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Last week I had the pleasure to be invited to taste the food crafted by Chef Aris Fadilah at Tuscany Italian Restaurant located at JW Marriott Putrajaya. A very exciting Chef Aris has more than 25years culinary experience specialised in Italian, French and Mediterranean had crafted a list of dishes specially for this October’s Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2013. That noon I was bubbly with joy as I was one of the few that been invited to taste his creations.

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Amuse Bouche

First came was a large teaser spoon that paraded a pan fried foie gras on red cabbage preserve with caramlised peach and champagne jelly and it sure looked good. As for me I am a true sucker for a bite of foie gras as I just love the scent and flavour, it was irresistible. It was a good start.

Tuscany MIGF JW Marriott Putrajaya 4
Tian of Lobster, Fennel Jam with Zucchini Pickles and Melon Shooter, Salmon Tartare Roulade with Egg Chive Crepe and Hand Dive Scallop with Fennel Marmalade

Our appetizer such looked stunning and I was left speechless as it was precisely displayed. The Tian of Lobster, Fennel Jam with Zucchini Pickles had a great taste, smoothing right in my mouth. Just love it. Next forking was the Salmon Tartare Roulade with Egg Chive Crepe which was the most attractive piece that caught my attention, a great colour contrast. I had a great biting texture over the crepe and the salmon tartare and yet kept simple, nice. The Scallop with Fennel Marmalade was well tucked at the end waiting for me to bite into. It had a great biting taste and a great pan fried flavouring. A great platter.

Tuscany MIGF JW Marriott Putrajaya 2
Roasted Parsnip & Pumpkin Soup with smoked duck & Wild Mushroom Bruschetta

I liked the soup it was done to my liking s I am at true sucker for anything that comes with pumpkin and parsnip. The Roasted Parsnip & Pumpkin Soup with smoked duck & Wild Mushroom Bruschetta had a great smooth texture and you will definitely like. It had smooth and creamy bursting with taste.

Tuscany MIGF JW Marriott Putrajaya 7
Sorbet of Smoked Vine Tomato and Fresh Basil

Now this is a definitely a controversial issue arises at this point of moment. The first taste of the Smoke Vine Tomato with Fresh Basil was rather weird to me, it had a heavy smoky taste and I was not very fancy-ing about it. I felt sad a start but . . . . . my second spoon make a change in me. I tasted really nice compare to my first spooning. It had a smokey sweetness in taste, pleasant. The taste grew within the spooning and my liking increased immediately. Lovely.

Tuscany MIGF JW Marriott Putrajaya 1
Roasted Atlantic Halibut with Piquillo Pepper Mousse & Beetroot Risotto

WoW! This is a dish that I did not pick and I truly regretted my choice. I was rather greedy as I went for the next main course, the lamb loin. I got to confess that the Roasted Atlantic Halibut was really delicious. It had a very good texture and the taste of sweet freshness just lingered in my mouth, it was a wholesome tasting. Yes I got a piece shared from my neightbour as she wanted to taste the lamb. It was the BEST dish of the day. A must have !

Tuscany MIGF JW Marriott Putrajaya 9
Loin of Lamb Under Herb Crust, Sweet Potato Roesti & Red Currant Lime Jus

The lamb here was tenderly done and suited me very well. The portion was plenty and the gravy that went with it was tasty. The lamb was deliciously done and I like the present of the hinted aroma of the herb crust. The accompanied vegetable was tasty too, love it.

Tuscany MIGF JW Marriott Putrajaya 6
Poached Pear with Cappuccino Mascarpone & Zabaglione

The dessert came with such a dismay . . . . . it was so beautifully plated. I just love the looked of thepoached pear and it was done slightly on the crunchy. I am not sure but my eyes was gazing at the thin layers of the cappuccino mascarpone and chocolate sheets. It was delicious, it had a nice light coffee taste hidden under the smooth mascarpone. It was a fabulous dessert to finish of the meal.

It was a great meal and I had a fabulous time . . . . . I will be back for more on the Halibut as I want it all for myself to enjoy, Sidney Kan :)

Full Festival Menu
RM298 ++ per person with wine
RM168 ++ per person without wine

*Light Festival Menu
(Choice of Starter or Soup; a choice between Mains; Dessert)
RM208 ++ per person with wine
RM128 ++ per person without wine

Putrajaya Marriott Hotel IOI Resort 62502 Putrajaya

+603-8949 8888

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