Chinese New Year Dinner at West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa

West Lake Garden Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
Chinese Chef Chai Kam Loi at West Lake Garden Chineses Restaurant

Chinese New Year glows with prosperity and abundance at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant from this 6 January to 14 February 2014. Chinese Chef Chai Kam Loi (Chef Roy) and West Lake Gardenvery stand Chinese Restaurant’s culinary brigade are serving a range of festive dishes rich in symbolism and tradition befitting the Year of the Horse. The highlights are four (4) auspicious set menus and six (6) delectable Yee Sang specials, will be available for lunch and dinner throughout the festivities and I was there to try out some of the them and it was spectecular delicious.

West Lake Garden Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa 1
Salmon & Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang

We started off with a huge plate of Yee Sang standing gorgeously beautiful at the centre of the dining table. It was definitely a show stopper and caught everyone’s attention. Our Yee Sang came with Salmon and Soft Shell Crab and they were truly incapsulated the dish with such distinct taste and texture. The Salmon slices came silky soft and smooth while the soft shell crab filled with abundance of crunch that tucked in perfectly.

LOH HEY – WEST LAKE GARDEN’s PROSPERITY YEE SANG is available for dine-in or take-away

The feasting at West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant begins with Yee Sang (raw fish salad) available for lunch and dinner from 6 January to 14 February 2014. Rise to great heights and toss to prosperity with Chef Roy’s six (6) varieties of Yee Sang, freshly prepared daily with signature sauces made of fruit jams and juices. Diners may select either the Abalone and Salmon Yee Sang, Salmon and soft-shell Crab Yee Sang, Salmon and Tiger Prawn Yee Sang, Raw Tuna Yee Sang, Salmon Yee Sang and for vegetarians, the Prosperity Mixed Salad with Fresh Fruit Yee Sang. The Yee Sang sets are available in full portion or half portion for dine-in or take-away. Prices range from RM68.00++ to RM198.00++ per portion.

West Lake Garden Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa 2
Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup with Fish Maw & Cordyceps Flower

As we were gearing up for the heavier dishes, we were served individually with a bowl of Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup with Fish Maw & Cordyceps Flower. The soup was perfectly crafted and taste brilliantly, my bowl came with bursting flavors. I likes soups that has a strong foundation ingredients such as black chicken which I frequently use on my pressure cooking and having to be infiused with cordyceps flower can be such am orgasmic treat, very luxuriously fragrant. The fish maw gave a soup a brillaint biting texture. I liked it !

Bountiful Fortune, Lucky Golden, Treasured Abundance and Royal Prosperity

For celebration and reunion dinners, the West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant offers four (4) selections of 9-course auspicious set menus packed with good fortune. The set menus are priced at RM1,288++ (Bountiful Fortune Set), RM1,488++ (Lucky Golden Set), RM1,788++ (Treasured Abundance Set) and RM 2,288++ (Royal Prosperity Set) per table of 10 persons respectively, each menu selection includes the customary yee sang and a range of West Lake Garden’s signature Chinese New Year dishes like the Canadian Cod Steamed with Golden Garlic Superior Soya Sauce, Braised Sea Cucumber with Dried Oysters and Black Moss, Dried Scallop Braised with Sea Treasure Black Moss and various others. The menu also features the Wok-Fried Butter Prawn with Curry Leaves and Chicken Floss, one of West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant’s signature dishes

West Lake Garden Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa 3
Eight Treasure Stewed Duck with ‘Hua Juan”

Here I got to compliment Chef Chai Kam Loi for having this awesome Eight Treasure Stewed Duck with ‘Hua Juan’ in his Chinese New Year menu. The whole duck was carefully deboned in order to give a strong structure for stuffing amd easy cooking too. Eight variety of rich fillings are stuffed into the duck’s cavity and let braised for hours to soften the whole duck to perfection. Ours was perfectly crafted and I was left with dismay, perfect.

