Chinese New Year Gourmet at Xin Chinese Restaurant Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur

A True Gourmet at Xin Chinese Restaurant Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur with Chef Wong Pak Seng

Having to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year while ushering the year of the horse can be such an exciting ritual through food and I had an awesome experience at Xin Cusine Chinese Restaurant at Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur. At Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant, wholesome home-style celebration dishes were put into play to capture the spirit of celebration and most of the dishes I had trult captured my excitment.

Prosperity Salmon Yee Sang

I had a fabulous tossing of the Yee Sang tht came with delicious bright and deep coloured thick slices of salmon. I was amazed. The portion was huge and plentiful to enjoy. The Yee Sang sauce was done to perfection with light sweetness to taste. It was just amazingly good.

“Loh Hei!” a toss to prosperity and longevity. A must-have during the New Year, Yee Sang is also known as raw fish salad. Myriad of coloured vegetables topped with exquisite abalone, jelly fish, duck meat, octopus and a vegeterian option – crunchy, juicy snow pear. Other ingredients, crackers, peanuts crumbs, sesame seeds, plum sauce ans other traditional ingredients are added and it is served as an appetiser. This dish symbolizes “good luck” for the year and tossing ingredients into the air and say auspicious wishes out loud with great hopes “the wishes will be fulfilled”.

Xin Cuisine Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur has six Yee Sang variations, available for lunch and dinner daily starting from RM68.00++-RM108.00++ per order (Regular), from RM98.00++-RM198.00++ per order (Large)

Doubled Boiled Chicken Soup with Wolfberry

Our journey began with a luscious bowl of clear doubled boiled chicken soup with wolfberries. The soup came warm and had a great natural sweetness in it. It was light and clear, every spooning had a great luxurious warm feeling. Love it!


Xin’s Prosperity Menus consist of savour home-style dishes like Hong Kong style steamed turbot fish, wok-fried prawns with fresh fruits and sesame sauce, braised abalone with sea cucumber, dried oyster and beancurd skin, double=boiled honey dew with garbanzo baens and other tempting Cantonese fare. Prices ranging from RM1,388.00++/Rm1,588++ per table of 10person.

Chef Wong Pak Seng and his team delights new dishes for patrons to try. Buntiful abalone in golden pouch, crispy charcoal-grilled suckling pig with seafood paste, roasted goose with special sauce and a special dessert, chilled dragon fruit and aloe vera jelly. Price raning from RM13.00++ – Rm318.00++ per order.

Roasted Goose with Special Sauce

I was amazed with the next dish that came luxuriously right infront of me, I felt so excited and rich. The goose was perfectly chopped, I can see every pieces had the perfect size of cutting thickness, refinement.

Bountiful Abalone in Golden Pouch

The next dish will definitely be the shout about one dish of the day as it was truly had a striking look, just perfectly gorgeous and can easily be seduce me particular within seconds. Yes I can imagine myself salivating with joy in my own world of delicious silence. Playing with my mind can be such an orgasmic feel as every abalone came succulently good and just had that wholesome feel. The texture was perfect while the mushrooms were tenderly braised and the sea cucumber was just
so soulful. Definitely a lovely parcel that filled up with amazing goodies.

Steamed Promfret with Supreme Soy Sauce with Garlic Oil

The size was huge, the promfret that came on a beautiful huge dish. Elegantly prepared and serenaded beautifully with lightly salted supreme soy sauce. The promfret was given the right amount time of steaming and created a lovely warm biting texture, firm and just melts away. Amazing indulgence.

Wok Fried Prawn with Fresh Fruit and Sesame Sauce

Having a good prawn dish can be just so divine and enjoyable session. Unshelled thick lumps of cooked prawns are what I always look out for and Xin here had had it prepared to my liking. It was truly mind blowing experience. Crisp chunchy texture lured with refreshing fruit concentrated caramelised juice just went on devilish my craving and lust. Having the presents of sesame sauce truly highten this wholesome dish. Fantastic bitings!

Waxed Meat Rice in Claypot

Elegant it was the whole claypot that filled up with assortment of wax meat that played with my little bulging tummy. My stomach definitely readily to crank up for another bigger foodie excitement. The rice was fragrantly delicious and came with tenderly texture. The taste was well balanced and I like the sensational taste of the sausages and the wax meat too had a good biting texture. Very mouthwatering!

Double Boiled Honey Dew with Garbanzo Beans

Oh! Xin’s double boiled honey dew is just to die for. I just adore the biting texture of the soft tender strands of honey dew. Just amazingly delicious.

Green Tea Nian Gao with Crusty Flakes

I just got freaked out as I got to bite into their green tea nian gao….. it was perfectly executed. The nian gao was soft and tender and making every bite so comfortly. it was not too sweet at all, just at the right level and I was drooling for another piece. Brilliant.

Nian Gao Rice Net Roll with Hazelnut

Crispy it was . . . their nian gao rolled over with rice net and filled with hazelnut paste. Once cleverly sealed, it was then browned through deep frying procedure. It was done crisp. Taste good and lovely! Dining at Xin Kuala Lumpur is definitely a fabulous choice and one will expect to be well pampered with luxurious delicious food.

The Luscious Chinese New Year Gourmet at Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Waxed Meat – Choose from assorted meats cooked with rice in claypot, braised chicken with ginger and Chinese sausages, wok-fried rice with sausages, For this section, there are six types of waxed meat dishes served. Price ranging from RM35.00++-Rm98.00++(small/regular/large)

Nain Gao is another must-have during this festive sason. Sweet potato nian gao with macadamia nut, chocolate paste green tea nian gao and deep fried hazelnut paste nian gao. Price at RM9.80++ per order.

Sau Gong promotion consists of special 9-course set dinners priced at RM888.00++/RM1,068.00++/RM1,388.00 per table of 10 person and this fabulous promotion ends in January 30th.

For enquiries please call Ms Po Lin or Wendy at Xin Cuisine. contact tel no. +603 2144 8750

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