin was really tenderly done and makes me wonder if chef had it sous vide before hand. Having the piece grilled truly infused a great taste to the tenderloin. The rendang sauce here was cooked separately and topped over the grilled tenderloin. It tasted really good as the meat was not too tough to bite into. Lovely piece of gourmet.

Seabass Assam Pedas

The seabass assam pedas was really nice and I really adored it. This sweet and sour fish dish had a very sexy and yet a memoriable taste. The present of fresh herbs like lemongrass and laksa leafs paired with shrimp paste and tamarind juice played an important role in this awesome dish. The freshness of the seabass too had caught our attention. Splendid it was.

Stir Fried Asparagus with Scallops & Prawns

The stir fried asparagus with scallop and prawns was my favourite as one will not able to resist the refine crisp freshness texture of the asparagus while my eyes was set to the direction of those plump sized scallops. The prawn was my second priority at that moment. Yeah I was rather kiasu, lol! The brown sauce complimented the whole dish pretty well. Simplicity and deliciously executed.

Ula-Ulam Sambal Belacan & Fried Salted Fish

Fresh herbs and vegetable cuts ‘Ulam” was presented gorgeously and accompanied deliciously with pondered chilli infused shrimp paste “sambal”. Local salted fish too was served with a light fry and accompanied the rice just perfectly. It was refreshing.

Pandan Ice Cream with Green Bean Sweet Porridge

Our dessert came with a local influence, homemade pandan flavoured ice cream to the centre stage at the end of our meal paired with sweet bean porridge. At the end I had a very satisfied tiffin lunch that was set at a cosy private dining room. It was a fabulous start, next my room . . . .. . . . .

The Danna Langkawi Resort
Telaga Terminal,
Lot 1 Telaga Harbour Park,
07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Phone:+60 4-959 3288

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