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Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant

At recent I was invited to do a tasting at Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant located at Publika. Without any hesitation I agreed and the rest was a great story. It was a night that filled with glamour and lights. On the front of the gallery a table of canapés dressed luscious and beautifully decoration greeted all the guests and I was one of the lucky few to get to finger into them. Hand biting savory and sweet canapes were gorgeously plated and lusciously seduced me into having a couple of them. As for me sipping into a cognac cocktails was the in thing to do that night, delicious they were. It was so irresistible. Immediately I wiped out my Samsung Galaxy S4 and started capturing my experiences . . .

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Martell Chanteloup Perspective, Martell Cordon Bleu & Martell XO

Martell is the oldest of France’s cognac houses. The history of Martell & Co dates back to 1715, when Jean Martell founded the company with the wish to produce only the highest quality cognac. Over the next 100 or so years Martell continued to grow and by 1868, Martell was exported to places as far away as China, Hong Kong and Japan (In 1923, Martell made its way to Malaysian shores via Penang). In 1936, Martell was served on the inaugural journey of the Queen Mary and gained a royal seal as the drink of choice for the ambassadors on board. In 1965, Martell was awarded the Grand Prix de l’Exportation.

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Martell’s philosophy is reflected in a soft Cognac renowned for being mellow, light and fragrant. Martell uses grapes from the four finest growth areas – Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois – with Borderies being the dominant influence. Another distinguishing feature is Martell’s unique double distillation of eaux-de-vie using the Charentais pot still. After distillation, only a long period of maturing in the Tronçais oak wood casks allows an eaux-de-vie to become a Cognac. Once the Cognac is matured, it is transferred into glass demijohns (large jugs) for storage in remote cellars known as “Paradis.”

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Martell Cognac & Martell Cocktails

Martell VSOP
A cognac with remarkable balance between its smooth, supple qualities and its body. This cognac is a masterly blend of eaux-de-vie from the four main terroirs of the Cognac appellation region. The Medallion that decorates the bottle bears the portrait of Louis XIV, to commemorate the year 1715, the end of the Sun King’s reign and the year Jean Martell established his business.

A golden amber shade.
Smoothness and acidity, with lime and liquorice notes. In their wake come candied fruit: quince, raisins and plum. Lastly, aromas of undergrowth in the spring, with the fresh notes of wood and hazelnuts.
The candied fruit notes linger, developing complexity. A pleasant supple, mellow feel, with a full, round body. A long finish.
Martell VSOP can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, as a long drink or in a cocktail.

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Martell Cordon Bleu
This legendary cognac is the perfect emblem of the Martell style, remarkable for its elegance and aromatic complexity. Cognacs can be classified into several different groups. But most connoisseurs agree that Martell Cordon Bleu is in a class of its own.

A deep, golden copper colour.
Very lively, rich and complex. Orchard fruits: plum, apple; roasted notes: mocha coffee, grilled almonds and vetiver; spices: candied orange and cinnamon, honey and beeswax.
An outstanding round, mellow sensation. The large proportion of Borderies eaux-de-vie adds to an elegant, mellow and complex quality. It has a pleasingly long finish with fruity, spicy notes of plum, candied oranges and cinnamon.
Martell Cordon Bleu is perfect for celebrating occasions where you wish to set a special tone. It can be drunk neat, on the rocks or diluted with a little water.

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Martell XO
A veritable crescendo of sensation, from the roundness and elegance of the Borderies eaux-de-vie to the intensity typical of Grande Champagne. The art of nuance taken to its pinnacle by Martell.

A beautiful coppery, golden amber with mahogany highlights.
Aromas of ground spices: black pepper, coriander, pink berries. A complex fruity bouquet of chutney, almonds, walnuts and fig compote. Beeswax and sandalwood mingle in smooth, sweet notes.
The fig and walnut notes are round and fruity on the palate, followed by the characteristic strength and finesse of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie. A lingering, silky finish.
Martell XO is ideal for special occasions. Best enjoyed neat or with a splash of water to bring out the aromas.

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Martell Création Grand Extra
A powerful, complex and highly structured creation, with both straight forward and nuanced notes, marked by fruity, spicy and woody aromas. Truly embodies the Martell talent.

