Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel PJ “Sou Gong” & Chinese New Year Feast

Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel PJ
Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel PJ’s Salmon Flowers “Yee Sang”

Having to step into this restaurant is where all my daily worries just vanishes by itself . . . . . . . EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin PJ is one of my top rated Chinese restaurant in town which never fails to delivery refined cuisine. The work of craftmanship from Executive Chinese Chef Yong Kam Wah is just superb and I personally like his way of going beyong the boundary in creating his food. Therefore this Chinese New Year, EE Chinese Cuisine will be gearing up a sumptous spread of luscious dishes and I was there recently to taste them. Every dishes I tasted was perfectly prepared and superbly delicious.

The art of “Yes Sang” was so noticeable here at EE Chinese Cuisine as a simple slices of salmon were put into the display of edible art. Every piece of salmon where well calculated to from petals of flowers while having the white plate as it showcase. It was so beautifully presented. Having each salmon flower to be place onto the Yee Sang truly need some real expertise. The Yess Sang tasted very refreshing and light, biting into each sliced salmon too was just superb delightful, soft and tender. I loved it and it was a great way to start off the dinner with a hint of style.

Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel PJ 1
A Bowl of Doubled Boiled Shark’s Bone Soup with Superior Shark’s Fin & Fish Maw

The soup came just at the right time when I was craving for something warm. The doubled boiled shark’s boned soup came to the rescue. I just loved the warm silky densed texture of the liquid that came with superior shark’s fin and fish maw. The shark fin was tender in texture while the fish maw had a great biting texture too. Lovely!

Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel PJ 2
Poached “Gui Fei” Farm Chicken

The next dish came with a abundance of smoke under a capsulated dome and this is where modernization cooking came into play that night. Smell, sight and taste, the three elemants were put into play. The smell of awesome smoke infused aroma, the gorgeous view and the luxurious taste of the dish. Aroma of smoke tea was infused onto the dish to release a bursting aroma before gracing the poached chicken, while premium Chinese wines were used to enhance the luxurious taste of the chicken. It truly brilliant and a well executed chicken dish.

Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel PJ 3
Oven Baked King River Prawn with Cheese Sauce

I was impressed with my next dish . . . . . . a very gigantic fresh river prawn. Here Chef Yong had his prawn laced with mustard, vinegar, cheese and baked to perfection. I was impressed with the texture of the meat itself as it was firm, moist and refeshingly hinted with juicy sweetness. Amazingly good.

Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel PJ 4
Steamed & Golden Fried Cod Fish with Beancurd Skin & Golden Garlic in Soya Sauce

Now I got confessed that Chef Yong brilliantly executed his thick cut of his cod fish. It is a simple approach and yet the whole dish came to be so exciting to fork into. Presentation was just superb. here the cod was done two way, steamed and golden fried. The cod was very moist through seaming process while it was full of aroma through deep frying. Excellent and a well thought execution.

Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel PJ 5
Parcel of Abalone Sea Cucmber & Dried Oyster

The beancurd parcel looked luxurious laced with gold leaf. It was a sizeable parcel and yet filled with wholesome abalone, sea cucumber and dried oyster. The three main ingredient was braised o perfection, tender and soft filled with great aroma and taste. Yet another well crafted and well presented dish at its class. Got me amazed!

Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel PJ 6
Fragrant Rice wiith Preserved Meat

Every year without failed the preserved meat in claypot rice is a must during the Chinese New Year. The rice was beautifully fluffy and fragrant by the bursting suace of the preserved meat truly tickled our lust for food. It was so nice so comfort. The preserved meat was deliciously done too.”Ho Syiok!”

Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel PJ 7
Double Boiled Lotus Seed with Glutinous Rice Dumpling and Homemade Pineapple Tart

As for dessert we were greated with a tasty himemade pineapple tart and a bowl of double boiled lotus seed with glutinous rice dumpling. The pineapple tart was amazingly good and I liked spooning into the lotus seed soup. It was really yummy dessert.

My experience over Chef Yong menu always left me speechless with awesome delight and so was this dinner. I will definitely be recommending EE Chinese Cuisine as the food is really good . . . . . . precisely execellent. Definitely the place to check out this Chinese New Year !

Ee Chinese Cuisine,
Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya
13, Jalan 16/11, Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16,
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 7665 1111
Fax: +603 7665 9999

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