Christmas Cocktails at BARFLY Publika Kuala Lumpur

Barfly 5
BARFLY Publika Kuala Lumpur

Just last weekend I got to taste what’s coming at BARFLY that located at Publika . . . . . . . .. . . yes you read my mind already . . . . . .. of course, their delicious Christmas Cocktails . . .. . readily for tasting!

Barfly 6
The Bar

I loved this place that occupied from two units into one sizeable cosy venue for a great meet over drinks. Concept is very basic according to the young owner who used recycled materials, even his own old home furnitures could not escaped from his picked. He is definitely a young entreprenuer who works double hard to make sure the place be packed with guests and it was when I was there. I got to admit that I have a great liking of his cocktails and hot shooters.

Barfly 7

Barfly 1
Santa Clause Cocktail

Delicious as it looked through my naaked eyes, it was. Ruby red as it was presecnted to me with dashes of cloudy white to inspied me, defintely the one to have. I like the idea of having splashes of Rum, Cherry Brandy, strawberry syrup, milk and whipped cream infused in a tall glass that easy seduce any drinkers. Definitely a charmer.

Barfly 2
The Eggnog Shooter

The Eggnog shooter can with a pleasant taste and easy to drink . . . . .. . simple and very loikeable as it was flooded with whisked egg, sugar, nutmeg, whipped cream and very likeable Jack Daniels ! Such a blessing Christmas!

Barfly 3
The Grinch Cocktail

The next that came cripping to the table was the green Grinch. It looked sexy and make me felt rather naked. The cocktail glass was packed with solid Malibu, Vodka, Midori and concerntrated pineapple juice.

Barfly 4
The Barfly Monster

When I saw what was brought to the table can be a thrill and yet can be scary, just like a play of S&M. “hahahahahahahaha . . . .”, I laughed at myself while looking at the present of the thick pvc tubing. Scary yet exciting. I got to say I managed to talk my way out from have the full drink and yet I get to taste it, nice! This mix contained thousamds of potions !

The Style of Cocktailing

Barfly 8
Straight it Up

Barfly 11
Slush of Shooters, (from the left) Ok Dokie, Brain Damage, French & Reggae

When comes to shooters, BARFLY do provide the most equipted ones in town. I was their target that night as shooters were lined up for me to taste . . . .. . . brillaint, genius and yet can be deadly lol! . . . . . . . The Ok Dokie contained Galliano, Absenthe and Galliano while Brain Damage contained Baileys, Curacao and Gernadine. Next was French Shot that came with Grenadine, Whisky and Curacao. I liked Reggae that contained Grenadine, Rum and Peach Liquor.

Others shooters that was the table was Poison Cherry,and 5 Layers on Fire that were also delicious and tasty.

Barfly 9
The Lamb Vindaloo

Barfly 10
Sausage and Egg

As for snacks to keep us going, we ordered their delicious lamb vindaloo and I liked mos was their simple sausage and egg. I got to say it was a fun drinking experience I had last weekend and defintely be back to be in the crowd at BARFLY Publika. . . . . . . Sidney Kan

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