F by Bufallo Kitchen Bangsar

F by Buffalo Kitchen 24
Chef Albert Frantzen at F by Bufallo Kitchen Bangsar

I had been here a few times and yet I did not captured my gourmet experiences until recent. Yes this time equipped with a bunch no nonsense foodie we charged into the up-stair of this corner shop at Bangsar named F by Buffalo Kitchen. Walking up it’s wooden stairs surely infused with the comfort feel and I loved the feel at the moment. Swinging the door over I saw that handsome yet good looking Chef Albert Frantzen playing with his creation at his open kitchen. Definitely a great a scenic dining hall to be in definitely one will expect comfort and good food . . . . . . . and get thrilled,

F by Buffalo Kitchen 2
Pot of Oriental Steam Clams

The first dish that I got to taste was their Pot of Oriental Steam Clams which tasted fabulously beautiful. Just love the tenderly cooked clams and a well balanced sauce. The sauce was very fragrant and bodily hinted with Chinese wine and I had my bread soaked wet beautifully before feasting it. Lovely.

F by Buffalo Kitchen
Duo Crabs

WOW . . . . . . I got a whole stunning beautiful soft shell crab on my plate and yet I owned a crab cake too. . . . . just amazing. I got to admit that one will never go wrong in having their soft shell crab golden fried. Smells good, taste amazing crisp and tasty. The crab cake was packed nicely and done perfectly, just love the texture. Well attempted.

F by Buffalo Kitchen 1
Anakena Sauvignon Blanc

F by Buffalo Kitchen 5
F : Tapas Set

came running from the open kitchen was the line of tapas, F : Tapas Set. What in for us? well how about a Beef Tataki which was tenderly soft and nice having it with a half slice of my Baked Sourdough Bread with a pinch of salted almonds. I like the plate painted with salmon and quilt egg where the yolk was left dripping luxuriously. The texture of the salmon tenderly soft. As for the tiger prawns, they were impressive and had a great flavour in them, definitely suting well with the tapas.

F by Buffalo Kitchen 4
Beef Tataki

F by Buffalo Kitchen 9
Smoked Salmon and Quilt Egg

F by Buffalo Kitchen 6
Tiger Prawns with Ramesco Sauce

F by Buffalo Kitchen 8
Whole Black Olive, Salted Almond & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

F by Buffalo Kitchen 7
Baked Sourdough Bread

F by Buffalo Kitchen 3
Mix Warm Vegetable Salad

Something simple and deliciously prepared was the mix warm vegetable salad. Loved the crispiness of the vegetables and the warmness in them. The sauce coated over gave a great out standing in taste, making me filled with awesome appetite.

F by Buffalo Kitchen 10
Tandoori Chicken Burger with Egg and Avacado

Hahahaha! now how can one miss of not noticing this next dish . . . . a very eye catching piece of sculptured Tandoori Chicken Burger with egg and avacado. The chicken was really tasty, moist and very flavourful. It was really a surprise to find a tandoori in such a classic place. Nicely prepared. Great to indulge.

F by Buffalo Kitchen 13
Soft Shell Crab and Miso Carbonara Linguine

I like their linguine it was nicely done, ala dente., I guested I am a pasta preacher myself and I just can;t get enough of them especially when its done with carbonara sauce . . . here miso was infused into it . . . . I like the attampt that paid off nicely.

F by Buffalo Kitchen 12
DB Shiraz

F by Buffalo Kitchen 11
Beef Tenderloin with Duck Fat Potatoes and Snow Pea

The beef tenderloin was cooked to my preference, not too raw and not overly cooked. They just nailed it well. I just loved cutting into my pieces and wiped it over with those tasty brown sauce, brilliant. Thank you.

F by Buffalo Kitchen 15
Cummin & Paprika Marinated Lamb Shank with Greens & Mash

Hmmmmm……… within all the mains served the Lamb Shank did not look very appealing in appearance as it looked like having a huge chunk of blacken meat. Having the chance to cut into it, it was tenderly soft and the meat was well seasoned and moist. Taste not too bad, maybe a bit of colour would picturised well the dish as whole.

F by Buffalo Kitchen 16
Cuttlefish with Squid Ink Risotto

OH the Squid Ink risotto was delicious. Just love it as it was al dente-ly prepared. It was beautifully nutty white plastered with tasty fragrantly squid ink. The present of cuttlefish was cleverly played to infused a nice biting texture to the risotto and I just loved it.

F by Buffalo Kitchen 17
Chocolate Volcano with Vanilla Ice Cream

Sweet came to comfort us after the such great hammering of good food, the Buffalo’s Chocolate Volcano was such a tease to look at, yeah sexy it was. The chocolate cake crust was lovely while the dripping melted chocolate played well. Spooning them with chilled melted ice cream can be so priceless to have. Perfecto!

F by Buffalo Kitchen 18
Homemade Tiramisu

The homemade tiramisu should be tasty was it as somehow how it went missing, it was empty. I am sure someone had it all themself without letting me to have a bite. Wakakakakakakkaka . . . !

F by Buffalo Kitchen 19
Good Day Coffee

Coffee coffee my favourite beverage and I just loved sipping their GABBE coffee specially brought in from Taiwan. Smells good and work pretty well for me. Loved my roasted liquid !

F by Buffalo Kitchen 20
Cafe Honey Melon

F by Buffalo Kitchen 21
Watermelon Coffee

F by Buffalo Kitchen 22
A Warm Cup of Gabbe Coffee

F by Buffalo Kitchen 23
Gabbe Coffee at F by Bufallo Kitchen Bangsar

Loved my exploration into F by Bufallo Kitchen at Bangsar, everything I touched here seems to have a fabulous taste and aroma. Every dish was perfectly executed to perfection definitely the place to enjoy a real delicious comfort food. Yes I will be back for more discovery . . . Sidney Kan

F by Buffalo Kitchen
69-1, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, 59100
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2201 1710

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