Dim Sum and Mooncake at The Emperor Grand Dorsett Subang

Dorsett Dim Sum 3
Crystal Jade Prawn Dumpling

It was a fabulous lunch meet with friends from the media in a private room. Yes it had been ages that I meet them, that day it was brilliant, thank to my dearest Kattie. We had dim sum over brewed Chinese tea. We started of with a few basket of crystal jade skin prawn dumpling which was delish to my liking. A firm crunch texture of the prawn that ended with a fresh sea sweet. While the skin gave a superb biting texture. Not too bad.

Dorsett Dim Sum 4
Siew Mai

The Siew Mai was a sure sexy to look at. Here I got to confessed that I did not take my eyes away from it. The Siew Mai had petite abalone as topping and paired it over with caviar . . . . .wow! I just love the Siew Mai fillings. It had a fabulous biting texture and yet mouth refreshing, yummy.

Dorsett Dim Sum 2
Fish Balls

Moving along was my favourite, the Fish Balls! It was brilliantly delicious. The texture was good and the biting texture left me craving for more. I got to say it was well moist to my liking. What a blast . . . . . I think I can have a bundle of them. :)

Dorsett Dim Sum 7
Fried Noodle with Fish Fillet

Came marching to the table a delicious plate of noodle fried with fish fillets. I liked the noodle texture, tenderly soft yet kept with a great texture.

Dorsett Dim Sum
BBQ Chicken Bao

The bao skin was fluffy and light while the filling of Chicken BBQ make it taste just perfectly. Nice.

Dorsett Dim Sum 5
Egg Tarts

Love the smell of strong egg custard that filled up the tart pastry. I liked the bright orange colour of the custard. It was not overly sweet and had the right smooth texture.

Dorsett Dim Sum 6
Chef’s Special Salmon Seaweed Wrap

The Chef’s Special Salmon Seaweed Wrap was pretty nicely prepare. I loved the texture of the salmon inside the wrap and the present of seaweed boasted up the taste of the whole dish. Nice creation and a great attempt by the chef.

Mooncake 1
A Variety of The Emperor’s Mooncakes

While our lunch came to a close, we were showered with loads of mooncakes and I was in a mooncake trance. It was a feast to admired and to taste. There was a range of baked mooncakes such as the white lotus paste with double egg yolk, low sugar white lotus paste with single egg yolk, low sugar pure white lotus paste, pandan lotus paste with egg yolk, pure lotus pandan paste, green tea lotus paste with single egg yolk, pure sweet potato paste with single egg yolkand pure red bean paste. While the crystal skin mooncakes, the non-baked ones, there were crystal skin red bean paste, crystal skin pandan lotus paste with egg yolk and crystal skin pure sweet potato paste with single egg yolk. Lovely delicious mooncake tasting.

Smashing Emperor’s Mooncakes

Dorsett Mooncake 2
Mine to be Eaten at Home a Double Egg Yolk White Lotus Paste Mooncake

Dorsett Mooncake

Dorsett Mooncake 1

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