Dim Sum Maestro at Ti Chen Saujana Golf Club

Dim Sum Maestro Yau Kim Yew

He is brilliant yet he is sure a young and talented, Dim Sum Maestro Yau Kim Yew. I love his creativite play and truly a persone who will put upmost effort to think out of the box when comes to Dim Sum. Some may go overboard with their creation but Maestro Yau is one of those chefs that who I know who will go all out to maintain the substance and traditiion of a little petite dim sum. He is so adoreable yet his dim sum is something to die for.

Beef Bacon Roll

Wow it look so handsomely hunk, bulging with muscles. Yes I was referring to Maestro’s beef bacon roll that looked so deliciously attractive. He used fine quality fish to turn into his fish paste and incoperated it with prawn paste to created the backbone of this roll and mummified with thin strips of beef bacon. Having the coating of bbq sauce the whole roll tasted execellent. Perfecto!

Prawn Beancurd Roll

Oh having to look at the sexy prawn tail, I am sure everyone would get excited. I like the look of this dim sum, stuffed fish and chicken paste was put into play and then rolled over with brown beancurd sheet. Nice.

Hotate Crystal Dumpling

Something new to me, a hotate dumpling truly sounds good. I like the tender biting texture of the stuffed hotate and the spinach crystal skin was truly taste good. I also sensed the present of prawn inside this dumpling. Brilliant but preferably must be eaten warm.

Fish Paste Ball

A basket of was ordered for Dylan and he liked it. It was sizeable, tender and smooth in texture and topped with egg white sauce. I think it was lovely.

BBQ Chicken and Prawn Fun Cheong

I lovely the silky fresh make Fun Cheong laced with bbq chicken and refreshing prawns. In fact the supreme soy sauce truly empowered this dish and gave it a truly bursting flavour and aroma. So yummy!

Pan Seared Bao

Oh the pan seared bao was just lovely. I had a great endulgment and the meeting up was just perfect. The bao was soft, fresh and tender crafted and with a hint of searing the bao smelt fantastic, burstiing with aroma. Lovely it was and I can just have another one. The chicken bbq fillings was just gorgeous.

Glutinous Chicken Rice

Here I got to confess that I have a liking with Maestro’s glutinious rice. It was sticky but yet every grain can be tasted. It was seasoned perfectly to my liking and I just munched it away bits by bits over a few cup of Chinese tea. Yes my verdict, it was perfect!

Chicken Siew Mai

Ti Chen’s Chicken Siew Mai was lovely. Usually the basic ingredient for Siew Mai is pork but here in Ti Chen chicken was put into play. To achieve a good biting texture, the chicken was put into many rinsing of water and scrapping. The biting texture was really good, honestly I like it. It brilliantly executed.

Prawn Dumpling with Spinach Crystal Skin

For Ti Chen, their Prawn Dumpling and taken a bit of twist. Maestro Yau had spinach moderately infused on the crystal skin to give it a nice pleasant light aroma. The prawn was fresh and had a nice crunchy biting texture, Great!

Jackfruit and Prawn Rice Net Roll

It love the texture and taste of my next dim sum, the Jackfruit and Prawn Rice Net Roll. It was done crisp with the present of the rice net rolled over the jackfruit and chunks of prawns. The filling was delicous soft juicy texture of the cooked jackfruit and the present of the prawn make it more tasty, splendid! Pick this one.

Prawn and Cheese Crispy Roll

Now as equally good or even better was the Prawn and Cheese Crispy Roll. Here mozerella was put into the workout and paired well with prawns. Both was wrapped over with beancurd sheet and then given a golden fried till crisp. Just brilliantly executed my way of liking!

Steamed Chicken with Black Beans

As usual in any dim sum joint, you will defintely be showed with stemed pork ribs with black bean and here at Ti Chen a halal place, chicken was refinely jigsawed to create a similar tasting and texture. I got to admit that it was done to perfection. It truly had that great biting texture.

Lau Sao Bao

Oh I just adored the Lau Sao Bao. It came with bao casing and salted egg yolk buttery filling and what make it more brilliant was the present of peanut butter . . . . . . yes peanut butter! It was so GOOD!

Yam Ice Cream on Yam Basket

The yam ice cream was soft and smooth while the yam basket was crisp done. It was delicious but I only managed to taste a spoon as our little friend Dylan had it all for himself. yeah ice cream defintely goes well with kids! I want I want……….

Mango Pancake

As to end the meal we had the mango pancake and it was truly refreshing nice, sweet and juicy. MAngo was fresh and the cream was light to taste. It was not overpowering. Delightful.

My Dim Sum-ing was truly delight and delcious at Ti Chen as we had Maestro Yau crafting the Dim Sum.

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