Ushering The Year of The Horse at Lai Ching Yuen Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The Spirit of Lou Sang at Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant

In celebrate with the auspicious number Eight at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur. Eight-course prosperity dishes, Fortune Dim Sums from RM8, Lucky 8 dine-in offers, and many more auspicious Eight.

Chinese New Year holds great values of traditions and cultures; it is about family affair, reunion of loved ones coming together and gratefulness for the blessings that have come upon oneself throughout the year. It is also a time of starting anew and welcoming of good lucks, fortunes and well wishes, hence, the number Eight for the Chinese community is regarded as an auspicious number.

Salmon & Fish Skin Yee Sang

In celebration of this Spring Festival that last for 15 days, Lai Ching Yuen at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur fires up its kitchen to entice its diners with authentic Cantonese festive styled dishes, offering dining deals that consists of the number eight.

One of the cuisine highlights for this auspicious Year of the Horse, has to be the ‘Racing Luck’ Yee Sang where the ingredients are presented in shape of balls, which reflects the cause of horse’s speed and driven energy in achieving their goals and wealth. On the hand, there is the unique choice of the flavourful ‘Galloping Horse’ Yee Sang in which the ingredients represent the elements of welcoming good fortunes and opportunity. The specialty of this dish is made of nine fresh fruits including dragon fruit, mango and red apple.

Yee Sang Menu

Vegetarian Yee Shang RM98

Yee Sang with jelly fish RM116

Yee Sang with Crispy Fish Skin RM116

Yee Sang with soft Shell crab RM116

Yee Sang with sliced Norwegian Salmon RM126

Yee Sang with sliced Abalone (2-heads) RM336

Yee Sang with scallop, pearl & mango RM336

Eight Treasure Chicken

Course dishes for 10 persons are also available for booking at Lai Ching Yuen namely, the famous ‘Fortune Five’ menu comprising of Yee Sang with sliced Norwegian Salmon and crispy fish skin; barbecued whole suckling pig, double boiled golden coin shark’s fin with Chinese cabbage and dried scallop, steamed pomfret fish with light soy sauce, steamed tiger prawn with egg white moist with Chinese wine, stir-fried Hong Kong ‘kai lan’ with deep fried golden mushrooms, local ‘Loh Mee’ made of fresh seafood, chilled mango cream with pomelo and sago and last but not least, a tantalising dessert to complement one’s taste bud for Chinese New Year craving, the ‘Nian Gao’.

Braised Pork Knuckle

According to Chef Leong Weng Heng, Executive Chinese Chef of Lai Ching Yuen, “I believe, for most, besides embracing the Lunar Year with positivity and great fortunes, Chinese New Year celebrates the significance of family togetherness, which is why Reunion Dinner is so important.”

“Family Reunion Dinner is held during this time of the year to ensure that loved ones will gather together at least once a year to rekindle family bonds. Hence, as a Chef and on behalf of my team, it is our utmost passion to ensure the quality of our food served. As I watch these people enjoy themselves while delighting in our delicacies, it is like our food becomes part of their auspicious 8 celebration,” he further adds.

Wax Meat Claypot Rice

“Prosperous Business”
RM 888++
(10 persons per table)

Double boiled chicken soup with Chinese cabbage and Mushroom
Simmered Grass prawns with Superior broth
Deep fried Marble Goby Fish with soya sauce
Roasted crispy chicken with whole garlic
Stir fried Seasonal vegetables with garlic
Fried rice with Chinese waxed meat
New Year “Nian Gao”
Chilled Double Boiled Papaya with Red Date

RM 1088++
(10 persons per table)

Assorted Seafood soup with Tao Fu
Buttered Prawn
Steamed Mandarin Fish with minced ginger
Cantonese style roasted crispy duck
Deep Fried Enoki Mushroom with HK Kailan
Fried Rice with Assorted Chinese Waxed Meat
Wrapped in Lotus Leaf
New Year “Nian Gao”
Double Boiled Chrysanthemum with Longan & Black Sesame Rice DumPling

“Good Fortunes”
RM 1388++
(10 persons per table)

Thick broth with shark’s fin and shredded Chicken & Sea treasures
Wok fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk
Stew Soon Hock Fish with Yam and Bean Puff
Roasted crispy chicken “Pi Pa” Style with Crackers
Braised “Loh Hon” vegetables with Sea Moss, Broccoli and Home Made Bean Curd
Chinese waxed meat rice wrapped in lotus leave
New Year “Nian Gao”
Hot sweetened cream of green beans

“Happy and Prosperous”
RM 1588++
(10 persons per table)

Double boiled Dried Scallop Soup with Chinese cabbage and Ten Head mini Abalone
Stir-fried Vegetables with Prawns & Scallop
Slow cooked Soon Hock Fish with Yam and bean Puff
Braised dried oyster with sea cucumber, mushroom and garden greens
Eight Treasure Chicken
Deep Fried Enoki Mushroom with HK Kailan
Chinese wax meat rice served in Clay pot
Double boiled sweetened sea coconut with snow fungus

“Good Luck”
RM 2088++
(10 persons Per Table)

Lai Ching Yuen’s roasted meat platter
Double boiled golden coin shark’s fin with Chinese cabbage and dried scallop
Steamed Pomfret fish with light soy sauce
Braised dried oyster with sea cucumber, mushroom and garden greens
Eight Treasure Chicken
Braised Crab Meat topped on broccoli
Stewed noodle with shredded chicken and mushrooms
Chilled mango cream with pomelo and sago

“Smiles of Fortune”
RM 2288++
(10 persons Per Table)

Barbecued whole suckling pig
Double boiled golden coin shark’s fin with Chinese cabbage and Mini Abalone
Steamed Giant Water Prawns with egg white topped with Chinese wine
Steamed Pomfret fish with light soy sauce
Eight Treasure Chicken
Braised Dried Scallop with Chinese Cabbage
Fried Vermicelli with Seafood
Double boiled Red Date with snow fungus and Honey Dew

Golden Nian Gao

Chinese New Year Dim Sum “Har Gao” Prawn Dumpling

Dim Sum

RM18 Steamed Crystal Seafood Dumpling with Sea Moss

RM18 Deep fried Yam Ring with Seafood and Mixed Fruits

RM15 Pan Fried Vegetable Soft Bun with Spinach Juice

RM15 Deep Fried ‘Nian Gao’ with Yam

RM15 Deep Fried Crispy Puff with Lotus Paste

RM18 Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Dried Oyster and Sea Moss

Yam Basket with Seafood Salad

Salmon Sushi Roll

Chinese New Year High Tea 

To usher the year of the Horse with a great bang, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur will be having the roaring Lion Dance performance on the first day of Chinese New Year. All are welcome to watch this dynamic show on January 31, 2014.

The Lunar Year menu is available for individual orders. Yee Sang is also served in various flavourful tastes such as Salmon, Sea bass and Abalone for you to choose from and you may purchase it from just RM100++. You may also order variety of Dim Sums that are served to you fresh from the steamer.

For more information on Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur’s Chinese New Year ‘Auspicious 8’ dining deals, you may contact 03-2117 4888.

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