Lobster Dinner Banquet at Bali Hai Kota Damansara

Bali Hai Kota Damansara 6
Green Lobster and Canadian Geoduck Sashimi with Superior Soup Steamboat

At recent I was invited to try out BAli Hai’s Live Lobster and my pleasure. Well I got admit it was something that I myself can’t reject to. I was definitely a YES to Lobster ! My favourite especially when it is being served raw just like a generous spread of sashimi. That evening it was truly a heaven as carefully picked geoduck was plated together with the lobster. Truly exciting.

Bali Hai Kota Damansara
Live Lobster Showcase at Bali Hai

At Bali Hai Kota Damansara one can never miss the fresh live seafood aquarium where one can pick anything from live lobster to live fish to be cooked and indulged at the premises. At the evening we were thrilled to have a close-up and interview with live lobster, geoduck and a dance play with the freshwater lobster. It truly amazed me for such their guests too.

Bali Hai Kota Damansara 1

Bali Hai Kota Damansara 2
Divine Live Fresh Geoduck

Bali Hai Kota Damansara 4
Exciting Freshwater Lobster

Bali Hai Kota Damansara 5
Green Lobster and Canadian Geoduck Sashimi with Superior Soup Steamboat

The sliced of Green Lobster and Canadian Geoduck Sashimi were so elegantly presented, layer after layer net my to each other. I prefer to have them as it is, raw with a light dip of wasabi and supreme soy sauce. Every bite of the lobster left with a fabulous refreshing sweet taste that was bursting instantly in my mouth. The one who sat next to me had them lightly poached in the superior soup as to experience yet another different texture and flavour. It was incredible delicious. Wanting more was just limited as it was so good. The geoduck too had a big thumbs up from me. The texture may not be as refined as the lobster but the crunchy texture of the geoduck just went off playing the seducing effortlessly.

Bali Hai Kota Damansara 7
Poached Freshwater Lobster

Bali Hai Kota Damansara 9
Bali Hai Siam Style Claypot Freshwater Lobster

Moving to the next dish was the freshwater lobster cooked in Bali Hai’s Siamese sauces. I found the sauce complimented the freshwater lobster beautifully and delicious tasty. It had a sweet sourness infused into the sauce and played well with my taste bud.

Bali Hai Kota Damansara 11
Thai-Style Deep Fried Mackerel

Freshly caught Mackerel was picked that evening and had it deep fried coated with Thai chilly sauce. I found it to be very pleasantly in taste and the dish was wiped cleaned. It did not leave and trace of it’s present. Yes it was a good pick.

Bali Hai Kota Damansara 10
Salt-Steamed Chicken with Chinese Wine

Well marinated chicken in Chinese wine and salt came brilliantly. It was marinated at the right taste and cleverly played with a classic Chinese Chinese wine. It was not too overpowering and I like it that way, brilliant!

Bali Hai Kota Damansara 12
Stir-fried Clams with Dried Shrimp and Chili Padi

Talking about light food that can easily be paired with any beer or cognac, stir-fried clams with dried shrimp and chili padi would be the best choice. The dish came with bursting tasty flavour, laced with refreshing sea sweetness can just jive into any celebration drinks . . . kampai !

Bali Hai Kota Damansara 13
Beancurd with Minced Chicken and Salted Radish

The beancurd dish was tenderly soft silky and homemade with added eggs. Having them deep fried and toasted with minced chicken and chopped radish complimented the whole dish excellently. A prefect beancurd !

Bali Hai Kota Damansara 15
Stir-Fried Dragon Chives and Shimeji Mushrooms with Crispy Lotus Root

The next dish came marching into the room was the dragon chives stir fride with Shimeji mushroom was delicious cooked and with added crispy lotus root converted the whole dish perfectly to my liking. The dragon chives was still crisp and was not soft and overly cooked. Nice.

Bali Hai Kota Damansara 14
Japanese Style Seafood Fried Rice

Bali Hai rice dish was a very pleasantly cooked. It came coasted with powdery seaweed and seasoned well. I just loved it. Got to confessed I had a few bowls. Defintely a well balance rice dish that I will not shy from, perfecto!

Bali Hai Kota Damansara 16
Braised Noodle with Lobster Head & Tail

The lobster head and tail were taken back to be cooked with noodle. That evening we had them braised and it tasted really good. The fllavour of the lobster seemed to have sipped into the brown sauce used to braised the noodle. I would love to have another portion of this noodle. Fabulous.

Well no words can captured my experience on that evening but just be present and experience it yourself …. I did and I just adored it, brilliant. . . . . . .Sidney Kan


Lobster promotion – Buy 1 Free 10 Start from 13th September till 3rd October 2013. This promotion is only valid at Bali Hai Kota Damansara with the purchase of any Rainbow, Australian and Boston Lobster.

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