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the Gastro Project 2

At recent I was invited to have a peek at the Gastro Project, a recent opened restaurant located at section 17 Petaling Jaya. The function that night graced a bought a handful of people from meida till bloggers and the reception was held on the !st floor at their lounge.

the Gastro Project 1
Variety of Delicious Cocktails

I was amazed with the cocktails served on that night as all the ones I sipped were truly delicious. Yes you are right, I could not keep my hands and my eyes off them. It was truly tricky. While the canapes served handled the start pretty well. I just loved their Orrechiette “ear shape” pasta that came with a creamy cumin flavouryered with ed sauce with Sun-dried tomatoes, lamb sausage and home-made meatballs baked with cheese. It was very tasty. Oh I got to admired their “The Indian” Pizza. It was really exciting discovery of taste, especially on a pizza. Crisp crust and great strong curry flavour and topped with spicy chicken perratal and a handful splashed of paneer. Their version of small mushroom tart was a surprise for me as it had a polenta base and topped off with caramelised mushroom. It was light and easy going canape. I too got to taste their TGP Pizza which came with nice crust layer with a garlic pesto topped with squid and prawn, lightly drizzled with parmesan and a kick of chilli padi. Hmmmm . . . . . . nice.

the Gastro Project 3the Gastro Project 4
Grant Burge Benchmark Chardonnay, South Australia

The Grant Burge Benchmark Chardonnay had a quite crisp finish and lingering lemon scent after taste. Definitely an easy to drink. Nice.

the Gastro Project 5
Japanese Style Salad

A great salad to start with, Just love the present of the sesame dressing splash over the lushes of crisp greens with the throw in ruby red pomegranate seeds. Having it topped over with avocado makes the wold plate tasted so creamy and truly pleasing. With a sip off the chardonnay, there were both a perfect match make in heaven.

the Gastro Project 6
Jacquart Champagne Brut Mosaïque

the Gastro Project 7
Prawn in Buttercream Sauce

I was so please that Jacquart Champagne Brut Mosaïque was showcased while I was forking hide and sit with the prawn. Just love the creamy buttercream sauce that was flirting inside my taste bud while sinking myself with the gold liquid. The dish was good and the drink was extravagant. I noticed I was flirting already.

the Gastro Project 8
Château Darzac 2010 Réserve Red

the Gastro Project 9
Slow Cooked Lamb Stew, Australian Black Angus & Crabmeat Spaghetti

The red poured into my glass was robust and had a great rich tasting and paired pretty well with the dish served. The tasting portion was truly seductive. They came in a form of three in one that had it own unique taste. I liked the slow cooked lamb stew that tucked beautigul in a small bowl while in the middle placed the Australian Black Angus that was well crafted. The last portion was the crabmeat spaghetti that truly balanced off with the two earlier dish. I loved it and definitely be back for the actual portion just to get a more satisfying kick.

the Gastro Project 10

As for the mouth cleansing before the dessert served, we had the chilled cool sorbet that woke beautifully. A great teaser.

the Gastro Project 12the Gastro Project 13
Casetta Moscato d’asti

the Gastro Project 14
Decadent, Classic & Satisfying

I am a fan of dessert sweet wine. One thing for such it is easy to consume. Here I got the pleasure to try out the Casetta Moscato d’asti, a Muscat bottled in Italy. Delicious. The dessert, Decadent that came with a spoon of chocolate cake ball was definitely a memorable one. Classic densed choclate cake ball covered with chocolate ganache is definitely something to keep an eye onto. Just brilliant. Standing boldly in the middle was the classic English Strawberry Trifle that came with layer of cream, custard, fresh strawberry and delicious strawberry sauce. To finish off, the last one was the Satisfying that ended the line up of the dessert tray. As always the best kept last and so was my dessert. The present of the fragrant cardamom was easily detected while the soft silky smooth pannacotta stole the night I totally felt raped by it and left me felt so naked with joy. It was really good, definitely one of the best tasted dessert.

The whole night was truly a pleasant joy of experience as the food was just fantastic. If you ask me of my thoughts, it will be to come back for more delightful torture if fabulous food. Definitely got seduced and wanting be back for more . . . . .. . . Sidney Kan

the Gastro Project 15
Actual Portion – Australian Black Angus Steak

the Gastro Project 16
Actual Portion – Orrechiette

the Gastro Project 17
Actual Portion – The Indian Pizza

the Gastro Project 19
Actual Portion – The TGP Pizza

the Gastro Project 20
l Portion – Japanese Style Salad

the Gastro Project 21
Actual Portion – Crabmeat Spaghetti

the Gastro Project 22
Actual Portion – Mushroom Tart

the Gastro Project 23
Actual Portion – Satisfying the Cardamom Pannacotta

the Gastro Project 24
Actual Portion – Classic the Fnglish Strawberry Trifle

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