Delicious Dim Sum at Xin Cuisine Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Chef Ng Meng Loong

It was honored to meet him and hearing about his touches and creations within the Dim Sum circuit can be go breathtaking. Yes Chef Ng Meng Loong is known for creativeness and also maintaining the taste and flavor of his Dim Sum. His Dim Sum is a morning gourmet to die for and I was lucky to be able to taste his handmade Dim Sum creations.

Prawn Dumpling “Har Gao”

The first bamboo basket that came steaming piping hot to our table was this coarsely chopped chuncks prawn fillings encapsulated with this wonderful marination of sesame oil, egg, corn starch and white pepper wrapped over with crystal jade pastry. The bitings were fun, exciting and foremost realy delicious. The prawns had a great crunchy texture and seasoon well while the skin itself was fluffy soft. Awesome pleasant kick start!

Siew Mai Dumpling

Those jade yellow dumplings that seat silently infront of me were very eye catching. It was a basket of handsomely filled “Siew Mai” pork dumplings. “Lovely, smells really nice . . . . .”, I can feel the bursting aroma right on my face as I told myself at the seconds. Hope can one like myself be able to resist such temptation. Chopsticking onto one of them and having it inside my mouth can be such a playful excitement. It had a moist and firm biting texture. Well seasoned and not surprisingly I had three of them. It was a joyful moments having the Siew Mai dumplings. So irresistable!

Scallop Dumpling

Oh! The next was basket was just a thrill of excitement, his scallop dumplings were gorgeous and pretty. They were like fairies dancing on the table wanting me to give them cuddles. They were like lurking right just on my lips, teasing me wanting me to eat more. The scallop was firm and moist, just had a lovely refreshing biting texture. Well his scallop dumplings did played into my heart and they were my favourites. Must have!

BBQ Bun “Char Siew Bao”

The bamboo basket was huge and I am sure there were be about a dozen of lovely snow white BBQ Buns. It wasn’t huge but defintely the right size to have. The white bao was fluffy soft and airy light. The BBQ pork fillings was nice and paired well, taste good. Refinement!

Beancurd Roll

His beancurde roll was really tasty and moist filled with prawn over a sheet of beancurd. The fillings was very appealing and had a great tasting flavor. The sauce truly added the charm for this dim sum. Every biting was so exciting . . . . . I felt like having an orgasm and it was so intense with flavors and felt so juicy running inside my mouth. Defintely a must!

Bacon Roll

Wow Chef Loong truly know how to hype up my lust over his dim sum. Let me tell you his bacon roll is such an intensive piece of food art. It was so lovely, it had a nice salty bitings in it, firm in texture and the filling was jst spot on. He also cleverly dressed the rolls with pork floss. Incredible tasty!

Handmade Fish Balls

Oh! This one is a killer as once eaten you will beg for more . . . . .. yes Chef Loong’s fish balls. Very sizeable and has a great firm and yet soft texture. A must have, must eat!

Belacan Carrot Cake

I love the aroma of the belacan carrot cake that came bursting with flavors right in my nostril. It had a fabulous luxurious pungent smell of belacan while the carrot cake was soft and had a brittle crisp casing which hijacked my heart away. I was drooling with this dish. Everything infused into it such as beansprout, chilli, egg and prawns had a great balance of taste and texture. So cuddly!

Peppered Pig Stomach

The braised pig stamoch was done tenderly soft and had been infused with whole white peppered to give it a light peppery taste. It was good and not a bad idea to have it on you list during your visit.

Malay Cake “Ma Lai Kow”

When we moved to the sweet section, we tried their “Ma Lai Kow” Malay cake and it was really delicious, it had a great soft anf fluffy texture. Light and airy. I liked the present aroma of palm sugar and make the whole eating experience very pleasant. Worth to have a try!

Sesame Seed Ball

Chef’s sesame seed ball was done to crisp and just love biting into it and the feeling was lovely. We loved it. My Dim Sum here at Xin Cuisine Concord KL was really exciting as every basket of dim sum came with great expectation and they were delivered spot on. Lovely and you must try them . . . . Sidney Kan

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant
Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur
2 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2144 8750 or +603 2144 2200 ext 2338
Fax: +603 2144 1628

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