Extravagant Chinese New Year Celebration at Summer Palace Marriott Putrajaya

Excitement of Chinese New Year Gourmet Created by Chef Low Lam Cheong

Nothing pays off the hard work and says “Thank you!” like a yummy fulfilling “Sau Gong” meal. Show your appreciation to clients and staffs and reward them for the good year it has been and a well wish for the New Year with Summer Palace Restaurant’s Sau Gong Year End Offers. And I myself was at Summer Palace to witness and taste the line of awesomw picked dishes prepared by Chef Low himself. It was truly spectecular for me.

Awesome Spread of Chinese New Year Dishes

From 6th January to 29th January 2014, give a treat with any of these specially prepared menu by Chef Low; Sau Gong “Auspicious” Menu (RM 988++ per table of 10 persons), Sau Gong “Longevity” Menu with House Wine or Sparkling Juice (RM1388++ per table of 10 persons with house wine or sparkling juice), Sau Gong “Abundance” Menu with House Wine or Sparkling Juice (RM1688++ per table of 10 persons with house wine or sparkling juice) and Sau Gong “Individual Fusion Set” Menu (RM198++ per person).

Premium Yee Sang with Crispy Seafood

YEE SANG OFFERINGS Usher in the year of the Snake this Chinese New Year 2013, toss it up with the myriad of fresh “Yee Sang” Offerings selections available; Vegetarian with Korean Pear Yee Sang, Salmon with Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang, Salmon with Mesclun Mix Yee Sang, Salmon & Silver Fish Yee Sang, Three Varieties of Fish Yee Sang, Prosperity Salmon Yee Sang, and African Abalone Yee Sang. Small and large portions are available priced from RM58++ per portion onwards. Offered from 31st January to 14th February 2014 for eat-in and/or takeaway.

For me I chopsticking into their plentiful premium Yee Sang that incapsulated with crispy seafood. It was really tasty, the combination was pretty sexy as it came with a mix texture, soft, tender, crisp, crunchy and what’s more the sauce came with a hint of sourness and balanced with awesome like fruity sweetness. Kudos!

Toasting the Yee Sang

Come together and celebrate the Chinese New Year with either one of these prosperity set menus; Good Returns Menu (RM988++ per table of 10 persons), Year of Prosperity Menu (RM1388++ per table of 10 persons with house wine), Good Fortune Menu (RM1688++ per table ofre make th 10 persons with house wine) and Individual Fusion Set Menu (RM198++ per person). Prosperity Chinese New Year Divine Set Menus are available from 31st January to the 4th February 2014.

Braised Bird’s Nest Soup with Seafood

My soup was presented so attrectively gorgeous. I love the double boilrd broth used as it compacted the taste so well with the braised birde nest and having the present of seafood it sures make the soup taste so good.

Make your own menu! Customize your own dishes and match it with Chef Low’s creation of eight special Chinese New Year dishes for this auspicious period. Your choices are Braised Dried Seafood with Sea Moss and Chinese Oyster in Claypot, BBQ Roasted Goose ‘Hong Kong’ Style, Grilled Honey Cod Fish with Orange, Stir-fried ‘Kwai Fai’ Claw with Scallops, Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab with Thai Sauce, Stewed Goat with Goose Web in Claypot, Deep-fried Japanese White Mushroom with Red Beancurd Paste and Stir-fried Chinese Herb with Lily Bulbs & Sweet Peas. These dishes do not only boost the symbolic meaning of Chinese Nsew Year, but also packed with nutrition for your well being. The Chinese New Year Special A’ la Carte is available from 31st January to 14th February 2014 priced from RM25++ per portion onwards.

Roasted Chicken in Three Preparation

After a satisfying soup then came the chicken dish which was a surprised to me. It was done three way, crispy roasted, sesame coated and salted egg yolk coated. I got to say it was really pleasant and tasty. I think it was a real good bargain to have the dish done three way. It was delicious.

Baked Fresh Water Prawns with Butter Cream

The baked fresh water praens with butter cream tasted splendidly. Chef had it distached the flesh with the prawn head and therefore we just have to eat the cooked meat right away without the need to unshell the prawn. Nice!

Braised African Abalone with Sea Cucumber & Garden Green

This next was really good and I get to try out the abalone. The abalone was braised perfectly to a created a great biting texture whule the brown sauce was perfectly orchestrated to pair well with the brocolli, sea cucumber and soaked up so well with the black moss. Delicious!