Priced at RM1,288++ per table of 10 persons, the Bountiful Fortune set menu begins with a serving of the Salmon and Fresh Fruit Yee Sang. This is followed by Braised Eight Treasure Broth with Crabmeat, Steamed Patin Fish with Crispy Bean and Garlic, Braised Black Moss with Dried Scallop, Mushroom, Fish Maw and Vegetables, along with a duet of sweet delights, Chilled Aloe Vera ‘Lo Hon Go’ and Chinese New Year ‘Nian Gao’.

West Lake Garden Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa 4
Steamed Canadian Cod Fish with Bean Broad Superior Soya Sauce

Moving to our next excitement came the white bars of Steamed Canadian Cod Fish that was so well placed and arranged on the huge serving plate. Accompanied with it was a a dash of bean broad superior soy sauce that gave the dish a superb tasting. The cod was steamed to the right tenderness in texture and moist that melt in my mouth. It was beautiful done and left me wanting for another piece. Perfectly steamed.

The Lucky Golden set menu is priced at RM1,488++ for a table of 10 persons. Diners enjoy the Raw Tuna Yee Sang, Double-Boiled Black Chicken Broth with Fish Maw, Conch and Dried Scallop, Claypot Stewed Estuary Grouper with Bean Curd Ribbon, and the restaurant’s signature dish Wok-Fried Butter Prawn with Curry Leaves and Chicken Floss.

West Lake Garden Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa 5
Butter Wok Fried Prawn with Curry Leafs & Chicken Floss

I was amazed and joyously watching the Butter Wok Fried Prawn playing it’s way into our hearts while making us wanting to grab them right on the spot. The prawns were huge and truly had a great juicy biting texture. I like how the prawns were prepared, having a work fried with butter and laced over curry leafs truly added a great fragant to the dish. The present of the chicken floss too enhanced the dish so well. I just love biting into my prawns, having another piece was such a blessing!

West Lake Garden’s Treasured Abundance, presents diners with Sliced Abalone and Salmon Yee Sang to start the meal along with the Eight Treasure Stewed Duck, Braised Whole Abalone with Sea Cucumber and Dried Oyster and Stewed Egg Noodle with Chinese Julienne and Shredded Clams available at RM1,788++ for a table of 10 persons.

West Lake Garden Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa 6
Sea Cucumber Braised with Dried Oyster & Black Moss

As always the next dish will make it’s grant entrance every Chinese New Year as it a must especially ingredients such as dried oysters and black moss being put into play. Here the sea cucumber was clean, soaked and braised to tenderly soft to perfection. It had a good tenderly biting texture that played well for my taste buds. I liked semi moist dried oyster being showcased on this dish and te fragrantness just soaked into the sauce making the brown sauce so rich in taste. The dried shiitake too was soaked to perfection and cooked till tender in biting texture. Just so refined. The present of the black moss was so noticeable, having a bit into it for sure, in hoping great return in the coming year . . . . . “Fatt lah!”

The Royal Prosperity menu featuring delectable seafood dishes, priced at RM2,288++, includes the Boston Lobster Yee Sang for diners to toss and welcome the New Year for prosperity, longevity, happiness, wealth and health. Braised Whole Abalone with Hong Kong Dried Oyster and Black Moss as well as the Braised “Yee Fu” Noodle with Lobster Claw are also part of the menu’s offering
West Lake Garden Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa 7
Braised Egg Noodles with Chicken Julievenne & Shredded Clams

Next came the noodle dish that was carefully plated and came with such a style, it was grand, it was our Braised Egg Noodles with Chicken Julievenne and Shredded Clams. It was beautifully and fragrantly braised to perfection. I liked the texture of the egg noodle, soft and tender and the tasty brown sauce that laced over every strand of the noodles. Delicious!

West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant is located on the lobby level of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. The restaurant offers private dining rooms which can accommodate between 10 to 20 persons. For group dining larger than 20 persons, customise seating can be arranged.

