Mediterranean-Inspired Saturday Brunch at Mediteca Fraser Place

Mediteca 27
Spread of Dessert

Mediteca 1
Mediteca Fraser Place

At recent I was at Mediteca and had a great feast on their All-you-can-eat Mediterranean Buffet Brunch. Mediteca geniusly featured dishes from different Mediterranean Countries on each different Saturdays ranging from Italy, Greece and Spain. Some of the highlights were their unlimited servings of cold cuts & cheese with homemade pickles.

Mediteca 2

I liked the comfort of the interior set at this Mediteca, simple, spacious and relax, defintely suits well for a family weekend lunch outing and even dinner. Their spacious impression truly caught my attention that afternoon and I loved it.

Mediteca 28
A Classic French Onion Soup

There were many spread of delicious no frill dishes on the long kitchen counter, spreading from salads to desserts. Fresh appealing greens, from cold and warm salad make their with its own style of plating. It was not easy to pick but since it was a buffet, having all is a must. I had my present in everyone of them without being shy. I just help myself. Will let you know about the dessert later.

The French Soup was very lovingly done, tasty and very flavourful. It was very well brewed to the perfrction and I like spooning into it.

Mediteca 3
Assortments of Fresh Green Leafs

At Mediteca their choice of entrement was really good, a lot to pick from and every dish paraded taste just nice. From greens to a warm potato salad.

Mediteca 4
Caprese Salad

Mediteca 5
French Bean Salad

Mediteca 6
Nicoise Salad

Mediteca 7
Potatoes with Sourcream

Mediteca 8
Green Lentils Salad with Brie

Mediteca 9
Paraded Assortment of Cure Meat such as cured Porchetta Ham, Salami, Spicy Salami Chorizo, Panchetta and Serrano Ham

What make Mediteca lunch so different from others was their selection of cured meat and Mediteca was very generous with their portion, unlimited ranging from cured Porchetta Ham, Salami, Spicy Salami Chorizo, Panchetta and Serrano Ham. It was my big day as I ate a lot of their cured meat that afternoon.

Mediteca 10
The Cured Meat Station

Mediteca 11
Cured Ham

Mediteca 12

Mediteca 14

Mediteca 13
Chef Preparing the Cure Meat

Mediteca 15
cured Porchetta Ham, Salami, Spicy Salami Chorizo, Panchetta and Serrano Ham served

Mediteca 16

Mediteca 18

Mediteca 17

Mediteca 19

We had pickled ranging from Balsamic shallot, pickled shallot, pickled zucchini, pickel fennel, fig jam, spicy mango chutney, onion jam to tomato chutney and everyone tasted uniquely with the cure ham. I like them althought it was difficult to pick my best liking one.

Mediteca 20
Meuniere Style Fillet Fish

The fish I tasted was lovely, it was given a simple pan fried and left to moist inside. It was tasty and I love it was topped over a bed of ala dente pasta, something to chew with, Not a bad choice.

Mediteca 21
Royal Beef Burger

Their Royal Beef Burger looked so beautifully exciting, awesome moist beef patty than cn instantl killed you for cravings. The accompanied thick chips wwere good as I like mine crisp on the outside. Nice.

Mediteca 22
Pork Cordon Blue

The Pork Cordon Blue was perfectly crafted to perfection as the the pork was kept moist and tender while ouside was pan fried to crisp. Having the filling rushing out was too exciting to speak at that moment. another mentioned was their accompanied squik ink risotto, it was charming brilliant !

Mediteca 23
Creme Brulee

Mediteca’s dessert was kept simple and nothing to fancy but they were really delicious. Every picked of mine was really good.

Mediteca 24
Choux Pastry

Mediteca 25
Apple Tarte Tartin

Mediteca 26
Fruit Salad

Mediteca 29
Chefs at Mediteca

If you ask me about Mediteca, y

  • s I will definitely be back for more lovely torturing of brilliant food. Aanyway I like S&M too!
  • Fraser Place
    Lot 163
    Jalan Perak
    50450 Kuala Lumpur
    +603-2181 2426

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  • November 23, 2013 - 11:17 pm | Permalink

    Wow, so many scrumptious dishes, the Apple Tarte Tartin looks exceptionally good !
    Ken´s last blog post ..Royce’ Chocolate- A Taste of Hokkaido

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