Stir Fried Nian Gao with Seafood in Spicy Sauce

Now I just adored the claypot sitr fried Nian Gao, it was tasty and had a brilliant biting texture that had me munching all the way without any hesistation. Sauce coated well too and gave a nice bursting flavour. Chef had his dish topped with plentiful of seafood and I spotted a few refreshing scallops!

Chilled Chrysanthemum Jelly with Mixed Fruits

The dessert worked well with me as I liked something refeshing and chilled, the chilled chrysanthemum jelly did a fantastic job. I chilled me off with such a satisfying feel. Lovely an nice.

As for those who are a big fan of Summer Palace’s Dim Sum delicacies, revel in these additional six selections specially for the Chinese New Year period; Steamed Goose Web with Sea Moss, Steamed Pumpkin Dumplings with Chinese Parsley, Steamed Scallop Dumplings with Dried Scallops, Deep-fried Yam Paste with Bread and Deep-fried Oyster & Prawns with Salt & Pepper. Chinese New Year Dim Sum A’la Carte is available from 31st January to 14th February 2014 priced from RM12++ per portion onwards.

Featured this propitious period is also the feted Chinese New Year All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum Buffet. Your regular AUCE Dim Sum lunch is made special with Chinese New Year specialties. Available for lunch from 31st January to 14th February 2014 priced at RM68++ per adult and RM41++ per child.

 While enjoying the Chinese New Year promotions, don’t miss out the endearing tradition of heart thumping Lion & Dragon Dance Performance live at the Main Lobby on the eight-day of Chinese New Year @ 7th February 2014 at 2:00pm. The performance features exciting acrobatic stunts followed by animated lion and dragon dance with thundering drums and cymbals to evict evil spirits and summon good luck for the coming year of the ‘Horse’.

Summer Palace provides for any dining soiree.  For those opting for private dining, Summer Palace has Private Rooms catering to a maximum of 40 pax making it the apt choice for business discussions or even family gatherings.  Summer Palace is ideal for weddings as well; catering up to 250 pax, the elegant oriental setting and enchanting ambiance will create everlasting memories for you and your guests.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact 03-8949 8888 ext. 1333. www.SummerPalaceRestaurant.com.my

‘Good Returns’ Set Menu
RM988 ++ per table of 10 persons
(30th Jan 2014 – 14th Feb 2014)

Prosperity salmon ‘yee sang’
Braised shredded abalone soup with crabmeat & dried scallops
Braised whole chicken with eight treasures
Deep-fried sliced mandarin fish with Japanese salt & pepper
Wok-fried ‘ming’ prawns in two preparations
Braised assorted dried seafood with garden green
Stir-fried sliced ‘nian gao’ with seafood in spicy sauce
Chilled almond jelly with mixed fruits
Special dessert combination

Price is quoted in Ringgit Malaysia & subject to 10% service charge & 6% government tax

‘Year of Prosperity’ Set Menu
RM1388 ++ per table of 10 persons
(30th Jan 2014 – 14th Feb 2014)

Salmon & crispy fish ‘ yee sang’
Braised assorted dried seafood soup in claypot
Braised whole duck with eight treasures
Steamed dragon tiger garoupa with garlic oyster sauce
Baked jumbo tiger prawns with pepper sauce
Braised sliced abalone with oyster, goose web & garden green
Stir-fried noodles with seafood
Chilled chrysanthemum jelly with mixed fruits
Special homemade dessert ‘Ying Yang’ style

* 1 Bottle of House Red or White Wine *

Price is quoted in Ringgit Malaysia & subject to 10% service charge & 6% government tax

‘Good Fortune’ Set Menu
RM1688 ++ per table of 10 persons
(30th Jan 2014 – 14th Feb 2014)

Premium ‘yee sang’ with crispy seafood
Braised bird’s nest soup with seafood
Roasted crispy goose ‘Hong Kong’ style
Steamed pomfret with ginger & onion
Baked fresh water prawns with butter cream
Braised African Abalone with sea cucumber & garden green
Fried rice with crabmeat & scallops ‘Teow Chew’ style
Summer palace sweetened eight treasures ice
Chinese ‘nian gao’ ying yang style

 * 1 Bottle of House Wine or Sparkling Wine*
Price is quoted in Ringgit Malaysia & subject to 10% service charge & 6% government tax

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