A luminous, amber topaz with beautiful gleaming highlights.
An intense, harmonious bouquet. Notes of fruit preserve: lemon, orange peel and damson. Exotic aromas: cocoa beans, intense dark chocolate, vanilla pods. Woody. Spicy notes of curry paste, rancio and amber leather.
A sweet, silky attack with a mellow, smooth mid-palate. A powerful exceptional finish that lingers in the mouth, punctuated by woody, spicy notes.
Martell Création Grand Extra is best enjoyed neat, for a rare and intense moment of sensory pleasure.

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Martell Chanteloup Prespective
The “Extra Quality” Cognac that is Chanteloup Perspective is crafted from some of the finest eaux-de-vie Martell’s legendary Chanteloup cellars have to offer. Through its contents, a subtle harmony is created between power and structure to deliver a delicate smoothness and complex, evolving flavours.

Dark amber, with a hue that catches the light.
Opens with fresh stone-fruit aromas such as bush peach and apricot, with floral notes of hawthorn and acacia. When shaken, it moves through crystallised fruits like figs, orange and lemon towards dried fruit raisins, almonds and other nuts with subtle notes of rancio and ginger bread.
Starts with a soft and light attack on the palate, followed by dried fruit notes to create a harmonious sensation, crowned with subtle hints of blackcurrant. The rounded, balanced tenor of these aromas fuse to create structure, elegance and power that leaves a long, lingering, spicy finish in the mouth.
Martell Chanteloup Prespective is best served at very special occasions and celebrations of the highest order.

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L’OR de Jean Martell
L’OR de Jean Martell is an exceptional cognac. The precious union of Grande Champagne and Borderies created an unrivaled blend of elegance, power and richness. Over 400 extremely rare eaux-de-vie – some over a century old – come together in this prestigious cognac. L’OR de Jean Martell is served in a hand-crafted crystal decanter.

Deep amber with hints of shimmering mahogany.
The freshness of oriental notes: bergamot and orange peel. Full-fruit harmony of dark berries and blackcurrants (bud, leaf and flower). Gingerbread notes: clove and cinnamon embraced by sweet vanilla. Oriental forests: woody notes of myrrh, undergrowth and rancio.
Silky-smooth and subtle attack, followed by richer, more substantial flavours. Harmonious notes of blackcurrant and woodland undergrowth encounter tones of gingerbread and orange peel. The Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie brings strength and structure. An exquisite, lingering finish or “peacock’s tail” effect.
L’OR de Jean Martell is best savored neat for a sensory experience like no other.

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Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant is a creative space that houses a couture gallery featuring exclusive men’s fashion and lifestyle collections created by reputable local designers alongside a gastronomic haven helmed by celebrity chefs Johnny Fua and Sherson Lian.

The collections carried at the Gallery feature timeless elegant pieces in limited numbers that are tailored for the most sophisticated of tastes, allowing the Elegantology man to rise above with style.

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A team of fashion stylists is always on hand to elegantly style up clients and help them find exactly what they need – whether it is selecting an outfit for a special occasion or a complete wardrobe overhaul.

The menu at the Restaurant changes every two weeks to create new dining experiences. The two resident chefs also regularly collaborate with rising guest chefs to refresh the menu and explore new culinary trends. The Restaurant does not serve a specific cuisine, but a lot of Asian flavors are incorporated into the dishes, which are a creative combination of unique and surprising ingredients that one wouldn’t typically see on a dish together.

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The Restaurant is not all about the food. An entire dining experience has been created to elevate the senses, with a unique setting that allows customers to dine amidst an elegant lifestyle backdrop with limited edition clothes and accessories.

Essentially, Elegantology helps nurture:
• Up-and-coming as well as established designers by providing them a platform to create a series of limited edition fashion and lifestyle collections
• Aspiring chefs to create unique and innovative gastronomy experiences

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An Elegant Table Setting for The Night

The Story Behind Elegantology
Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant is a collaboration between noted Malaysian fashion designer Beatrice Looi and the oldest cognac house Martell. The joint effort to develop a creative space for emerging talent stemmed from a mutual goal of supporting the local creative platforms of fashion and gastronomy.

While Beatrice owns and manages Elegantology (under her company Scores Project Management), Martell is a patron of Elegantology. As a patron, Martell provides funds to aspiring talents to start their own fashion line that will consequently nurture the local creative arts industry.

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