Lima Blas at Jalan Mesui

Lima Blas 7

Now I am one of the most frequent customer to enjoy Lima Blas due to its delicious-ness and affordable nyonya cuisine. Tucked quietly in a nearby most busiest venue of Changkat Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, you will able to locate this jewel. Taking a step into this babe you will cocooned into the feels of the 60’s flushed through by its wholesome carefully picked interior.

Lima Blas 6
Iron Grills Flushed within the Walls of Lima Blas

Here every Nyonya dishes is refinely crafted by Uncle John who oversee and created most of his well kept secrets Nyonya recipes. Uncle John is also known for his delicious Nyonya curry noodle which only sell about 15 bowls for weekday lunch.

Lima Blas 5
The Nyonya Spread at Lima Blas

On that noon the two of us had a simple and yet outstanding Nyonya gourmet ourselves till the table fully flushed with Uncle John’s favourites such as the Pai Tee, Nyonya Curry Chicken, Ayam Sioh, Assam Fish and Brinjal Sambal.

Lima Blas
Pai Tee

Shredded cooked braised yam bean with shrimp and shredded carrot filled in Pai Tee or so called Top Hats topped with shrimp was our teaser for the start. Its casing was crisp and the filling was just perfect and while having the present of a sprinkle of homemade chilli sauce, we had the most delicious entrement of the day.

Lima Blas 3
Nyonya Curry Chicken

If you put me on a lie detector, I am sure you will know that I am telling you the truth. Pretty it was, Smells good and yet taste so excellent. Having to look at every dish, they are really gorgeous just like models walking on the runway. Their Nyonya Curry Chicken looked so pretty, exciting, divine and sexy. The chicken was slow cooked to produce a very firm texture while well select spices where put into play to produce a refinre aroma and taste infused into the curry. Nice.

Lima Blas 2
Assam Fish

The assam fish was really tasty and had an addictive natural sweet sourness of tamarind water infused into its gravy. Having the infused aroma of wild ginger flower (bunga kantan) and lemongrass the whole bowl of this assam fish really lift up our appetite. The fish was fresh and have a good biting texture. So yummi-licious.

Lima Blas 1
Ayam Sioh

Having to cook with simple basic ingredients, ayam sioh was put into a great showcase. Bursting with the aroma of sweet coriander spice and the tingling sourness of tamarind, I truly enjoy it. The sauce was rich and having it over with rice is definitely the right option, I am sure you will also sharing my liking.

Lima Blas 4
Brinjal Sambal

If we are talking about sambal, Uncle John’s Nyonya sambal is just something I myself would love having at home, yes his sambal is really tasty. Here we had light fried eggplant till cooked and topped over with the sambal. It was a good combination making the eggplant look neat and taste fabulous.

Lima Blas 9
Sago Pudding

As for dessert we order Lima Blas Sago Pudding which came with palm sugar ‘Gula Melaka’ sauce. The sago was done compact and yet soft and tender. While the present of the sugary sauce gave the while pudding a fabulous taste and aroma, it was very pleasant indeed.

Lima Blas 8
Cendol & Ice Kacang

Then came jolly happy Uncle John with a bowl of Cendol (coconut milk, palm sugar and green cendol topped over a chunk of scraped ice) on his right hand while a bowl of Ice Kacang (red syrup, peanuts, jelly cube infused over the scraped ice) on this left hand. Both ice desert is delicious but still the cendol is my favourite.Lima Blas is truly a gem and food served here is good and tasty.

Lima Blas
No 15, Jalan Mesui
Kuala Lumpur

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