A Party Affair with Chef Willin Low on Asian Food Channel


Learn how to throw your own stylish party with Singaporean celebrity chef and local restaurateur, Chef Willin Low in AFC’s newest original production, “A Party Affair” and I was there to witness how he cooked the Pie Tee

A PARTY AFFAIR with Chef Willin Low AFC 1
Chef Willin Low

The Asian Food Channel (AFC), part of the Scripps Networks family of lifestyle networks and Asia’s first and only 24 hour regional food and lifestyle channel, will premiere the first season of A Party Affair – AFC’s first locally produced programme featuring Singaporean chef, Willin Low. The programme, which is presented by Del Monte Asia Pte Ltd and co-sponsored by Kitchen Culture and SCS, will be available to viewers in Malaysia on Astro, Channel 703.

A PARTY AFFAIR with Chef Willin Low AFC 3

In this brand new local production, get tips on how to host one-of-a-kind parties with Chef Willin as he whips up fuss-free and tasty party food, blending Asian flavours with Western sensibility, proudly resulting in globally influenced dishes that are not only visually pleasing, but also delicious, stylish and easy to make. Join Chef Willin on his journey as he creates some mouth-watering dishes such as Thai-inspired Grapefruit Orange & Pomelo Salad, Penang Laksa, Kueh Pie Tee, Duck Adobo Tacos and many more mouth-watering treats.

When asked about the premiere of A Party Affair, Derek Chang, Managing Director of Scripps Networks Interactive, Asia Pacific said “AFC is excited to launch its first Singapore based production featuring a local chef, and we couldn’t have asked for a better chef than Willin Low. Chef Willin’s personal mantra of staying true to his local heritage while incorporating western influences makes him the perfect candidate to be an AFC Celebrity Chef. We look forward to working with him again in the future and sharing his culinary talent with our fans.”

A PARTY AFFAIR with Chef Willin Low AFC 5

Catherine Chang, Business Director from Del Monte Asia, added on to say,“ With Del Monte’s large range of fruits and vegetable based products, we were confident that Chef Willin would be able to come up with some delicious, simple and creative recipes that any home cook could follow. Coming on board for A Party Affair seemed like the perfect way to not only showcase our great product range, but to also share it with AFC’s viewers, letting them see the diversity and versatility of our products. We fully enjoyed working with AFC on this production and look forward to further opportunities in the future.”

A PARTY AFFAIR with Chef Willin Low AFC 2

Penang Laksa Kueh Pie Tee
Chef Willin low – A Party Affair

1 tsp Prawn Paste (hae ko)
½ tin Sardines (Del Monte)
1tbsp with pulp – Tamarind (Assam) Juice
2 Big Red Chilli
½ can Pineapple ring (Del Monte)
½ Cucumber
1 sprig Mint Leaves
1 diced Red onion
1 small cube Belacan (toasted)
12 Kueh Pie Tee Shells

1. Mix the prawn paste, belachan with the assam juice.
2. Grate the cucumber.
3. Remove the sardines from the tin and the tomato sauce. Use a fork and make a mince.
4. Assemble the shell with the fish at the bottom.
5. Followed by some mint leaves, red onion, cucumber and pineapple.
6. Top with the prawn paste sauce and a slice of chili.

A PARTY AFFAIR with Chef Willin Low AFC  9
Penang Laksa Kueh Pie Tee

On top of starring in his own programme A Party Affair, The New York Times named Chef Willin one of three chefs to change the culinary scene in Singapore and he is also one of the 100 most exciting new chefs featured in the prestigious Phaidon publication ‘Coco: 10 World-Leading Masters Choose 100 Contemporary Chefs.’ Chef Willin is also no stranger to the cutthroat nature of the restaurant industry, having set up four bistros and a bar, (Wild Rocket, Wild Oats, Relish, and Burger Bench & Bar) in Singapore. His passion for cooking first ignited when he was studying in England, sick of the cafeteria food, he decided to embark on the journey of cooking.

A PARTY AFFAIR with Chef Willin Low AFC 8

Seared Scallops Guacamole & Salsa Kueh Pie Tee
Chef Willin low – A Party Affair

1 tbsp Butter (SCS)
1 tsp Olive oil
100g Scallops
1 (concasse) Tomato
1 Coriander
1 Shallots
1 Chilli
1 tsp tsp Chin cha lok
1 tsp sugar
1 pinch salt
2 Lime (juiced)
2 inches Spring onion (chopped)
1 Avocado (riped)
6 Kueh Pie tee shells

1. In hot non stick pan, heat some butter with olive oil. Sear the scallops on one side until gold
brown. Set aside let cool.
2. Halve the avocado, scoop out the flesh, using a fork, make a mash and add some lime juice
and a pinch of salt. Set aside.
3. In a bowl, add some lime juice to the tomato concasse, a pinch of salt, shallots and coriander.
4. Add Chin cha lok and mix well.
5. Cut the scallops into cubes and assemble them in the kueh pie tee shells followed by the
salsa and guacamole.

A PARTY AFFAIR with Chef Willin Low AFC 6
Pan Seared Scallops

A PARTY AFFAIR with Chef Willin Low AFC 7
Salsa with Cincalok

A PARTY AFFAIR with Chef Willin Low AFC 10
Seared Scallops Guacamole & Salsa Kueh Pie Tee

A PARTY AFFAIR with Chef Willin Low AFC 11

During his one-day media session in Malaysia, rewards his fans with some of his own masterful party treats and puts his own twist on a local Malaysia favourite, Penang Laksa! Join him as he entertains with stories of his journey from being a high-flying lawyer to the start of his journey within the restaurant industry.

A Party Affair premieres exclusively on the Asian Food Channel in Malaysia on Wednesday, 20th November 2013 at 9.00pm, Astro, Channel 703. This programme is proudly presented by Del Monte Asia and co-sponsored by Kitchen Culture and SCS.

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