NOOK ALOFT Kuala Lumpur MIGF 2013

Chef Steven Seow

I just love what I see, feel and indulge here at Nook. Flushed with modernization interior backdrop definitely suits a fast and modern man like myself who preys on variety of food and eating habits. At Nook one will not able to escape from it’s lime green wall padding that can just put you into its spell. On that night the potion was let loose and Chef Steven Seow’s MIGF menu just got me insane.

MIGF 2013 NOOK’s Menu

A playful person with a terrific homegrown mind set that’s how I would describe Chef Steven Seow. Not knowing him well but his food speaks louder than the sky. . . . Well you may ask me why . . . . . simple . . . . . I treasured chefs who are into local produce and his menu speaks louder. Playful he was and it looks he did it effortless and I adored them.

Smoked Scallop Umai Sushi, Duck Confit with Pomegranate and Yogurt Sphere

To grace the night we were presented with a beautiful plated palate that consists a line up of Smoked Scallop Umai Sushi, Duck Confit with Pomegranate and Yogurt Sphere. Here I like how the scallop umai being put into play, encased in a glass dome and filled with smoked scented with lemongrass. It was something unusual and I like the idea introducing sight, smell and taste. I can see a the beauty, smell the pungent smoked and biting into a great texture. Definitely my three simple basic eating ingredients. As for the duck confit, it was sure a teaser while the present of the crisp fish skin was just brilliant. Nice !

Villa Maria Chardonnay New Zealand

I got no complaint about the wine Villa Maria Chardonnay New Zealand and it was easy to drink. Nice pairing. New Zealand wine truly tickles me this days, excellent.

Sarawak Lobster and Abalone Laksa with Organic Soba Noodles

Moving to the next dish was something I had been been waiting for, Sarawak Laksa. Confession: I am definitely a true sucker for this local gourmet, provided the soup base must be perfectly prepared. NOOK truly had earned their name in KL scene when comes to a good bowl of Sarawak Laksa. Their offerings can be easily noticed on their daily buffet and also on painted on their ala carte menu. That night the broth itself was on top form, fragrant and delicious prepared. I had my second pouring. For the MIGF menu the usual noodle was replaced with tenderly soft organic soba noodle and yet still managed to soak up the broth beautifully. Here the bowl of Sarawak Laksa was fiercely paired with a half portion grilled lobster and topped with sliced abalone. Verdict: It was exciting thrilling !

Beer : Leffe Blone

The delicious Sarawak Laksa was boldly paired with a glass of Leffe Blone beer and it was really delicious. Something very different and yet very appealing and macho sexy!

Wagyu Beef Rendang, Farm Vegetables, Achar Jelatah, Turmeric Rice

I love just adore a good well prep rendang especially those dry ones with infused “kerisik” browned grated coconut. Here I just developed my strong liking the rendang Chef Steven Seow created. I like that he picked the wagyu cheek as the protein and tenderly braised it to perfection. The rendang spice and herbs were perfectly balanced and had that powering strong taste that jived so well to my liking. I left some of my rice aside as I was getting full but somehow my piece of wagyu just make the disappearing act within minutes. Yes it was excellent! The paring red Shiraz was cleverly blended in and smoothing my taste buds.

Madfish Shiraz Australia

Eight Treasures Ais Kacang

I love playing while indulging my food and here we get to play with our dessert. Our scraped ice came with an ice cream topping while the syrup came in many colours encapsulated in many syringes. it was colourful and exciting to play with while indulging. Lovely!

My dining experience was lovely here at Nook and there MIGF menu this 2013 was exciting and a well locally thought of. Well done to Chef and his team ! . . . I trulyl enjoyed.

Full Festival Menu
RM280 ++ per person with wine & beer pairing
RM180 ++ per person without wine & beer pairing

*Light Festival Menu
(Light Menu not inclusive of Wagyu Beef Rendang)
RM160++ per person with wine

ALOFT Kuala Lumpur

Level 1, Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral
+603-2723 1154

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