Celebrating Chinese New Year at Luk Yu Tea House Starhill Gallery

Chef Loong of Luk Yu Tea House at Starhill Gallery KL

My cruise on board the Chinese New Year boat of review was sailing well. This opening year of 2014 I will be taking less CNY feast review compared to last year 2013. Having so much work on hand is no joke and no fun, having them finish can be a no ending task. This year I keep it trimmed and simple yet not too many rather selective. So one of the restaurant I had put my tasting experience was at Luk Yu Tea House featuring Chef Loong.

Chef Loong’s Chinese New Year Spread

A few special dishes was designed by Chef Loong himself as to usher the Chinese New Year as to infuse the festive atmosphere at Luk Yu. I got to confess Luk Yu’s refinement was wholesome and famous for their Dim Sum snacks as you might have read my recent Dim Sum experience at the premise. Love my experiencing.

A Gorgeous Pot of Lily Jasmine Tea

To greet us that evening was a beautifully and fragant pot of Lily Jasmine tea, smooth and fragrant. Defintely the tea that I will ordered if I am back for more pleasure. I guessed our tea pick was spot on.

Aromatic Roasted Crispy Pigeon

My eyes were bulging with excitement which my fingers wer getting itcher every counting seconds, this couldn’t be true but it was. It was rather a long time that I had not feasting any roasted pigeons. During the 80’s roasted pigeons were the hot topic in any Chinese restaurant, they were the devil of gourmet, everyone just can’t get enough of them, patrons just crave for them. It was a sell out dish. Now how I can I resist of not having a few more bites . . . . . I am sure I can easily indulge the whole pigeon itself. Yes I am a very dedicated fan. Here the roasted crisp pigeon was done to perfection. Totally wholesome. Speechless eating experience.

Superior Chinese Beancurd Soup with Assorted Mushroom

Next came the soup which was done perfectly to my liking, fregrant and condenced well. Every spooning was truly delicous. The mushroom and beancurd paired well with the broth, I like it and not too heavy.

Seafood Treasure stuffed Beancurd Skin with Shimeji Mushroom

The parcel make out of beancurd filled up with seafood and shimeji mushroom can be so appeticing. Smell really fragrant and had wholesome biting texure. The sauce played well too in encapsulating the flavours and taste. Defintely difficult to resist such temptation. Well hand crafted.

Stir Fried Prawns with Lemongrass & Curry Leafs

The next dish looked not so appealing to me at the first glance, it looked rather messy. I smiled. I got to confess that looks can be perceiving . . . . sometimes. Here Chef’s stir fried prawns with lemongrass and curry leafs was bursting with taste and flavour. It was appealing in taste and so mesmerizing with flavour. Taste done to my liking, heavy in curry taste. Nice.

Braised Dried Oyster with Mushroom & Brocolli

As usual the most common dish found in every restaurant during the Chinese New YEar will be this dish, braised dried oyster with mushroom and brocolli. It’s a Chinese New Year celebration dish. Here it was done perfectly, tasty and flavorful.

I just love chopsticking here at Luk Ye Tea House, having Dim Sum and a few created Chinese New Year dishes can be such a fun eating experience….. Sidney Kan

Luk Yu Tea House
Starhill Gallery 181 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel No: +60 3-2782 3850

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