James Barker Cocktails at Rils Bangsar

Rils Bangsar
Mixologist James Barker

Getting a call and to be prompt at site for a tasting don’t come by so often but I did get a house call recently. i was invited to have a personal session with charming mixologist James Barker at the Rils Bangsar. We had the session just upstair of one of the top steak house in Kuala Lumpur. My experience with James Barker was an exciting journey of cocktail drinks.

Rils Bangsar 4
Bobby Burnt Cocktail

I was lseated on my stool while trying to sparkle a conversation with my mixologist that night. He was well prepared and smart spoken one with great cocktail knowledge. The first cocktail created was a delcious and precisely crafted Bobby Burnt. The present of Singleton 12years old Single Malt Scotch Whisky was detected while Lagavulin 16years old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky was put to play too, This got me excited as I was watching him to performance his magic. Another important ingredient to create the light bursting taste was the Italian herb beverage Amaro Montenegro.

Rils Bangsar 6
Classic Sazareac Cocktail

My craze on whisky went on and drove me to request yet another whisky mix from James Barker and he brought Sazareac into the centrestage. Here I was introduced to a ducj fat washed bourbon, anise and fennel taste Swiss Absinthe and light body with floral aroma Peychaud. The whole combination of the Sazareac was tasty and smooth aroma of anise and floral. Delicious and by now I felt so slushed.

Rils Bangsar 1
Cocktails Bitter

James Barker a Londoner and a graphic designer had spend most of his 2years in mastering his learning in creating marvellous mix. I got to confess here, he truly knows his craft and he is a perfectionist. At that moment he showed me his jewel incased in newly bought glass bottles, he called them his baby cocktail bitters. That night he had with him was four of his gorgeous self made bitter, Jasmine with added Chrysanthemum, Frangipani with Vanilla and Cinnamon, Lavender with Anise and Orange and lastly Saffron with Wolfberries and Lemon. Every bottle was truly tasty and uniquely crafted while adding each into a mix for sure will create a delicious cocktail. We played with them and had a great and yet satisfactory tasting. Fragrant and flavorful.

Rils Bangsar 2
Cocktails Bitter Tasting

Rils Bangsar 3
Mixologist James Barker Mixing his Cocktail

Rils Bangsar 5
Lucien Gaudin Cocktail

I loved Hendricks Gin and suggested James to create one cocktail for me. Here the birth of my liking, Lucien Gaudin make a delicious entrance. A 1920’s French classic, Lucien Gaudin was mixed with the combination of Hendricks Gin, Campari and Regan’s Orange Bitter. It was a smooth talker, I can just sipped it away unnoticeable. Defintely it was my delicious confession.

Rils Bangsar 7
Sour of Death Cocktail

Being a firm believer of Belvedere Vodka I insisted James Barker to mix me a cocktail and he ame up with Sour of Death. It was so delicious and when I saw the ingredients, I am sure I can mix them myself too, simple. Just a dash of Belvedere Vodka, a drop of Fragipani Bitter, a whisk of egg white, a generous lemon juice and served chilled over a whisky glass. Yummy !

Rils Bangsar 8
The Smokey Bastard Cocktail

Then marching through was his pinkish cocktail called Smokey Bastard that comprised of kaffit lime, lemongrass, agrave syrup, Tequila, Martini and Saffron Wolfberries Lemon bitter, sevred on a cocktail glass. It was tasty and delfintely makes one to fall in love with it.
I left the place merrily singing aloud . . . . . . . . . . . thanks James Barker he was the man of awesome cocktails. Sidney Kan
Rils Bangsar 9
Apple Blossom Cocktail

The last one before I called it a night was a glass of Apple Blossom which cleverly added with Calvados Brandy, Singleton, Frangipani, Whisky Mist and apple juice ice cubes. It was really nice and tasted smoothly light yet it was strong. Yup after that glass I had to called it a night as I was happily tipsy

James Barker
Rils Bangsar
30 Jalan Telawi 5,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Phone:+60 3-2201 3846

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    Yum, yum, yum! I love James’ cocktails. Glad you enjoyed them too Sidney. 😉
    The Yum List´s last blog post ..Caroline Broutin, Owner of La Creperie de Caroline, Bangsar, Malaysia

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