Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Ipoh Invited Review


Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Ipoh
Entrement: Stuffed Chicken Wings & Golden Chicken Roll Seaweed

During my recent trip to Ipoh I meet up with Masterchef Koay Kian Leng to try out his cooking and that got me truly excited. Before bragging away, here I like to thank my facebooker Kimberley for introducing me to Masterchef Koay Kian Leng who is one of the Chinese Top Chef in Ipoh . . . . . . it was honour to meet him.

Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Ipoh 9
Masterchef Koay Kian Leng

Upon my arrival at the Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Restaurant I was given a warm welcome by Masterchef Koay Kian Leng, truly a great chef and brief us on what he is going to cook for us that noon. That short briefing truly got me excited as most of the dishes sounded splendid. He then excused himself back to his private space, his kitchen and came marching out to our table was our first introduction, fairies and heaven . . . . the Stuffed Chicken Wings & Golden Chicken Roll Seaweed. The plating looked pretty and excitingly standout.

Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Ipoh 4
A delicious piece of Stuffed Chicken Wing

The entrement came with two creations and great simple cooking techniques, one steamed while the other deep fried. Here simple ingredients like chicken was put into play and I truly love it. The first one Chef had the upper chicken wings deboned and had them stuffed with sliced carrot and mushroom. Followed with a steamed cooked and glazed over with brown sauce. The second one Chef had the minced chicken rolled over with seaweed and filled them with salted egg yolk. Finished off with a gentle golden fry and it was brilliant. I had a few helpings, just can’t resist or irresistible.

Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Ipoh 5
Golden Yam Dumpling

As we were indulging the first course, then came the beautiful Golden Yam Dumpling that was encased with fine golden fried filo strings. It had a great fresh biting crunch while the ysm was slurping-licious, soft silky and tasty. Just loved the filling and paired very well as whole

Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Ipoh 7
Mongolian Prawn Bread

Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Ipoh 6

My favourite dish of that day was having the luxurious of indulging their Mongolian Prawn Bread which was totally excellent. Something so simply crafted can be truly delicious and exciting. I got to say it did not have a pleasant look, it was a brown bun but my action caught me with such a delight. The crisp fired bun act as a casing of the prawn dish and it tasted good with the Mongolian sauce. I just loved biting texture of the fresh crunchy prawns that was giving a boost up from the tasty Mongolian sauce. I can just have it just myself and yes it was so well crafted. Definitely a well thought off dish and had been added into my favourite list.

Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Ipoh 2
Stir Fried Sea Cucumber with Mixed Vegetable

To finish off the tasting, Chef came up with a light stir fried of sea cucumber with mix vegetable. It was a tasty dish and I am a great fan of sea cucumber. It had a great crunchiness and the vegetable cuts was fresh too. Nice finishing . . . . !

Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Ipoh 3

Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Ipoh 8
Myself with Masterchef Koay Kian Leng

It was a fabulous sharing the afternoon with Masterchef Koay and also Kimberly . . . . I was truly impressed with what I was having. Definitely will be back for more new findings as I am sure Chef Koay got more hidden dishes that I need to discover. Lovely . . . . . . Sidney Kan

Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Ipoh
Jalan Lim Bo Seng,
30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: +605-245 8888 (Hunting Line), 242 3333
Fax: +605-243 8898, 245 8899

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    This mongolian prawn looked really skillful. Wrapping prawns inside bun is quite something. I think I’m gonna try and make that.
    sycookies´s last blog post ..The Finest Bake @ Paradigm Mall

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