SIGNATURE STYLE CHRISTMAS with Signature Pork Cutlets with Honey GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout Sauce Recipe

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Signature Pork Cutlets with Honey GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout Sauce

A simple cooking during the festive can be such a therapeutic joy and can be part of relaxation from the daily routine. As to create a Signature Style Cooking this Christmas, I will definitely be showcasing my favourite golden pork cutlets that comes with a fantastic all time favourite honey GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout Sauce. This recipe of mine is truly simple to make and it takes less than 45 minutes to prepare. By having a glance of mine, you know you will be slivating for a piece. Bless you ! :)

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The ingredients are very friendly and I am sure you can find most of them in your kitchen and if not, just head to the nearest supermarket or even at your morning market at your own neighbourhood. The method is simple and yet easy to follow.

300gm Pork Loin/Pork Belly
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 tbsp Sugar (optional)
3 – 4 tbsp Cornflour (for coating)
3 tbsp GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout
Oil for Deep-Frying

1/2 Can GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout20
1 tbsp Honey
10pcs Curry Leafs
a pinch of Salt & Black Pepper

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1. If you are using pork belly, boiled it for a second or two.
Trim of the pork skin and cut them into your preferance chunks.
If you are using pork loin, cut them into you preferance chunks.
2. Marinade with the rest of the ingredients in A for at least 60 minutes.
3. Heat up the deep frying oil.
4. Coat the pork chunk with corn flour and deep-fry till golden and crunchy over high heat, about 3-5 minutes
5. Set them aside.e
6. In a new pan, heat up the ingredients B and reduce the recude the amount to half.
7. Coated the golden pork with the sauce.
8. Serve with warm rice and stir-fry vegetables

I love making simple dishes and how about you? Will you be making something slightly special with a twist of a signature style this Christmas with infused GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout? If you are, do share them with me here. Just leave the recipes on my comment box. You never know I might send you a carton or two of GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout to toast away this Christmas !

Do have a jolly good Christmas and a fabulous New Year . . . . . .. . . Sidney Kan xxx !

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