MIGF 2013 MIDORI Japanese Restaurant Marriott Putrajaya

MIDORI  MIGF JW Marriott Putrjaya 4
Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 01-31 October 2013

Just a few days ago I managed to catch up with the tasting of the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2013 at MIDORI Japanese Restaurant that serve delicious Tokyo-Style Japanese cuisine. I got to say I had been wanting to dine here at MIDORI as I heard lots of great reviews about their food. As usual with my tight schedule it was hard to schedule to dine here but at last I made it.

MIDORI  MIGF JW Marriott Putrjaya 13
Cold Appetizer -Duo of Maguro in Sesame Seed Coat with Yuzu Dressing and Pan-Fried Wagyu Beef with Miso

Having to calm myself with excitement came marching in was my first dish, the cold appetizer. Tenderly pink sliced Maguro wrapped with seaweed coated with sesame seeds had a fabulous soft biting refreshing texture. It seated at one corner while a piece of eye bulging pan fried wagyu tucked neatly over a slice of crackling lotus root on the opposite end. It was a great starting menu and I was amazed.

MIDORI  MIGF JW Marriott Putrjaya 7
Hot Appetizer – Avocado Mushi with Black Caviar, Edamame Beans & Soumen Prawn Wrap

Wow then came their hot appetizer making it’s way through the restaurant safely and landed well just in front of me. It was elegant and so eye beautiful to watch. The silky smooth avocado mushi when so well with my expectation and having the present of the black caviar had me flying right to heaven. I liked how robust it was made and the flavour was just perfect. The prawn played so well and hold this dish excellently, just a look you know it was fantastic.

MIDORI  MIGF JW Marriott Putrjaya 14

MIDORI  MIGF JW Marriott Putrjaya 10
Soup – Consomme of Bonito with Inari Chicken Pouch & Lime

Glued tightly to my chair I was waiting for my soup and we were served with a nice beautiful claypot. My neighbour was amazed when it arrived. The bonito consomme tasted deliciously and had a great light pungent flavour. A hint of rind of lime enhanced the taste too. Tasted the Inari Chicken pouch and it was really good, tasty !

MIDORI  MIGF JW Marriott Putrjaya 12
Main Course – Galatine of Quail with Teriyaki Glaze & Spring Kale

The stuffed Quail my neighbour had looked exciting. The stuffing looked refreshing and sexy. They liked it and gave the seal of approval and a thumbs up.

MIDORI  MIGF JW Marriott Putrjaya 5
Main Course – Lightly Poached Barramundi in Sweet Ginger Sauce with San Sai Vegetables

The Baaramundi was poached to the right texture, soft and not fishy. The sweet ginger sauce paired well with the fish and gave the fish a beautiful flavour. Not a bad pick.

MIDORI  MIGF JW Marriott Putrjaya 11
Dessert – Wasabi Creme Brulee & Matcha Mocha in Trio of Bean Soup

I like Japanese ingredients being flushed into western dessert, here wasabi creme brulee was put on stage and they had it done perfectly, soft and smooth silky. Forking into the matcha mocha was great while the bean soup was not overly sweet, nice.

MIDORI  MIGF JW Marriott Putrjaya 16
Chef Mohamad Fauzi

MIDORI’s selection menu for this year’s MIGF is truly delicious and I just love my tasting adventure here. Brilliant !

MIDORI  MIGF JW Marriott Putrjaya 15
MIDORI MIGF 2013 Spread of Goodies Awaits

Full Festival Menu
RM298 ++ per person with wine
RM168 ++ per person without wine

*Light Festival Menu
(Choice of Hot Appetiser or Cold Appetiser or Soup; one Main and Dessert)
RM208++ per person with wine
RM128++ per person without wine

Complimentary confectionary/homemade chocolate from restaurant

Enjoy 15% discount off wines on the wine list

Enjoy 20% discount on beverages when with purchase of the Festival Menus

Parties of 8 diners will receive a complimentary bottle of wine. Parties of 10 diners taking the Full Festival Menu enjoy the option of having exclusive “Safari” style dining

60% off the published room rates inclusive of breakfast for up to 2 persons

20% off published rates for Massage and Spa services at the Dewi Teratai Spa

Festival Restaurant : Midori Restaurant
Cuisine : Tokyo-Style Japanese
Address : Putrajaya Marriott Hotel IOI Resort 62502 Putrajaya
Phone : +603-8949 8888 ext 1222

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