My Discovery of myBurgerLab with Samsung Galaxy Life


Even a foodie like myself had a phobia with burgers, yes truly it’s burger. In my quest of food I seldom got myself to meet up with burgers until recently when I stumbled upon myBurgerLab’s Galaxy Lucky Box offer showcased on the Samsung Galaxy Life app through my mobile phone Samsung S4.


Actual how I got to know about this was through my food pal Fishiee and she dated me out for a burger that evening. When got there she showed me on how to download the Samsung Galaxy Life. It was actually very handy and simple. First go to the Play Store on the Samsung S4 mobile phone and do a simple search on the key word Samsung Galaxy Life, once the Samsung Galaxy Life app appears then right away install it.


Once the Samsung Galaxy Life app appears, click Life and scroll down for myBurgerLab’s Galaxy Lucky Box offer.


Since myBurgerLab is known for their burgers and I had yet to try them out, I agreed.  When we arrived at the counter I knew what I want to put my hands onto . . . . . . . yes The Hulk burger with an extra patty. Yes I know I am going to eat big for sure, I guessed it is the kind of eating ritual. Eat your heart out baby.


During my ordering I showed the myBurgerLab’s Galaxy Lucky Box redemption offer. I was asked to carry out the redemption by having a lucky dip draw. Guest my luck was awesome and I got a 15% discount for my bill, that’s really cool.  Sounds good right, come come over to myBurgerLab for the lucky dip draw and don’t forget to show the myBurgerLab’s Galaxy Lucky Box on the Samsung Galaxy Life app. By the way my Hulk burger was awesome and gets a big thumb up from me.


Got to admit there are plenty of rewards on the Samsung Galaxy Life app such as free Salmon Sashimi at Sakae Sushi, free facial, free 10days gym trial at Celebrity Fitness and even free 30% on ladies shoes from famous shoe maker Christy Ng.  Not only freebies but there are also a lot of interesting apps recommendation that I really like especially those featuring food.

So to enjoy for discounts and freebies why not own the Samsung Galaxy Life app now like I did – simple, easy and awesome discount redemption.


I just loved having the Samsung Galaxy Life  app installed on my Samsung S4 as it was handy to use just show and redemp!

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