An Exclusive Dining Experience with Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu 5
An Exclusive Dining Experience with Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu

It was a journey of luscious gourmet on that night at KOGETSU which located at The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Well having to have a seat, keeping my lips tight and concentrate on my dining can be such a luxurious discovery. I got to confessed that it was not a normal dining but it was an evening of refine crafted food orchestrated by a Michelin Star Chef Yuichi Kamimura himself.

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu 15
Chef Yuichi Kamimura and his team with Chef Minami

Working under the wings of culinary legend Chef Tetsuya Waduka, it was no surprise that Michelin Star Chef Yuichi Kamimura’s forte was contemporary Japanese-French cuisine. Destine to be a chef after growing up in his parent’s bustling restaurant in Hokkaido, Japan, Yuichi was back in Malaysia to showcase his culinary skills at KOGETSU.

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu
The Range of Suntory Alcoholic Beverages

Having to travel widely and working with many prominent chefs, Chef Yuichi’s had opened up the diversification of flavours and cooking technique which had allowed him to transpire a fabulous degustation dinner on that evening. His culinary skills and presentation was translated through our dinner and left me with speechless at sight, taste and smell. It was a brilliant evening.

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu 1
The Pairing Alcohol Beverage from Suntory that stole the night

That evening KOGETSU had paired up six degustation dishes and a brilliant dessert with six brilliant Suntory alcoholic beverage starting with a glass of Suntory premium malt, Suntory Shocu Kuromaru, Suntory Kakubin, Suntory Hibiki 12 Years Old, Suntory The Yamazaki 12 Years Old and Suntory The Hakushu 12 Years Old.

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu 6
Suntory Premium Malt a beer made using 100% natural water drawn from the underground deep wells of Japan

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu 4
Botan Ebi King Prawn with Tomato Powder

Entering the evening with a few sips of Suntory premium malt was the brilliant, just satisfied any thirst. It was a smooth and light golden liquid that had a great bursting malt and a hint of floral in taste. Then flaming over was our first course, a plate that filled with freshness ocean sweet Botan Ebi King Prawn and toasted over with Tomato Powder. I got to confessed that I truly enjoyed every bites of the Botan Ebi King Prawn, the freshness and crunchy sweet just played its way to my brain sensory. Yes I would definitely want more. Underneath I discovered finely chopped broccoli mixed with a delicious nuts and the whole art piece was drenched with orange and white tomato powder. The present of tomato powder truly indicated that gastronomy cooking techniques had been put in place. My suspicion grew, the refined tomato liquid definitely had been nitrogen freezed and then powdered. I like the lightness of the tomato powder and it just melts in my mouth. Interesting and yet very intrigued. It was truly a discovery of sight, taste and a very humble brilliant start. I was left with wanting more of Chef Yuichi’s surprises.

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu 7
Terrine of Foie Gras and Saikyo Miso with Port-Wine

The second dish looked excitingly bold with a thick cut of Terrine of Foie Gras balanced perfectly on small chunks of cooked aubergine. I really liked the looked of the chopped chives dressed the terrine, it looked priceless.The terrine was creamy smooth and had a fabulous rich nutty taste. Wiping it away with the Saikyo miso and port wine sauce in my mouth, the sweet flavour just burst right on the spot and so captivating.

KOGETSU with Chef Yuichi Kamimura 2
Suntory Shocu Kuromaru

Koromaru uses Kogane Sengan sweet potatoes from Kagoshima prefecture which are then carefully fermented using black koji malt from 100% pure Japanese rice. This genuine sweet potato shochu blends liquor distilled at normal pressure for body and sweetness with liquor distilled at reduced pressure for rich fragrance. Its mellow body, like steamed sweet potatoes, and sweet, fruity fragrance give Koromaru its well-rounded finish. I just love sipping every drop of this alcoholic juice as it was fascinating just when paired with my foie gras as the true lift up robustness of the dish.

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu 8
Confit Potato with Black Truffle and Scallop Cream

The next dish came swiftly even the eating hall was full and the plating came so gorgeously with purplish flushed within the yellow and white backdrop. It was pretty for sure but the taste sure be much more supreme. I was sure in for a fabulous treat as the confit potatoes were cooked to perfection with a refined texture. While the black truffle added in the perfect smell ans as to hugged in the perfect taste scallop cream played its role so well. I told chef that I wouldn’t mind to have a big bowl of his potatoes. It was just excitingly brilliant.

KOGETSU with Chef Yuichi Kamimura 1
Suntory Kakubin

Suntory Kakubi was smooth and slightly spicy with a pleasant vanilla aftertaste which went very nice with the confit potatoes. I also detected there was a hint of aroma of vanilla. Definitely a nice suiting drink over food or by itself.

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu 2
Grilled Fish with Braised Seafood in Tomato

Having a piece of fresh well pan seared fish is a must for me, I just love enjoying the sea sweetness of its texture. That night I suspected red mullet was being put in placed and perfectly crafted. I just liked the biting texture of the well pan seared crisp outer skin and the meat was left to juicy moist perfection. The braised seafood in tomato just splashed over the fish just to blend in to enhance the taste. I got to say it was beautifully presented with edible flowers.

KOGETSU with Chef Yuichi Kamimura
Suntory Hibiki 12 Years Old

Suntory Hibiki contains bourbon-aged malt from Hakushu, sherry casks from Yamazaki and grain whisky from the company’s Chita distillery. Intriguingly, a portion of the whiskies used have been aged in casks that used to hold Japanese plum liqueur. It was tremendously nice and was able to detect the fruitiness and a dash of honey sweet in it.
It was a smooth drinking whisky.

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu 9
Duck Risotto with Mushroom with Suntory The Yamazaki 12 Years Old

The Risotto was done perfectly and the texture was al dente. Nice suiting texture. The duck was nicely done and had a bursting flavour. The duck here was paired with a short glass of Japan’s premiere single malt Suntory The Yamazaki 12 Years Old. The combination of two were excellent, strong duck flavour incoperated with sweet oaky lingering after taste was the perfecto!

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu 10
Roast Lamb Rack with Wasabi Butter

Chef Yuichi Kamimura talent is unspeakable, his soft tender roasted lamb rack was definitely the showcase of the night. The texture and aroma of the lamb was just spot on and the surprisingly with the present of the wasabi butter had left me utterly speechless. It was just terrific. While having the present of Suntory The Hakushu 12 Years Old whisky passing by, I know it was just the right perfect pairing within this Japanese dining hall.

KOGETSU with Chef Yuichi Kamimura 3
Suntory The Hakushu 12 Years Old

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu 11
Ice Cream with Pumpkin and Caramelised Nuts

As the end came by, we were as usual being served with dessert but it was not just a simple utterly sweet. Chef Yuichi take his dessert to another level of goodness by cleverly infused with roasted pumpkin and ice cream. It was superbly constructed and caramelised nuts were seen being throw in. Overall it had a fabulous layer of texture from smooth soft to crisp crunch sweet. I got to confessed that it left me not wanting to go home, it was just terrific. Having Chef Yuichi Kamimura to cook for me it was just amazing and I was truly lucky. Love Kogetsu too, my favourite Japanese sanctuary.

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu 12
Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu 14
Chef Yuichi Kamimura and Chef Minami

Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu 13
Myself with Chef Yuichi Kamimura at Kogetsu

The Saujana Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 7840-5584

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