Restaurant Nepal The Himalaya Cuisine at Plaza Damas

Restaurant Nepal 3
Deep- Fried Momos

I was definitely in for a fabulous delicious night of surprises. The food here at Restaurant Nepal The Himalaya Cuisine seems very promising. I just love their deep fried momos and so were the steamed ones. Even their pan fired momos were done to perfection and very affordable. Every momos is wrapped with a pastry that filled with minced chicken and came with a light taste of Nepali herbs. The steamed one had a great biting texture, pan dried one was crisp while the deep fried one was crunchy nice.

Panfried Momos

Tucked nicely within the Plaza Damas you can easily stumbled onto this restaurant. A newly opened eatery that provide good food is definitely what I found here. Having to indulged different variety of momos, we also got to shared a fabulous tasting platter that came with six different type of teaser dish. Located in the centre was the steamed momos while surrounded with Nepali Mushroom, Chicken Chili, Nepali Salad, Aloo Silam and Bhuteko Bhatmas

Restaurant Nepal 4
Snack Tasting Platter

Restaurant Nepal 6
Steamed Momos

Restaurant Nepal 5
Nepali Mushroom

A simple stir fried mushroom with Nepali herbs and lightly spiced located on the platter tasted really cool, very flavourful and truly suiting to my taste. While the Chicken Chilli was really delicious, hinted with sweet and sourness and had its own incredible standing flavour that triggered my taste buds, definitely very likeable.

Restaurant Nepal 7
Chicken Chili

Restaurant Nepal 8
Nepali Salad

The Nepali Salad was crunchy in texture, simple in taste that consisted of sliced cabbage, carrot, capsicum, onions, tomatoes and blend in herbs. The Aloo SIlam had a stronger spice flavour where cooked potatoes cubes were put into play. Everyone raved about the deliciousness of Bhuteko Bhatmas that crisp soy bean and Nepali herbs were put into play.

Restaurant Nepal 9
Aloo Silam

Restaurant Nepal 10
Bhuteko Bhatmas

Restaurant Nepal 11
Chata Mari

Beautifully plated that shined very gracefully on our dining table was the Chata Mari the look-alike pizza. I like rice flour was put into play to create the thin base crust and topped over with minced chicken, spring onion, tomato and egg. It tasted good too.

Restaurant Nepal 12
Mutton Chilli

The Mutton Chilli at this restaurant tasted really good, definitely suited well with the Malaysian taste buds as it had a similarity taste of the Chinese and even the Malay cooking, sliced, quick fried and coated with thin sweet peppery sauce.

Farsi ko Dal (Pumpkin Curry with Mutton Marrow)

The Farsi ko Dal too was beautifully cooked and had the great taste of pumpkin where natural sweetness just soaked into the sauce beautifully. The mutton was cooked properly till tenderly soft and moist. Fabulous and having some rice is damn sure handy.

Restaurant Nepal 13
Jhwol Maccha ( Fish Curry)

As we move on to the next dish, we were served with their Jhwol Maccha, a fish curry dish done in Nepali way. I got to confessed the curry gravy was really good, authentic it was but to have a good cut of fish can be a task.

Restaurant Nepal 14
Chicken Thakali Thali Set

If you are dining alone or two do try out their rice set such as the Chicken Thakali Thali that had a combination of chicken curry, black or redbean dhal, curry vegetables, green spinach, chutney, salad and rice.

Restaurant Nepal 17
Shangri-lla, In-house White & Red Wine

At Restaurant Nepal The Himalaya Cuisine you can try out their in house red and white wine and they also mix their own Shangri-lla. Do try out their pungent intense fruity creamy Mango Lassi. Overall the food here is fabulous and atmosphere too was very comfy to my liking, defintely will be back for more of Momos.

Restaurant Nepal 2
Mango Lassi

Restaurant Nepal 1
Nepali Lemon Tea

Restaurant Nepal
Nepali Masala Chyaa

Restaurant Nepal 18
Restaurant Nepal The Himalaya Cuisine at Plaza Damas

F-0-6,Plaza Damas
60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Sri Hartamas
Mont Kiara
Phone:+60 3-6206 3904
Monday 11:30 am – 3:00 pm, 6:00–10:00 pm

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