The Out of This World Viewing Experience with Samsung Smart LED TV F8000

Samsung’s 2013 SMART TV and AV line-up offer easier content navigation and state-of-the-art audio-visual technologies

Samsung Smart LED TV F8000

At recent I was very honored to try out the Samsung Smart LED TV F8000 at the Samsung showcased room at Micasa Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Before telling you my own personal Samsung Smart LED TV F8000 experience on my next coming post, do let me give you some information on this babe, the Samsung Smart LED TV F8000 !

F8000_001_Front_Black (2)

Here Samsung Malaysia Electronics reinforced its technology leadership through the introduction of its new Smart TV line-up that responds to consumer demands for premium design, smarter features, superior picture quality and larger screen sizes. Samsung’s 2013 Smart TVs allow users to enjoy a more seamless, integrated and immersive entertainment and viewing experience.

Samsung also showcased its new digital audio line-up range to the local market, with new devices that easily turn any home entertainment setup into an optimal sound environment, and feature a number of wireless connectivity enhancements.

“Malaysian consumers are demanding more from their televisions and audio visual products in order to achieve the ultimate home entertainment experience,” said Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics. “We’re offering a brand new audio visual experience with Smart Interaction, which allows users to seamlessly interact with their TV using motion and voice control, while the Smart Evolution Kit makes Samsung Smart TVs evolving TVs, enabling users to enjoy the latest Smart TV technologies without purchasing a new TV unit.”

Enhanced Smart Interaction for the Most Advanced TV Experience Ever

The new Samsung Smart LED TV F8000 is designed to bring the most advanced TV experience ever to consumers. With Smart Interaction, the new Samsung Smart TV’s Motion Control technology can now recognise two handed gestures. Apart from navigating and moving the cursor, users can now flip pages, zoom in and out of pictures, ‘Like’ a social media posting and rotate an image – all with their bare hands. There is also an upgrade on its Voice Control feature, whereby it now recognises 390 commands, compared to the 55 commands recognised for the previous model.

Along with the new Smart Interaction upgrade, the TV features a new and enhanced user-interface for Smart Hub that makes it easier to navigate and access a wide array of rich content. The new Smart Hub categorises the TV’s content into three different panels that are easily navigated with a flipping motion:

• Apps: Easily access and edit downloaded Samsung Apps
• Photos, Videos & Music: Access personal content stored on various AllShare devices in one place
• Social: View popular video content shared across social channels


Smart LED TV F8000: Breathtaking Design, Incredible Picture Quality and Unrivalled User Experience

The Samsung Smart LED TV F8000 reaffirms Samsung’s leadership in the Smart LED TV market by offering brighter, more vibrant pictures with richer colours, deeper black levels and higher contrasts. Its ultra-thin design profile and Arc stand make the TV appear to be floating in the air. The Smart LED TV F8000 is also among Samsung’s first line of Smart TVs equipped with Intelligent Viewing, which creates an optimised picture quality dependent on the type of content, and a quad-core processor – making it even easier and faster for consumers to toggle between apps, online services and on-air TV. The Smart LED TV F8000 will be available this year and comes with 55” and 65” class screen sizes.

Samsung Redefines Users’ Interaction with Television with Samsung Smart Plasma TV F8500

Regardless of movies, documentaries or sporting events, the Super Contrast Panel within the Samsung Smart Plasma TV F8500 gives incredible brightness and contrast, delivering supreme image outputs. Paired with the Real Black Pro filter that gives impressive black levels in bright rooms, users can expect rich colours and spectacular contrast when viewing their favourite content. With a quad-core processor, viewing content, accessing applications and web-browsing with the Smart Plasma TV F8500 is now seamless. Its magnum design of a solid, metallic sculpture exudes supreme class and fits perfectly in various living room designs.

Smart Evolution Kit – the Smart TV is a Timeless TV!

Samsung is delivering on its promise to offer its customers a way to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. Available on Series 7, 8 and 9 2012 Smart TVs, the Evolution Kit offers both software and hardware updates that include access to the 2013 Smart Hub and other Smart features, and upgrades the set’s dual-core processor to quad-core, resulting in faster internal processing speeds.


7.1 Channel Home Entertainment System—Brilliant, Unprecedented Sound Quality with HT- F9750W

Samsung’s Blu-ray Home Entertainment System HT-F9750W provides consumers with superior sound quality and a remarkable viewing experience with a vacuum tube pre-amplifier and gallium nitride creating a pure, natural sound without distortion. The set allows users to run multiple apps at once for easier access to the latest Smart Hub and AllShare features. The home entertainment system’s powerful sound quality is matched with a premium, metallic finish that is the perfect complement to Samsung’s 2013 flagship Smart LED TV F8000.

Samsung BD-F7500
Samsung BD-F7500

More Than Just Blu-ray Entertainment with Samsung BD-F7500

Consumers will enjoy more than just Blu-ray entertainment when they purchase the Samsung BD-F7500 Blu-ray player as it is capable of upgrading a non-Samsung Smart TV into a Smart TV, enabling users to access a variety of content via Smart Hub.

The Samsung BD-F7500 is also capable of up-scaling full HD video content to Ultra HD resolution for a perfect and crystal-clear quality image output as UHD has four times more pixels than usual Full HD content.

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