A Dim Sum Master at Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Dim Sum Master Yoon Kong Thye

Today is the seventh day of the Chinese New Year and the weekend is just around the corner. Therefore getting a good bite on this Saturday morning tucked away from work can be such a blessing, indulging a good dim sum is a must. So I would like to recommend you to try out the line of dim sum prepared by Master Dim Sum sifu Yoon Kong Thye at Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur. My last post featuring Dim Sum Masterchef Lee Kor Yew at Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya need to be check out as his Dim Sum too a gourmet to die for.

Steamed Cod Fish “Cheong Fun”

He was daring enough to showcase his steamed cod fish “cheong fun” first as I always presumed the best first entry would be either a “Siew Mai” meat dumpling or a “Har Gao” Prawn Dumpling. Well his courage earns him a thumbs up. The dish came warm and the noodle warm smooth and slick in texture. The thickness was at right measure while the cod we cooked to the right perfection, tender and moist. No doubt the noodle was done slightly tasteless but with the infused supreme soy it gave a huge bursting flavour and sweetness to the whole dish itself. Perfecto!

Crystal Jade Prawn & Chives Dumpling

The next dim sum looked slick and just gorgeous. Sexy would be the right word to describe it. The skin had a translucent texture where one can observed the content of this dim sum, deep green chopped chives and cooked chunky prawns. To boast up the look of the this crystal dumpling, eye catching tobiko was added to ive a fabulus cosmetic look. As for the taste, it was really delicious and left me happily tucked into my chair with such a satisfaction.

Crystal Jade Vegetable Dumpling

The next dumpling sitting next to the previous just looked ratehr underage gal as it was not giving a lipstick make over. At that moment I was left with great laughter over it, honestly chef’s Crystal Jade Vegetable Dumpling was really delicious filled with chopped mushrooms, waterchesnuts, onions and many more tasty vegeterian stuffings. Just the one for someone on a vegeterian diet.

Tri-Coloured “Har Gao” Prawn Dumpling

Fresh chunky prawns will be the best ingredient for a good “Har Gao” and that is what I found when I switched on my foodie sensory at the restaurant. It was good and the dumpling too was given a colourful topping to make it more attractive this Chinese New Year.

Golden Prawn with Filo Pastry

The next dim sum, fabulous and well marinated prawns were given a facelift with filo pastry before being deep fried. The crisp texture worked very well to my liking as you know I do better with crisp texture food. This one was a babe!

Dim Sum Chefs at Work

“Siew Mai” Pork Dumpling topped with Tobiko

Dim Sum Master Yoon Kong Thye is famous for his style in presenting his delicious “Siew Mai” Pork Dumpling topped with Tobiko. Bright striking orange skin truly drive one like myself madly wanting to bite into them at that moment. Sure looked good.

Pork Gyoza

The pan fried Pork Gyoza was stylishly executed. Smells good and came bursting with aroma of fried pastry. Nice. The filling of coarsely chopped pork gave the gyoza a robust texture and a damn good biting texture. The anxiety of wanting more just kept echoing in my head, it truly not an easy situation especially someone who is on diet like myself. Wakakakakakakkakaka . . . .

Prawn & Mozzarella Cheese Roll

The Prawn & Mozzarella Cheese Roll came marching in with sure of delights. The outer was crisp done with suce a golden colour and biting into it can be so delightful. Prawn and mozzarella definitely the two most fabulous combination and this one executed perfectly.

Pan Seared Pork Bao

The Pan Seared Pork Bao was done perfectly, the bao skin was tender and soft. it then was given a gently seared to release a tasty fragrant to the bao. The filling was generous and tasted damn delicious. Definitely two will satisfy any bao craving.

BBQ Pork Crust Pastry “Siew Bao”

I love thier triagular shaped BBQ Pork Crust Pastry “Siew Bao. It was flaky and the pastry just melt right in my mouth with just a slight effort in biting into it. The BBQ Pork fillings was delicious and both complimented so well. Great touch.

Deep Fried Nian Gao with Yam & Sweet Potato

To end our journey that noon we were graciously precented with Chef;s signature of soft tenderly depp fried nian gao with yam and sweet potato that never ever to fail us but left us for more bites and how can we say NO! :)

For more information on Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, you may contact 03-2117 4888

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