Kampachi Japanese Restaurant Equatorial Melaka

Cash Fong Kampachi Melaka
Japanese Chef Cash Fong of Kampachi Melaka

My recent trip to Melaka had me the great opportunity to meet up with the new Japanese Chef Cash Fong that heads the Kampachi Japanese Restaurant at Equatorial Melaka. It was a lunch meet and I was to embark to try out some of his exciting creation.

Cash Fong Kampachi Melaka 3
Teppanyaki Beef

Having to return from his stay in Australia, Chef Cash Fong decided to venture further his cooking here in Malaysia. Being a newly wed was also part of the reason of creating his opportunity in the local food scene. Myself and Melaka’s Nyonya Chef Song we went for our prey that noon at Kampachi Melaka. The first dish that came creeping to the table while we were having our chit chat was the teppanyaki beef. The dish itself was awesomely prepared, pretty and the portion was specially make huge for us according to chef himself. The beef was done medium rare, moist and have great biting. The sauce was rich and great in complimenting the mash and the protien itself. We truly had a terrific start.

Cash Fong Kampachi Melaka 2
Beef Tataki

Chef Cash’s Beef Tataki came truly eye bulging, mind blowing and had me frozen for a second. We were served with sliced beef pan sealed top with raw quail eggs sauce. It was uniaue in taste, very refreshing . . . .. . . we liked it. Impressive !

Cash Fong Kampachi Melaka 1
Pan Seared Cod

Save the best for the last . . . . . . . . was something we experienced that noon. We were served with my favorite cod fish and Chef Cash had it perfectly pan seared and what most impressed me was the thickness of the cod, the portion was generous. I loved the juice well retained and cleverly crisp seared all over. it was moistly done. My favourite piece ! Great cooking !

Kampachi Japanese Restaurant
Hotel Equatorial Melaka,
Bandar Hilir,
75150 Malacca,
Tel No: +60 6-282 8333

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