Dim Sum at Luk Yu Tea House Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur

Crystal Jade Scallop Dumpling

I just love Dim Sum, they comes as tapas style and can easily fill up the table . . . . . definitely a feast of the day !

Last week I had the chance to try out Luk Yu Tea House’s Dim Sum and I was left like a running boar . .. . . I was tru I am a trully intrigued with the experiencing. I got to admit that damm loyal fan of Dim Sum. My usual moves is to order and taste two type of Dim Sum before proceeding the ordering . . . . . . “Har Gao” Prawn Dumpling and “Siew Mai” Meat Dumpling, . . .. . . to taste and check the freshness of the two fillings. If the two passes the test, then the rest of the Dim Sum should be good and perfect for the day.

“Siew Mai” Chicken Dumpling

We started with Luk Yu Tea House’s Crystal Jade Scallop Dumplings and it got my appetite started with such a delight. I just loved their silky outer layer pastry that steamed to perfection till the right balance of tenderly texture. What trul captured my taste buds was the soft smooth texture of the scallop encapsulated within the jade skin. It was brilliantly crafted and the size of the dumpling truly won and warmed ny heart.

“Har Gao” Prawn Dumpling

Wow Har Gao here is damned sexy, definitely a seductress at Luk tYe Tea House. Very refreshing texture of prawn that played so well with my tasting palate. Sea sweet freshness definitely make it present and make every biting so terrific. I had an orgasmic excitement at that moment, wanting more is sure irresisitable.

Fried Carrot Cake

It sure had fantastic fragant smell when the plate landed infront of me. It was Luk Yu’s fried carrot cake that came with egg and beansprout. The carrot cake came in nice chuncky cubes and had a fabulous wok fried taste. I found it truly brilliant snack and sure to be shared . . . . . if any left. Must have.

Yam Puff

One of my favourite fried dim sum would be the yam puff. Here at Luk Yu, the dim sum chefs truly knew what I was looking for. Nice crisp outer layer, creamy yam paste and fantastic jolly good fllings. The yam puff I had here was fabulously deep fried till crisp and perfect, making every bite truly memoriable. The silky soft yam paste make the tasting texture felt so smooth, Having an lasting taste, the savoury filling with slightly hinted sweetness make the whole experience so irresisable, Yam-my with goodness.

Sago Mango Cream

Before ending the meal we had a sweet dessert, Sago Mango Cream came marching in pot by pot. It’s silky glossy orange mango puree make a show off and truly caught my attention while a spam of white bubbly sago gave the biting texture of the whole dessert. It was interesting deliciously done, simple and delicious. It makes the meal so brilliantly nice. I definetly be back for more delicious comfort Dim Sum and Chinese tea at Luk Yu Tea House . . .. . . . how about this Chinese New Year? . . . . .. . .. Sidney KAn

Luk Yu Tea House
Starhill Gallery 181 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel No: +60 3-2782 3850

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