West Lake Garden Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa 8
Chinese New Year “Nian Gao”

West Lake Garden’s “Nian Gao” sure need some mention as it was beautifully prepared. Every “Nian Gao” was perfectly battered fried till golden brown and the ‘Nian Gao” was soft and not too sweet. It was awesome in texture and taste. We too were servered with individual Double Boiled Soya Bean with Hasma and left us wanting for more. It was truly a scrumptious experience and every dish was perfectly executed to perfection. West Lake Garden will be definitely be the place to host dinner during this festive. Enjoyed every moment of my experience. . . . . . Sidney Kan

West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant will remain open during the Lunar New Year’s Eve and throughout the 15 days of the festival from 12.00noon to 2.30pm for lunch and 6.30pm to 10.30pm for dinner. Advanced reservations are recommended. Please call Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s F&B reservations desk at +60 3 7495 1888

West Lake Garden Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa 9
Double Boiled Soya Bean with Hasma

Buffet Lunch, Weekend Hi-Tea and Buffet Dinner

Fuzion, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s all-day dining restaurant offers an expansive buffet spread with a combination of Western, Middle Eastern and Asian favourite cuisines. During the Chinese New Year festivities, the Fuzion’s Oriental Live station will feature the traditional Salmon Yee Sang, Double-Boiled Ginseng with Black Chicken Soup, Poached Chicken with Chinese Herbal Broth, Steamed Pacific Cod with Supreme Soy Sauce and many other festivity favourites. The buffet is priced at RM85++ for lunch, RM79++ for weekend hi-tea and RM95++ per adult for dinner.

The Atrium at the Pyramid Tower Hotel celebrates the Lunar New Year with special feature that will include over 20 noodle dishes to its New Asia buffet. The noodle station will feature the restaurant’s signature Wanton Noodle Soup, Koey Teow with Fish Ball and Vegetable in Abalone Clam Soup, Hokkien Dry Noodle with Minced Chicken, Abalone Clam and Fish Ball Soup, Emperor Noodle with Seafood Soup and more. The buffet at The Atrium is priced at RM55 nett for lunch, RM55++ per adult for dinner and weekend high-tea respectively. Lunch is served from 12.00noon to 2.30pm and dinner is served from 6.00pm to 10.30pm nightly.

The Atrium will also feature a Yee Sang stall, available for dine-in (a la carte orders only) and take-away. Priced from RM68++ to RM198++ per dish, toss and indulge in a mix of fresh ingredients like abalone, salmon, soft shell crab, tiger prawn, raw tuna and fresh fruit, accompanied by special sauces and seasonal condiments.
Advanced reservations are recommended. Please call Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s F&B reservations desk at +60 3 7495 1888.

Monday, 10 February 2014 at 1.00pm
Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s Main Entrance

In keeping with the celebration, a showcase of CNY Lion Dance will be held at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s main entrance on Monday, 10 February 2014, at 1.00pm to usher in the New Year. Guests are invited to catch the awe-inspiring performance as the lion performs energetic jumps and moves to the loud beat of the drums symbolic for reigning in good fortune, success and prosperity.

From RM398++ for 2 adults and 2 children

For those looking for a holiday getaway, opt for the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s 2D1N CNY Family Escape, priced from RM398++ for two (2) adults and two (2) children. The package is inclusive a choice of accommodation in Pyramid Tower Hotel or at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, buffet breakfast, one (1) complimentary extra bed, complimentary wired Internet or Wi-Fi access, 20% discount at all Hotel-owned food and beverage establishments and a toll rebate of RM45. The package is valid for stays from 30 January 2014 to 9 February 2014. Enjoy early bird rates for bookings made between 14 to 31 December 2013. For reservations, call +6 03 7492 8000.

For more information on Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s 2014 Chinese New Year festivities, visit

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