A Fisherman’s Cove Christmas Celebration

Fisherman’s Cove Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Dinner

Fisherman's Cove Chef Wai
Master Chef Wai

Sail the seven seas and feast on the finest seafood cuisine and the freshest catch of the day at Fisherman’s Cove.On this Christmas will be featuring a menu specially crafted and inspired by their team of Chefs from the “Muse Hotel de Luxe” in Saint Tropez lead by Master Chef Wai – part of the YTL luxury collection of hotels. That night I was invited to taste
the team’s cooking at the very laid back Fisherman’s Cove and and I found every course was very pleasureable yet exciting.

Fisherman's Cove Christmas
Amuse Bouche – Pan Seared Foie Gras

I was told that the amuse bouche will be vary and that night we were served with a great taster of pan seared foie gras. It was a sure teasing opening. crisp firm done on the outer while softly moist inside. I got to say it was a teasing memoriable piece of edible art which definitely drowl me for more . . . . hahahaha a bigger piece . . . but it was an amuse bouche.

Fisherman's Cove Christmas 1
OVEN BAKED PACIFIC ROCK OYSTERS – Garnished with Mornay and Parmigiano Reggiano Sauce

My entrement was really good, as an oyster lover myself, it was exciting to see my piece of pacific oyster art was so cleverly presented, thrilled with colours. It smells really good, sweet juicy perfume that filled my air. Nicely oven baked and was given a great finishing touch of mornay and parmigiano reggiano sauce. It really delicious but for this one will be presented with two ! . . . fair I guessed . . . . . . but I can easily lust for a dozen of them ! lol!

Fisherman's Cove Christmas 2
BLUE LOBSTER CAPPUCCINO – Accompanied with Campagne Garlic Toast

Moving next was my cappucino with great foaming on the surface. The taste was really excellent and I liked the way Chef Wai encapsulated his cappuccino with delicious foam, something very creditable to the chef. Putting in modernization technique into food can be exciting. The accompanied campagne garlic toast was brilliant, crispy and light and it gave a lingering on my mouth without any of thoughts. The blue lobster cappucino was filled with intensified flavour and robust to indulge. An exciting dish to date and to meet up with!

Fisherman's Cove Christmas 3
Mains: BRAISED AUSTRALIAN WAGYU – Sitting on a Burgundy Reduction

Now now now, Chef Wai was working up my appetite with Australian Wagyu ! . . . . .. . . cleverly sous vide for hours and carefully seared to encapsulate its flavour before presented onto my plate. Having this piece of a winner smeared with burgundy reduction was truly brilliant.

Fisherman's Cove Christmas 4
Mains: ROASTED FILLET OF ATLANTIC COD – Topped with Melted Aged Brie and Caramelized Gold Onions

All of us were raving the Alantic cod that thrill my taste pallate. Refinely roasted and whats tickled me was the chunck itself, very generous I felt. It was brilliantly roasted topped with melted aged brie and caramelized gold onion gave the whole platter a brilliant subtle taste. Perfect piece of crafted dish and won a big applaud form all of us.

Fisherman's Cove Christmas 5
SNOW WHITE YULE LOG – Organic Berries Compote

The chocolate moist yule log cake was truly a tempt that night and played so well in increasing my lust on the second. I just loved and enjoyed the simplicity of the whole meal that came delicious and just brilliant.

Having to taste Fisher’s Cove Christmas Celebration was just played so well and I really love it . . . . .. . . something to have this Christmas !

The Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Dinner is at RM168++ food only or RM268++ with wine pairing

For reservations at Fisherman’s Cove, please call: +603 2719 8330 / +603 2782 3875

Click HERE to book a reservation online, via TABLEAPP

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